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Having fun ORGANIZING!

This is going to sound SO unromantic, but for my wedding anniversary that is coming up soon, I asked for my present to be shelving…(YES, I said shelving), meaning organization for my closets.  How horrible, right?!? We moved into our home less than a year ago, and the shelving in most of the closets of our builder-style home, is just one wire shelf set about 5′ above the floor.  That certainly doesn’t provide much shelving to store or hang anything!!  So away we went to Home Depot to buy shelving.  Of course, I would have LOVED to have had a closet company come install beautiful wood shelves, but we’re on a budget and I’m fine with basic!  Here are some pictures of our closet transformation:

Organization Tips

Martha Stewart for Home Depot


Take everything out of your closet/space; figure out what you don’t use and throw it away.  If you haven’t touched it in 6 months+, you probably don’t need it!

Go as high as you can go!

There is no reason to stop your shelving at 5′ or 6′ to where you can reach while standing on the floor.  Install a shelf even higher. Just get a step stool and put items on the top most shelf that you don’t need to access on a regular basis, like large platters, holiday dishes, linens, etc.  This will give you so much more room to store!

Baskets or Bins

While at Home Depot in the shelving section, I saw this great display of colorful bins by Martha Stewart.  The bins also come in colors that coordinate with the Martha Stewart Paint Colors (how cool!).  I got 4 bins (one for each of us) in a different color/pattern.  This is a fun way to incorporate color and your unique flair!

Install the shelving how YOU are going to use it

Before installing the shelving, have a general layout and think about how YOU and your family will use it.  If you use a ‘typical’ configuration, it might not fit what YOU need, resulting in waste of space!

Have fun with it

Before installing the shelving, paint or wallpaper the back wall of the closet.  Even though, it’s not something you will see all the time, it’s a fun way to do something funky and fun.  Choose a color that you maybe wouldn’t do throughout the rest of your house since it’s too bright or bold.  Another idea, is to wallpaper the back wall to add some interest every time you open the door.  One more suggestion, add a picture or painting on the back wall…another surprise every time you look inside.

Along with Home Depot, The Container Store has some great organizational solutions and closet systems.  If you have an opportunity to visit one of their stores, you’ll be amazed how many shelves, bins, baskets, organizers that they have to offer…’s incredible and a little overwhelming too.  BUT, take it one step at a time and the job will get done! (I used to live down the street from one when living in an apartment, so I was always looking for more storage solutions)

If you’ve got money to spend, definitely invest in having a closet company assist you with designing your space.  California Closets has experienced Closet Consultants that will help you put everything in it’s place! They obviously specialize in closets, but they can also help with storage for your office, garage, pantry, etc.

Images courtesy of Martha Stewart for Home Depot, The Container Store, California Closets


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