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Selling. Buying. Moving.

It’s been 3 weeks since we moved.

Yes you heard me right, we sold our house, bought another house, and MOVED.

It all started mid-summer and completely came out of left field; it was totally unexpected.

Short version of the story… we always desired to live in another part of our town with hopes to eventually move there in a 3-5 years from now. Well, we’ve been thrown hurdles before and I’ve learned when you have a plan in mind, it never goes the way you think. Different from past hurdles though, this move was to a setting we’d had always dreamt about.

So it all happened one Sunday late in July when we went to an open house.  The mister had his eye on this house for the year it had been on the market while I hadn’t given it a thought for a minute. The home was originally overpriced and needed work so it sat for a long time with little interest. As soon as we stepped inside, both the mister and I had ‘the feeling’. It was immediate. The location, the size, and the potential for us to put our “mark” on the house were ideal. It just felt right. We were there for over an hour and left with a phone call immediately to our realtor, who is a friend.

Within two days, we had negotiated a sale price. Mind you though, we weren’t planning on moving so even though we had tackled a lot of work on our house over the years, it wasn’t showcase ready. By that Thursday, I had whipped our home into shape, taken pictures, and our realtor listed it. The first viewing was Saturday and that evening they put in an offer. So in less than a week, we had essentially found a house and sold our house.  We were feeling all the feels. Ecstatic, nervous, thrilled, scared, happy, sad… It was all happening so fast.

Within the following weeks, we had our inspection and met with contractors to review the scope of work we had planned before we moved in to the new house.

At some point along the way, there was no turning back and that scared the crap out of us, but in the same moment this house felt so right.

With any major transition, there were days and weeks that I was pulling my hair out. There were feelings of frustration. Of angst. There was a lot of organization, planning, and coordination with selling furniture, packing, moving, the closing, etc.

And then we said goodbye.  Here’s a glimpse at all of us on the last day…

But all those parts are done and now we’re on to the construction part that’s brought its own challenges, hurdles, and frustrations. It’s also been an exciting ride because we are renovating a house that will soon be our home, we hope, for a long time!

So there you have it. We moved. I certainly never thought I’d be saying that.

Life certainly throws curveballs sometimes. Thankfully this curveball was a homerun!

Come visit the ‘before’ tour of our Brick Ranch Fixer Upper

Magazine Feature: BHG Do It Yourself

Hi All!

Goodness, it’s been such a long time since I shared anything on the blog.  As I mentioned a year ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long), I took a step back from blogging in early 2016 to focus more on my Interior Design business that was booming.  I just couldn’t keep up doing both blogging + designing, and I also wanted to take a step back from blogging as I found the dynamic had changed since I started in 2010 and admittedly, I was kind of burnt out.

Anyway, the pendulum, once again, might be swinging the other way.  I will have news to share soon on some big changes coming my way.

In the meantime, I’m hopping on here to share that I have projects currently featured in a national publication called Do It Yourself Magazine, a specialty publication by Better Homes and Gardens.

Back in February of 2015, over 2 years ago, BHG came to my home to photograph 5 projects that I created using drop cloths.

Here were two sneak peak pics that I shared at the time on Instagram

Fast forward 2.5 years to present day and the projects are finally in the magazine, on newsstands NOW!

Here is the 6-page spread, but I suggest snagging a copy of your own because not only is this feature filled with great DIY ideas for the house, but there many more!

It never gets dull seeing my work featured in a magazine.  It’s so validating and such an honor!

Big News coming soon…

Back-of-the-Door Towel Bar

There are a handful of posts that I receive so many questions about.  One of the most asked-about post is how I hung towel bars on the back of my bathroom door, especially upon me sharing details of the newly renovated master bathroom.

Life could not go on anymore without me addressing this, ha.  Joking aside, this post is going to be short-n-sweet, but will address the question that I’ve been asked 582 times… “How did you hang a towel bar on a hollow core door”

The simple answer… With a screw.

To be honest, since the towel bars have been on the back of the door for over 5 years, I actually forgot how I hung them.  So today, I actually dismanteled them to confirm the process I took.  (sometimes, I’m a do-er, not a thinker, and just go for it without analyzing + strategizing first – sometimes it works and something it doesn’t…).


With all towel bars, comes a mounting bracket.  Once you’ve confirmed your placement for the towel bar, the mounting brackets get attached first to the flat surface (in this case, the back of the door), then the towel bar escutcheon is attached and gets secured with a set screw.


Once the placement for the towel bar is determine, place the mounting bracket on the flat surface and use (2) 3/4″ long screw to secure it.  Even though the center of a hollow-core door is hollow, the thickness of the door is almost like wood (unlike sheetrock which crumbles if you screw into it) so it’s dense / hardy enough for the screw to be secure.

And that’s it.  Once the two screws have been installed on each mounting bracket, the escutcheon plates can be attached and secured with a set screw.

How-To mount a TOWEL BAR on a hollow core door to save on space!

How-To mount a TOWEL BAR on a hollow core door to save on space!

Being 100% honest, these towel bars have been incredibly secure for 5+ years!  I’ve had towel bars mounted in sheetrock with an anchor and they haven’t held up as well as being mounted on the door.

How-To mount a TOWEL BAR on a hollow core door to save on space!

Give it a try! You’ll love the wall space it saves.

New Site + New Magazine Feature

Happy New Year!

We’re 10 days in and I’m welcoming the new year with open arms, love, and kindness. For the world, our surroundings, myself.  Over Christmas break I read the amazing book, Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, and it has brought me to a new level of life.  For this new year, I am on the hunt to further explore doing all things with purpose, truthfulness, and love…

With the turn of the calendar, I’m excited to share 2 new bits of excitement….

First up, I made some changes to the site – yes, the website you are reading right now.  And the second ‘new’, is a magazine that I am featured in this month that I am thrilled to dish on the details about.


A few weeks before the end of the year, I was getting a hankering to freshen up the site.  It had been a few years since the last update and I was yearning for a ‘remodel’…

I was thinking maybe a new color palette, or new font, or layout.   After I evaluated what was working, and what wasn’t, I chose to make a few simple updates which included a new home page + logo + header design.

The website > < which is the main page used to be a hybrid for my blog AND design services.  In the past year since taking a step back from the blog to devote more time to expanding my interior design business, I thought it made sense to make the main page more user friendly for all, so I designed a clean + simple landing page where readers / inquirers could choose to go to the page they want > DESIGN SERVICES, PORTFOLIO (pictures of my design projects), or the BLOG.

If you haven’t seen the new main page, here it is:

I also revamped the Portfolio page, which features many of the projects that I’ve created.

Thinking about wanting to freshen up your home this year?  Check out the many spaces I’ve designed – I’d love to work together…

The BLOG page is similar to what you saw before with new posts on the left and a sidebar with links to awesome DIY projects I created on the right.

What is new on the BLOG page (and all the pages) is the header design – Jenna Burger Design, Layers of Inspired Style.  A new layout + fonts for the header created a stylish, clean update!

Poke around and let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy + feel inspired!


In late December, I received an exciting email from Better Homes and Gardens that there would be a new magazine to hit stands within the coming weeks called I Did It.  After a squeal + an embarrassing happy dance (thank goodness I was home alone), I was thrilled to find out that the magazine was developed out of the beloved column in the main Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Until recently, The I Did It column (well actually full page article) was always the last page of the main magazine.  I was featured on the page, along with my 2 older kids, in the January 2014 issue – wow, that’s 3 years ago already, time flies.

Here was the article + the blog post I wrote on my experience of the photoshoot:

I Did It feature in January 2014 issue of Better Homes and Gardens - @Jenna_Burger of SAS Interiors,

Look how little my kids looked back then (this was photographed in Spring 2013, so almost 4 years ago)

In the recent email I received from BHG with the news of the new magazine, they made mention that my Central Command Center would be featured.  Eek.

Even though this area is so small at only 30″ wide, we still use it everyday and it still is incredibly functional keeping us on track to know where we are going when…

Certainly 2 exciting ways to start off the year.  Cheers to a blessed year ahead…


Master Bathroom Renovation: Plan + Mood Board

It’s been quite some time – about a year – since we tackled a full-on big room renovation.  To put it plain + simple, the kitchen remodel last Fall just wiped me out… and we didn’t even do too much on our own. When it was done, I was desperate for a break.  Then life got busy. Sports. Work. School. Appointments. You know the drill…  But when this past Summer turned into Fall and the kids were back to school and a everyday routine was once again established, I was finally feeling the itch to get my hands dirty… again.

If you remember back about 4-1/2 years ago, one of the last spaces in our home to get attention after moving in was the master bathroom.  The walls were a horrendous purple/pink hue with dated + dusty brass accents.  It all had to go…

Master Bathroom 'before' renovation - JENNA BURGER DESIGN

…but it didn’t all go.

With a few cans of paint, I transformed the walls, the trim, and the cabinet with a whole new color palette. Then to finish it, I laid a new floor using luxury vinyl tile, hung a new mirror, and changed the light. A few hundred dollars later, and the space was completely transformed… for the most part.

DIY Master Bathroom renovation - JENNA BURGER DESIGN

DIY Projects:
How to Paint + Glaze a Cabinet
How to Make a Curtain into a Shower Curtain
How to Install Luxury Vinyl Tile (to look like ceramic tile)

And if you can believe it, the renovated space even ended up in a national publication, Kitchen + Bath makeovers, Fall/Winter 2014 

Better Homes & Garden Kitchen + Bath Makeover magazine - SAS Interiors Kitchen and Master Bath feature

Bathroom Makeover featured in KBMO Fall/Winter 2014, produced by Donna Talley & photographed by John Bessler

But after 4 years of using the bathroom day in + day out, it needed a makeover. A real makeover. The pre-fab tub was drear and the builder-grade cabinet had seen it’s life span.

I envisioned Carrara. White. Clean. Fresh. Fun…

…And created a vision board.

Master Bathroom Renovation mood board - JENNA BURGER DESIGN

eek!  It’s all so pretty and fabulous.

Sophisticated, but casual.

Elegant, but inviting.

I am really excited about this new bathroom. You know me, I adore a striking + bold color, but for this space, I need it to feel tranquil and serene.  With being pulled in 92 directions each day, I want to start off and end each precious day in a calming way.

Thanks to my friends at Lowe’s, who I have worked with for years, for choosing to partner with me on this project to create an inviting and peaceful place.

Here is what I have planned…

> The tub will be changing from a pre-fab bathtub to a shower with a frameless rolling glass door

> New Tile will be added from floor to ceiling in the tub space and will continue on the entire wall of the vanity

> The main tile will be 4 x 12 white subway with an accent glass/natural mosaic tile

> The walls will be painted a light mint green hue

> The 36″ vanity will be replaced with a 48″ vanity in a dark gray finish to give contrast and a white cararra countertop will be added to give a finished luxury look

> To finish the space, artwork and a fabric window valance in hues of blue will add pattern and color

These are the specific items I plan to use (and are shown in the mood board above):

Shower Door
Main Subway Tile
Glass Mosaic Tile
Fabric Valance

This is the overall layout plan + elevations that I created:

Floor Plan

Bathroom Elevation

DIY + Calling in the PROS!

This bathroom renovation, like the last one I tackled, isn’t going to be a devoted do-it-yourself project.  For 2 reasons.  One, I don’t want to be without a bathroom for months AND I want to stay somewhat sane. Two, other than the basics, the Mister & I don’t know much about plumbing and leave those things to the experts.

As with the previous bathroom renovation, we worked with a contractor to demo the bathroom and install the major components.  What is on our list to tackle for this renovation is: tile installation (there’s A LOT of tile!), paint, baseboard, installing the light, installing the accessories, hanging artwork, etc.

By splitting up a project with tackling some of it on our own and calling in the pros where needed, we’ll save money AND our sanity (i hope)!

There you have it… for now.

Demo has begun.  Wish me luck.  I’ll need it 😉


DIY Office Organization

Hey All! It’s been a while.

Got Spring cleaning fever?  Want to finally tackle your office space to be neat + clean + ORGANIZED?!

I have a new post over at, on my Design Page, about creating a well organized office using DIY creations.

Store-bought organizers to keep the office tidy can often be expensive, and with the challenging to find exactly the right size and style, you’re bound to come up short. Instead of buying something that doesn’t fit the bill, why not DIY it? Do-it-yourself creations for the office will keep costs down while providing the perfect solution to keep the space neat and organized.

Click to read the full article on >>> DIY Organization ideas for the OFFICE

DO-IT-YOURSELF creations for get the office ORGANIZED. Not-to-be-missed creative ideas by

Check out my bio page + all my articles on Better Homes and Gardens

More content coming soon to be featured on!

Come Meet Me!

Home Collage

Happy Friday!

A few weeks back, I was in Boston for a meet-and-greet + design talk in collaboration with HGTV Magazine & TD Bank.  Well this weekend I’ll been doing it again, but this time I’ll be at the Hudson Valley Home Show in Poughkeepsie – about 1.5 hour north of NYC.


Come Meet Me for a talk on 3/5 in the Boston area with HGTV Magazine and TD Bank

Come out to meet me Saturday OR Sunday.

I’ll be giving my presentation at 12pm and 1pm with a Q + A session afterwards.  I’ll be focusing on how-to get the high-end look for less by sharing my designer know-how tips + how to get a high-style look in YOUR HOME on a budget!  So come on down with your DIY + decorating questions in hand.

I’d love to meet you!  And Jason Cameron might make an appearance – wink, wink…


Hudson Valley Spring Home Show
258 Titusville Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Can’t make it?  Follow along with me on Instagram at #TDRollingReno

I’m looking forward to seeing your smiling faces this Saturday + Sunday!

Christmas Home Tour 2015


I am elated that this day has finally arrived.  I’ve been busily and excitedly preparing + waiting for weeks to give you a tour of my home decorated for Christmas…  And today is the day!

I can not believe it is my 3rd year (check out 2013 + 2014) on the Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk and I am thrilled to show you lots of new spaces.  If you are following along on tour (start the tour here), I am house #19 and the first on the tour for today.  If you’re continuing through from yesterday, then you just hopped on over from Restoration House.  Wasn’t Kennesha’s house just beautiful with all her fresh greenery?!

holiday housewalk Restoration house, stop 18

Amidst a big renovation (we ripped out our kitchen…), I ‘m shocked that I was able to pull ‘Christmas’ off this year.  I think without this Housewalk Tour planned, decorating for Christmas would have gone to the wayside.  So thank you ALL for the nudge to create this years magical space.

Without further ado, grab a cup of joe or your favorite hot chocolate, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Let the tour begin…

Christmas Home Tour at

Our beautiful boxwood (by the way, it’s faux…) welcomes us + guests into our home.  It adorns the apple green colored front door and a red burlap bow gives the perfect layering contrast.

Come on in…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Not overly large, but well-thought out + functional, our foyer is decorated with hues of golds and reds.

My approach for holiday decorating, especially at Christmas, is to add in seasonal layers amongst the everyday decor.  Accessories are changed out, but our family is still hustling & bustling all day, everyday, so the main elements are still in use.

My new favorite addition to this years holiday decor is the adorable vintage red bicycle pillow created by none other than the fabulous Jennifer Rizzo.  Snag one for yourself at her Society 6 shop!

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

The beautiful gold dresser (which holds the kids shoes) is still the main focus of our foyer.  I swapped out the pictures above and added in a chalkboard printable that was created by my sweet friend KellieMay you days be merry & bright, And may all your Christmases be white.  Above it I added a simple gold glitter wreath.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Atop the dresser, I filled a large vase with branches from the yard and hung medium sized ornaments in shades of chocolate. hmmm. I love the height & ‘drama’ the branch arrangement gives our entry.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Other seasonal favorites fill the dresser top including small trees, wrapped presents, and DIY creations like the JOY ornament that I made using a gold Sharpie.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Since making our CHRISTMAS BLESSING card holder a few years back, I seem to find a ‘new home’ for it each holiday season.  This year it fit perfectly in this spot of the foyer & beautiful cards from friends + family have already started to trickle in.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Pretty paper in patterns of houndstooth, stripes, and a reindeer silhouette were used to wrap presents.  Then ribbon, ornaments, and rosemary were used to dress them up. I love giving a present that smells just as good as it looks…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Let’s head from the foyer to the dining room where you can finally get a glimpse of our tree…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Do you see it?  Do you see it? White twinkly lights reflected in the glass…  We’re getting closer…

My beautiful Craigslist-found china cabinet is draped with beautiful magnolia garland (again it’s faux) along with a simple strand of pom pom garland (sent by my friends at Minted).

I wish I could show you more of this space, but honestly it’s still kind of a construction zone.  I guess I could put bows on all the boxes & add them tot the tour, but I’ll spare you, lol.

Let’s just keep looking for the lights.  I see another glimpse…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

There it is.  Our Tree. Our beautiful Tree decorated for another Christmas season.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

And the lights off for a different view without the lights…

just snagged that copper Merry Christmas garland from Target & I love it!

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Yes the tree is a material object, but it symbolizes so much.  It tells so much about our family.

Who we are.

Where we’ve been.

What we love.

I can honestly say, other than putting the garland + ribbon on, I had no part in the creation of the tree.

All the credit goes to these 2 …

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

It might not be the prettiest or ornately decorated (hands down, I know it isn’t), but I don’t care.  My kids l-o-v-e decorating for Christmas and since I have control of creating beautiful vignettes around the house, they have the tree.  Complete ownership goes to them!

No joke, this is me watching & enjoying as they took over…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

To me, FAMILY + MEMORIES is what Christmas is about.

I’m in love with how the family room came together for this Christmas.  It was enjoyable having a new palette to work with since renovating this space earlier in the year.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Again, our everyday is layered with our seasonal favorites, family keepsakes, and DIY creations…

I shared our Christmas Mantel earlier this week, but it got a slight revamp since then.  Check out what’s inside the fireplace…  A lot of logs that my husband laboriously cut (not, it just looks like that – tutorial coming soon).

The look of the logs gives a beautiful focal point to the fireplace especially since we rarely have a roarin’ fire going.

Our stockings are definitely hung by the chimney with care…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

This space is our hang-out-do-everything room, so it has to be comfortable + inviting + functional. It’s not stuffy or inhibiting, but instead relaxing, enjoyable, AND most importantly reflects US!

A new favorite this season is this Oh-So-Warm + cute down blanket with the most adorable vintage car pattern.  It’s put us to sleep many-a-nights on this sofa with the TV still on at 3am…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

The Ho Ho Ho knit pillow is another addition this season and makes such a pretty layer on the sofa.

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

On a typical day, most things that sit on the coffee table get knocked off (thanks to the busy hands of a 17-month old), but for the tour I jazzed it up with gorgeous gold glitter cone trees + a few of our holiday books we love to read as we countdown to the BIG 2-5!

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Along with our special keepsakes to decorate with, I also love incorporating elements from nature.  Cut branches and greenery are all around us so where I can, I’ve layered branches + greens on the bookcase tops, the mantel, and in front of the TV…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

And on the windows I added three small boxwood wreaths.  They are just the cutest…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Lots of old mixed in with a few new festive treats, like this pillow that I just couldn’t resist from Target.

There is a definite reindeer ‘theme’ this Christmas…

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...

Well there you have it.  Thank you so much for taking the tour of my home decorated for Christmas.  A lot of thought + love went into this years seasonal space, but important of all it’s meaningful to our family.

I hope I’ve inspired you with what I’ve created + shared.

Now on to the next house, At the Picket Fence, which is stop #20 on the Holiday Housewalk Tour.

You are in for a treat…

holiday housewalk tour, At The Picket Fence

Christmas Home Tour at Come on over...
Thank you to Joss & Main and Good Housekeeping magazine for partnering with this years Housewalk Tour.  Also a big shout out to Garnet Hill + Lowe’s, who I collaborated with for this years Christmas spaces.  Their decor is gorgeous and I love showcasing their beautiful goods in my home!

Merry Christmas

Scandinavian Inspired Decor Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving Eve + One month till Christmas Countdown… it’s a day to celebrate!  

I’m in the midst of crazy at the moment finishing up a slew of client projects before the 4-day freeze of unwinding + relaxing with the family.  But before my send off, I wanted to let you know that I have a new article to share on

The topic is a favorite… Scandinavian Style.

Scandinavian furniture + decor evokes clean lines, high-quality craftsmanship, and a minimalist style.  Form follows function when it comes to creating understated, well-made decor that can be beautifully integrated into any home.

Click to read the full article on  >>> Dreamy Scandinavian-Inspired Decor Ideas

Dreamy Scandinavian Inspired Decor Ideas: Scandinavian furniture + decor evokes clean lines, high-quality craftsmanship, and a minimalist style. Check out these beautiful ideas...

Check out my bio page on Better Homes and Gardens

More content coming soon to be featured on!

Front Door Dilemma: Choosing a New Color

Late last year we said farewell to our beautiful + bright apple green front door (it’s been the backdrop to many of my seasonal wreaths). In it’s place we welcomed a new beauty that has brought us much more light, but is in need of a pop of color!

You might have caught a glimpse of it during the Holiday Housewalk

Primed front door ready for a new paint color

Primed front door ready for a new paint color

A few of you asked, “what happened to your front door?”. Did you get rid of the cheery apple green door?

We did and for good reason.

Changing the front door was something I dreamed about from the moment we moved into our home. As the foyer transformed over the years to a space we truly love to come home to, we weren’t loving the feeling of the foyer when the door was closed (mostly during the winter months). Since there are no other windows in the foyer, when the solid front door was closed, it felt dark & cavernous.

bold foyer with stripes; design by @Jenna_Burger

We were originally going to make the front door swap-out a do it yourself project, but in the end with the advice from the reps in the door section at my local Lowe’s, we decided to have it professionally installed. Thank goodness we did #bestdecisionever

It took a few hours + lots of tools, but when it was complete, I was in love & even more so because I didn’t have to lift a finger!

Our beautiful new door with 3/4 glass has been a dream come true. On the bitterest of days of -30 to the almost 70 degree day we had yesterday, we have really enjoyed the beautiful light filter in all year long. But the time has come to choose a color. After living with this burgundy color all winter – it’s actually how it came primed – we are ready to freshen it up with a new color.

I am actually leaning towards painting the new door apple green because I loved the color so much, but I am unsure…

Here is a picture I snapped + shared on Instagram yesterday after spending some time adding in some of our Spring + Summer decor.

Spring front porch with a new front door that needs COLOR.

To see how other colors would look, I used photoshop to visually interpret how other door colors would look.

Disclaimer: I am horrible at photoshop & the front porch currently looks pretty sad after the long winter. Don’t judge.

Here are the color options I am thinking…


Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door

Teal / Turquoise

Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door


Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door


Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door

or my tried & true…

Apple Green

Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front doorplus there’s also emerald green, yellow, black… decisions. decisions.

What to consider when choosing a front door color

1 / Choose a color that reflects you. The color on the front door is important because it’s the first element of your home that you see.

2/ Make a statement. A statement doesn’t have to be a bold color, but a fun, unexpected hue will surely make for a beautiful entryway and set the tone for what’s to come inside.

3/ Be cohesive. Not sure about a color? Look at your interior decor and choose a color from a pillow or picture to create a cohesive color palette inside and out.

4/ It’s just paint. At the end of the day, it’s just paint. Yes, who wants to waste time or money, but if you paint your front door and you don’t like it a year later, repaint it.

For my front door, I am taking into consideration the colors I have on the porch, but also the colors that are used inside my entry and the adjacent spaces of the foyer.

All my options for color – teal, green, navy, coral – would work as they are all an extension of the hues on the interior. I love them all. I feel overwhelmed, but I’ll get there.

What’s your favorite color? Do you have another color in mind that you think will be even better? or just Go for my favorite apple green?