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Decorating for the Fall

Well, my favorite time of year is here again….FALL!  I was excited by this cool weather, and went out this afternoon to buy mums and pumpkins to decorate my front porch.  From that, I was inspired to provide some affordable tips on decorating the front entry of your home.  The entryway and/or porch of your house, is the first thing everyone will see when visiting.  First start off with hanging a festive wreath that has leaves, berries, sugar pumpkins, fall ribbon, and/or sticks.  I prefer a wreath that is simple using only one element, but this focal point into your home can be as ornate as you’d like.  For a step further, get some hay bales and set them up on your porch or at your entry way.  Then arrange some pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and/or leaves on the hay bales.  Also add a candle or a small birdhouse to make it even more unique!  Lastly, place the mums in decorative pots that you’re no longer using for your summer flowers and arrange them around the hay bale(s).

Enjoy the Fall!