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Front Door Dilemma: Choosing a New Color

Late last year we said farewell to our beautiful + bright apple green front door (it’s been the backdrop to many of my seasonal wreaths). In it’s place we welcomed a new beauty that has brought us much more light, but is in need of a pop of color!

You might have caught a glimpse of it during the Holiday Housewalk

Primed front door ready for a new paint color

Primed front door ready for a new paint color

A few of you asked, “what happened to your front door?”. Did you get rid of the cheery apple green door?

We did and for good reason.

Changing the front door was something I dreamed about from the moment we moved into our home. As the foyer transformed over the years to a space we truly love to come home to, we weren’t loving the feeling of the foyer when the door was closed (mostly during the winter months). Since there are no other windows in the foyer, when the solid front door was closed, it felt dark & cavernous.

bold foyer with stripes; design by @Jenna_Burger

We were originally going to make the front door swap-out a do it yourself project, but in the end with the advice from the reps in the door section at my local Lowe’s, we decided to have it professionally installed. Thank goodness we did #bestdecisionever

It took a few hours + lots of tools, but when it was complete, I was in love & even more so because I didn’t have to lift a finger!

Our beautiful new door with 3/4 glass has been a dream come true. On the bitterest of days of -30 to the almost 70 degree day we had yesterday, we have really enjoyed the beautiful light filter in all year long. But the time has come to choose a color. After living with this burgundy color all winter – it’s actually how it came primed – we are ready to freshen it up with a new color.

I am actually leaning towards painting the new door apple green because I loved the color so much, but I am unsure…

Here is a picture I snapped + shared on Instagram yesterday after spending some time adding in some of our Spring + Summer decor.

Spring front porch with a new front door that needs COLOR.

To see how other colors would look, I used photoshop to visually interpret how other door colors would look.

Disclaimer: I am horrible at photoshop & the front porch currently looks pretty sad after the long winter. Don’t judge.

Here are the color options I am thinking…


Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door

Teal / Turquoise

Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door


Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door


Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front door

or my tried & true…

Apple Green

Front Door Dilemma... Choosing a new paint color for the front doorplus there’s also emerald green, yellow, black… decisions. decisions.

What to consider when choosing a front door color

1 / Choose a color that reflects you. The color on the front door is important because it’s the first element of your home that you see.

2/ Make a statement. A statement doesn’t have to be a bold color, but a fun, unexpected hue will surely make for a beautiful entryway and set the tone for what’s to come inside.

3/ Be cohesive. Not sure about a color? Look at your interior decor and choose a color from a pillow or picture to create a cohesive color palette inside and out.

4/ It’s just paint. At the end of the day, it’s just paint. Yes, who wants to waste time or money, but if you paint your front door and you don’t like it a year later, repaint it.

For my front door, I am taking into consideration the colors I have on the porch, but also the colors that are used inside my entry and the adjacent spaces of the foyer.

All my options for color – teal, green, navy, coral – would work as they are all an extension of the hues on the interior. I love them all. I feel overwhelmed, but I’ll get there.

What’s your favorite color? Do you have another color in mind that you think will be even better? or just Go for my favorite apple green?

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