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Back-of-the-Door Towel Bar

There are a handful of posts that I receive so many questions about.  One of the most asked-about post is how I hung towel bars on the back of my bathroom door, especially upon me sharing details of the newly renovated master bathroom.

Life could not go on anymore without me addressing this, ha.  Joking aside, this post is going to be short-n-sweet, but will address the question that I’ve been asked 582 times… “How did you hang a towel bar on a hollow core door”

The simple answer… With a screw.

To be honest, since the towel bars have been on the back of the door for over 5 years, I actually forgot how I hung them.  So today, I actually dismanteled them to confirm the process I took.  (sometimes, I’m a do-er, not a thinker, and just go for it without analyzing + strategizing first – sometimes it works and something it doesn’t…).


With all towel bars, comes a mounting bracket.  Once you’ve confirmed your placement for the towel bar, the mounting brackets get attached first to the flat surface (in this case, the back of the door), then the towel bar escutcheon is attached and gets secured with a set screw.


Once the placement for the towel bar is determine, place the mounting bracket on the flat surface and use (2) 3/4″ long screw to secure it.  Even though the center of a hollow-core door is hollow, the thickness of the door is almost like wood (unlike sheetrock which crumbles if you screw into it) so it’s dense / hardy enough for the screw to be secure.

And that’s it.  Once the two screws have been installed on each mounting bracket, the escutcheon plates can be attached and secured with a set screw.

How-To mount a TOWEL BAR on a hollow core door to save on space!

How-To mount a TOWEL BAR on a hollow core door to save on space!

Being 100% honest, these towel bars have been incredibly secure for 5+ years!  I’ve had towel bars mounted in sheetrock with an anchor and they haven’t held up as well as being mounted on the door.

How-To mount a TOWEL BAR on a hollow core door to save on space!

Give it a try! You’ll love the wall space it saves.