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Welcome! I’m Jenna and I have a beloved passion for design. On paper, I’m an Interior Designer. In reality, I am a bargain hunting, DIY maven who has a paint brush in-hand more than a handbag. I love to spend a Saturday hitting up every garage sale in my hometown. And I don’t own a pair of jeans without splatters of paint.

Whether you’ve landed here to visit my design + decor blog or to inquire about working together on a project, I appreciate you stopping by.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong passion for art and design. From a very early age, I was creating colorful, detailed floor plans and sketching elevations of homes and interiors. I was often the only girl in my high school wood shop classes and I’ve been using AutoCAD since I was 14.

Now as a wife, mom of 3, and business woman, I know how difficult it is to find the time and resources to create a something that reflects YOU. As a designer, I strive to inspire and create design solutions tailored to fit the needs and vision for each clients’ project.

With an educational background in Architecture and Interior Design, most of the projects I am involved with are architectural based and pertain to large-scale renovations and new builds. I take great pride in helping and working with clients to get inspired about their space to unlock it’s full potential. My role is assist and facilitate your needs and desires. As much as I am involved in the transformation, you are needed just as much to add the personal, meaningful elements and touches to create a unique space.


I enjoy sharing my talents and ideas with others. I understand the feeling of frustration and being overwhelmed with designing your interior (believe me, I even have similar moments). I want to help create that amazing space that you’ve always desired. With my decor blog, I feel I can share my knowledge + experience to influence + inspire you with great design!

Through the personal do-it-yourself projects that I’ve tackled in my home (a.k.a. my experimental playground), along with my simple and easy-to-implement decorating ideas, your house can be transformed into a home that you truly love and is meaningful to you.


We have well over 100 5-star reviews! Looking to see more? Check us out on Google and Houzz

“Working with Jenna has been a pleasure! Her ideas have been on target and helped me to think just enough outside my “box” to maintain my comfort level while still getting creative. She goes above and beyond in every project she’s completed for me and has made sure I’m satisfied every step of the way.”


“I posed Jenna with the challenge of selecting a wall color to coordinate with the new bedding in my master bedroom. Within minutes she selected the perfect paint for my space, removing the stress from a decision that would have taken much longer without her expertise. It was a pleasure working with Jenna, and I will be using SAS Interiors on all future projects!”


Hi Jenna, I am sure you get a bunch of emails daily because you are so inspirational. I have never done this before but I am so inspired by your website I had to send this message. First, a little about me! I am an accountant/finance manager so budgets and debits and credits are my thing. I have very little creativity in my body; however, I just recently refinished my hardwood floors with the help of my husband (huge job as you know). Now that our room is cleared out and the floors are beautiful I’d like to redecorate the entire space but I don’t want to spend a ton of money to do so. I came across your “How to paint laminate” and viewed your website and all kinds of ideas flooded my mind. This has never happened to me before. I’ve followed everything you do on Pinterest and subscribed to your website. Big thank you for sharing your inspiration with the world.


“Thank you Jenna for all the great bathroom and kitchen designs at our new home. We can’t wait for it to be complete.


“You are a very talented and capable designer. It has been a pleasure working with you.”


“Jenna has a unique talent for transforming the home while considering function and architecture. She turned our house into a home with use of amazing textiles and color choice. I highly recommend the use of her talents.”


“I just wanted to send this note to thank you for all of your help. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You are so talented and I am so happy with my project! Thanks for everything!”


“Hi Jenna. I couldn’t help but contact you after arriving at your site, through a simple click on Pinterest. I too am a designer (in MD) and was so impressed by your site and blogs etc. Wow! So nice… And then I took the tour of your home… and found that our tastes our quite similar. I was so happy to view your kitchen makeover. I have the exact same oak cabinets and hunter green(needs to go!) counters. Have been looking at that same muddy/gray/taupe color for months. My master bedroom… almost the same deep orange of your family room wall. My husband and I constantly have DIY improvement projects on the go. When friends come over the first thing they say is “what new projects have you completed since the last time we were here?” Sometimes you just can’t explain the addiction! I just told my husband two weeks ago that I’m tired of living in a constant construction zone. It feels so good to every once and a while stand back and enjoy your accomplishments, doesn’t it? This week, I was picking out a new front door at Lowe’s. I will definitely keep an eye on your blog. Thanks for 30 minutes of peace from my hectic life and some further inspiration!”


“You are extremely creative and talented, and I know you will be successful in all your future endeavors!”


Can I just tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting your vinyl tile project. I have been searching for an alternative to ceramic tile for well over a month and I just didn’t know what to do. Then I came across your post and I was instantly surprised and happy at how wonderful that looked and how easy it seems. I really wanted to do a DIY project with my floors but I didn’t trust myself doing ceramic (no matter how many YouTube videos I watched!). This weekend I’m going to go to my nearest home store and check out their vinyl tiles. THANK YOU


I just wanted to tell you I have been a Pinterest follower for a while now and this morning I stumbled upon your Blog. Can I just say OMG! Your projects are my future projects! Now thanks to you have step by step instructions! You are awesome! THANK YOU


Dear Jenna: Just a short note to let you know how much I LOVE your website and look forward to receiving your inspirational e-mails. Your big pictures are wonderful and you truly reach out to the ordinary person like me who has no experience in design. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! All the best!


Jenna, I just wanted to let you know that I saw your write up in Better Homes and Gardens and wanted to congratulate you on your idea and recognition. I have read some of your blog and find your ideas and your outlook on interior design very refreshing. Wish you much success.