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Making Lemonade out of Lemon….it begins today, NOW!

Today is the day that it all begins…the next step of my design career.  Over the past year, life has definitely been thrown some curve balls.  And like the old expression, “Make lemonade out of lemons”, that is what our family has done!  After lots of thinking and contemplating about returning to the “design world”, I am taking a leap of faith and have signed on as a Design Consultant with Willow House, a home accents company featuring beautiful and stylish accessories and products for your personal space.  In conjunction with this new endeavor, I am starting an Interior Design Consulting company, which is a personal goal that I’ve always wanted to fulfill.  I want to assist people in making their personal visions of a space into a reality.  Too often people have an idea or concept, but can’t implement it, and that’s where I will come in.  I want to get into their minds (without being their psychologist) and try to envision what they desire.  Hopefully with these two ventures, each will complement each other, and this will be a true success!