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Modern Metal + Wood Staircase

A few months ago I wrapped up a year long client renovation project. It was quite the undertaking when I walked into the cavernous house that was like stepping back into the 80’s with shiny cabinetry + mirrored walls.

I was planning on creating one post with a full house tour of this new Modern Bohemian style home, but there are too many good details that shouldn’t be missed, so I’m going to share multiple posts. First up… the staircase.

Here is a glimpse at what it looked like when you stepped inside before the renovation began…

What a blast from the 80’s past, right?!?

And here is how we transformed it with a whole new updated staircase…

Modern Bohemian interior design with colors of turquoise, navy, and terra cotta red.  Design by Jenna Burger Design,
Modern Bohemian interior design with colors of turquoise, navy, and terra cotta red.  Design by Jenna Burger Design,

If you can believe it, the stair structure is existing. The dated metal railings were removed, as well as the closed wall between the first floor and the lower level to create a more fluid space. In it’s place, a new modern metal + wood railing was installed.

Here is a peak during construction…

New stair during construction

And the result once complete…

Modern wood and metal stair railing, design by Jenna Burger Design,
Modern wood and metal stair railing, design by Jenna Burger Design,
Modern wood and metal stair railing, design by Jenna Burger Design,
Modern wood and metal stair railing, design by Jenna Burger Design,

As you head upstairs, here is a peek at the second floor landing..

Modern wood and metal stair railing, design by Jenna Burger Design,

We added a fun + fabulous cactus print wallpaper in a coral hue on the one wall.

Here is a view of how the railing looks peeking at the first floor while standing upstairs…

Modern wood and metal stair railing, design by Jenna Burger Design,

There is so much more to show you! For now, I hope you enjoyed the result of this gorgeous new staircase.

Bathroom: Green With Envy

As an ode to St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, I have to share this recently finished spa-like bathroom that I designed for a Client. The overall space is filled with lots of varying shades, but to make it unique + unexpected, we added a major splash of color to the vanity…


Bathroom Renovation with neutrals and a pop of color for the vanity.  Wall Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter; Vanity Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Green with Envy; Design by - Jenna Burger Design,

The pop of green was a request of the client and I was all for it. When she mentioned wanting to introduce a fun color for the new 7′ long custom vanity, I was on the hunt for the perfect shade.

Bathroom Renovation with neutrals and a pop of color for the vanity.  Wall Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter; Vanity Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Green with Envy; Design by - Jenna Burger Design,

In the end we chose Benjamin Moore Green With Envy 2036-30. It’s a fabulous color that is a true green with a slight blue undertone instead of yellow like a typical kelly green color would be.

Here’s a Benjamin Moore color chart for greens and you can see where Green With Envy falls compared to other greens…

via Benjamin Moore

On to the rest of the bathroom space…

The existing window had to be moved because it did not work with the proposed shower / tub configuration. We reused the existing window and positioned it to be centered over the new soaking tub.

The tub is an undermount style and we had a quartz top templated for the tub deck, which extends into the shower to create a bench to sit on. The design when the deck continues into the shower is such a modern, clean look.

Once the slab was in, the glass enclosure was templated and created the needed separation between the tub space and the shower.

Check out that detail here..

At the tub face, we added in a mosaic tile in shades of grey and positioned it vertically. The tile continues on to the face of the bench and is also used at the sides + back of the vertical niche.

Shower Niche with vertical layout; Mosaic accent tile at the niche back with a barliner surround; Design by Jenna Burger Design,

The walls are complete with a simple + modern 4″ x 12″ white subway tile that runs floor to ceiling in the shower and continues partially up the wall at the tub space.

Wouldn’t you love to get ready in a space like this every day?!?


Vibrant Wallpaper in the Foyer

As the cold days have continued (it’s still feels like winter even though it’s been officially spring for almost a month), we’ve slowly been making changes to our new-to-us brick ranch fixer upper. I actually can confidently say that we’ve been making our envisioned updates faster than I’ve had time to share on the blog… life has admittedly been full.

Right after Christmas – the day after to be exact – I took the plunge into updating the foyer with a vibrant new wallpaper.

I am wallpaper obsessed and would love to adorn every wall with a colorful pattern. Thankfully in reality, I know where to draw the line and I know how to balance a dramatic wallpaper with a more subtle surrounding.

For the foyer space, a vibrant + colorful paper on all walls would have been overload. Instead I chose to use this blue & white Ikat patterned wallpaper by Graham and Brown on one wall and then balance the deep hue with a light neutral, Valspar Snowy Dusk, on the remaining walls.

The result is so pretty. Most of the elements in the space were seen in the foyer of our previous home – the gold dresser, the fern art prints, the ottoman, and the rug.

As always to appreciate the ‘after’, you have to take a look at the ‘before’…

Once we moved in, the space was a black canvas.  I knew I wanted to add in a pop of color, but I didn’t want to overpower the space.  I chose to use one wall – the side wall of the entry space – to add the wallpaper.

I’ve shared tutorials here and here for how to wallpaper a wall, but I’ll share another quick rundown…

1 / starting from the center of the edge of the wall (depending on the design), measure the wall to mark the width of the wallpaper

2 / line up a level on the on the measurement

3 / mark a level line with pencil – this will be the edge for the paper to align to

4 / this paper required to use wallpaper paste, so using a paint brush, I ‘painted’ the paste onto the wall, then applied the paper

First line of paper went up easily…

The most important part of installing wallpaper is to line the edges up with the next panel.  The edges can’t overlap but have to join side by side without a gap.

Once the paper is positioned, then using a wallpaper smoothing tool, lightly glide over the paper towards the seam / edge to smooth any air bubbles.  Then wipe away any excess glue with a damp cloth.

At the wall corners, ceiling, and base use a sharp blade + the smoothing tool to carefully cut the extra wallpaper.

This one wall took about 2 hours to wallpaper start to finish.

From how it looks before to now, the difference is quite dramatic…

The foyer space is so striking and inviting now with the bold wallpaper backdrop.

Even though there is a new pendant ceiling light in the space, I added a plug-in wall sconce that has brought beautiful ambient light.  It was a great find from World Market for less than $60! I adore the pretty, soft glow in the evening hours.

The 6 fern framed pieces are watercolors. Years ago I framed dried ferns, but over time they started to brown, so I found these watercolor prints through Etsy (wonderful shop by the way) and made the plunge to purchase them. I love how they look so real and bring an organic vibe to the space.

The gold dresser has been around for 5+ years (sorry, can’t find the source) and the bench adjacent to it was from One Kings Lane (again, no source but it’s a typical x-leg bench stool).  The pretty pillow was a recent markdown, red sticker sale item I picked up from Home Goods.  The yellow + apple green hues perfectly paired with the other elements and colors throughout the house.

We also have a new color on the front door… we went from apple green in our previous home to a vibrant, bold yellow.

The color is Valspar Lemon Curd and is a true yellow hue.  If you haven’t checked out our recently renovated Pajama Lounge, the rich + bold color is also used cohesively throughout the space as well.

A new black lockset also adorns the door and brings an updated modern look to the mid-century house.

From the moment you step on the porch and set foot inside, the goal we set for ourselves and for those that visit is to feel greeted with a colorful, vibrant space balanced with warmth and an inviting ambiance.  Do you think we achieved that?

Thanks for visiting and please return soon for more room renos + DIY projects!


Kitchen: Creative Vision Board

Before posting about the next steps of the DIY kitchen remodel for our brick ranch fixer upper, I want to share the design direction for the space. Much of the kitchen is staying the same (the floors, wall wainscotting and the layout), but with some budget-friendly upgrades like paint, hardware, and lighting, I hope to make this space feel fresh, updated, and our own.

As I shared last week, the cabinets were a deep stained cherry finish when we bought the fixer upper.  When I first set foot into the space during the open house, I had a strong feeling for what color I wanted to paint the cabinets…  Navy was screaming to me.

Yes, a deep blue hue is dark, but the space is large and the existing floor (which is remaining) is white ceramic with a light gray veining.  The space also has white wainscotting half way up the walls, which will remain.  With all these light / white colors, I felt a darker hue would work to give balance.  Another reason why navy seemed perfect is that my beloved raspberry-colored china cabinet that I found on Craiglslist was also planned for the space.  Raspberry and navy work so well together.

Once the doors + drawers were removed from the face frames to prep them for paint, I created this vision board to make sure I was on the right design path.

Yellow – Sherwin Williams White Citrus
Navy – Valspar Rouge Blue
Raspberry – Valspar Berry Blush
White – Valspar Ultra White

LIGHTING: Chandelier (similar), Semi-Flush light, Pendant

CABINET HARDWARE: Brushed square knob

ROMAN SHADE: Cordless woven driftwood shade

DINING TABLE: Trestle table

CHAIRS: Yellow Kartell Chairs, Wicker Chairs

JUTE RUG: Natural Jute Rug

Many of the elements in the vision board were pieces we already owned and came with us from our previous home.  Those items include the dining table, the yellow Kartel chairs, the bench with ikat fabric, the wicker dining chairs, the Caitlin Wilson pillows, and the chandelier.  New items that will be layered into the space are the cabinetry hardware, a semi-flush fixture, roman shades, a jute rug for under the dining table, and of course the beautiful new navy hue on the cabinets.

Painting the cabinets is coming up next…


Kitchen: Prepping for Paint

It’s kinda crazy, but it’s been 10 weeks since we closed on our new-to-us home and just over a month since we moved in.  Due to budget and timing, we had no plans to remodel the kitchen.  The space is very large and duals as our kitchen + dining room.  From the day we stepped foot into the house, the kitchen space really through me for a loop and I was unsure of how it would function and how we would use it best.  I want to live in the space for a while to know what works and what doesn’t.  That being said, I couldn’t leave it as is.  A makeover was a must.

In our last house, it was a year before we took the plunge to tackle a DIY kitchen remodel with paint on the cabinets, new hardware, appliances, etc.  The result was pretty awesome and within a few years, it ended up being featured in Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen + Bath Makeovers magazine – how cool?!?

For our new home, I didn’t want to wait.  While we had a month of construction, I took on the task of making over the kitchen on my own.  It was quite the endeavour (since we weren’t living in the house AND there were boxes everywhere), but it was SO worth the crazy, hectic moments to get the beautiful, updated result for little cost.

Let’s take a step back and look at what the kitchen looked like before we moved in…


When we closed on the house, most of our boxes were stored in the garage and in the kitchen since it was the only space not being renovated.  From our mattresses, to sofas, to chairs, to our dining room set, the kitchen was packed from floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall.  Thankfully there was a 3-foot path in front of the cabinets for me to work and makeover our kitchen…

I started out by removing all the dated, ornate brass hardware from the stained cabinets. I ditched the pulls, but kept the hinges to possibly reuse (after spray paint).

Removing the hardware made a huge difference on how the cabinets looked.

The cabinets are made by Woodmode, which is a good cabinetry company and I have used before for Client projects.  They were stained a deep cherry hue, which I didn’t love, but they are made well and are actual wood cabinets (versus a cheap composite).

Once the hardware was removed, I labeled each cabinet using a sticker on the inside of the door, then detached the cabinet doors from the face frames.

I was blessed with a work space to use to paint the cabinets.  This was key to successfully painting 20+ cabinet doors and 6 large drawers.  I was able to spread out and work at my leisure to transform each piece.

Once the cabinets were in the shop, I started off by filling the holes from the hardware.  The hole separation from the previous hardware was an odd measurement and I couldn’t find any new hardware with the same center-to-center measurement.  I also wanted the updated, remodeled kitchen to be more modern and reflective of my style.  That being said, a simpler knob would be best.

I used this wood filler to fill the holes.

The doors were really dirty with layers of grease, grime, and gunk.  Once the wood filler dried, I sanded the overall face of the cabinets with my favorite orbital sander.  An orbital sander like this will save your countless hours and really sore arms – its a life changer and hands down, my most used tool!

Sanding the wood eliminated the top layer of finish (the sheen) and in some areas around the cabinet edges, the raw wood was exposed.  Once the holes were filled and smooth and the face of the cabinet doors + drawers felt clean, they were complete.

All ready for paint!

Before painting could begin, I had a lot of particle / dust build-up in the corners.  I first thought about using a wet rag, but I didn’t think it would get all the dust out.  The mister suggested using Flarp. Flarp? What the heck is that?!? I put him on the mission to find it and he did.  I think he got it at Walgreens.  Anyway, it was the answer to my prayers.

Flarp... the best trick to remove dust from cabinet corners

It’s sticky, but not messy.  It was perfect.  I clumped the Flarp into a ball, stuck it into the corner of the cabinets, then removed it.  Voila, the corner was dust-free.  Magic!

Check it out…

Prep is complete.  Next steps… Prime & Paint.


Our Brick Ranch Fixer Upper

A few days ago I shared that a little less than a month ago we sold and bought a new home. The move was local, within 10 minutes of our previous home, but it has still be a challenging transition.

The new house is a fixer upper, as I’m calling it the Brick Ranch Fixer Upper, and the areas of focus need to be tackled before we moved in. The scope started out as mostly Sheetrock work – ceilings and some walls – but in the recent days it’s expanded a bit. Before getting ahead of myself too much, let me give you a tour.

Brace yourself and use your imagination for it’s potential, because it ain’t too pretty (YET)…

Welcome to our Brick Ranch Fixer Upper…


I adore a home with a true foyer / entry space versus walking right into the living space.  I like to have a distinct area to enter into the home before proceeding into the adjacent rooms.  Having an actual foyer really appealed to me about this home and I’m excited to use some of the furniture from the foyer in our previous home, along with new lighting and wallpaper or paint.

And the floors – hardwood – yes!!!


Off the foyer is a living room space which we plan to update by removing the wallpaper and ceiling fan, sheetrocking the ceiling, and incorporate our style with new furniture, a gorgeous new light fixture, painting the brick, and window treatments.


The kitchen has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.  It’s huge and will dual as a kitchen and dining room.  I have big plans for the future with a new layout, new cabinets, and new floors, but in the immediate I’m going to work with what I have.  My plan is to paint the existing cabinets, change the cabinet hardware, remove the scalloped valance above the sink, remove the wallpaper, and change out the tiffany-style chandelier.

Most of the furniture for this space will be similar to our dining room from our previous home, including my beloved coral china cabinet.

Can you see the potential?  No?  Stand by…


Now is the moment when you may ask, ‘why did they buy this house???’…

This room will get the most attention and love.  It’s not original to the house and used to be an outdoor courtyard.  At some point, the room was enclosed but not properly insulated and was poorly executed with vertical siding and an acoustic ceiling.

It’s a little shocking so just focus on the windows and the size of the room.  This room gets flooded with natural light all day long and I can’t wait to soak up the sun in this space.

Cleared from furniture, this is the space…  It’s DATED with a capital D right now, but this 20′ x 25′ room is incredible and going to be our main hang-out-area!   Most of the furniture for this room will be similar to the family room in our previous home.


The other big difference between this house and our last, is that it has 4 bedrooms instead of 3. This is going to be a huge change for us because my daughters previously shared a room, but will now have their own space.

I always dreamt they’d happily, willingly, and excitedly share a room until they moved out for college, but their sharing a space is very difficult. Maybe it’s the age, but their schedules are so different (i.e.: sleeping, waking, school) and many frustrating moments (i.e.: tantrums) occur because of it. So now everyone will have their own space and they’re very excited.

All the bedrooms are of a decent size and need similar work: new sheetrock ceilings, wallpaper removed, paint, new decor & window treatments.

Wood walls, wood floor, wood mouldings…  Just too much wood.  This will be my sons room and he wasn’t happy about all the dated wood (as he says, ‘it looks old’) + the fact that it’s smaller than his previous room.  The plan was to paint the paneling, but instead we’ll be sheetrocking the room.


The original plan was to leave the dated bathrooms as is (due to budget) and simply remove the wallpaper and paint. Welllll, for the main bathroom, one issue led to another and it ended up being a full gut.  Every material was removed down to the studs.  Much more on this bathroom transformation will be coming soon.

This is another bathroom which for the immediate will be getting a DIY makeover – paint the existing cabinet (as I painted the cabinets in our previous home), add luxury vinyl tile (like this installation of LVT), remove the wallpaper, paint, and new mirror.  I feel confident that we can transform this space for little cost (I hope).


The exterior is getting a lot of attention… again more than we originally intended, but for good reason.

This is the back of the house.  The yard has a lot of overgrowth… trees and shrubs will be cut back and trimmed.

So that wraps up the tour.

The house needs a new kitchen and new bathrooms, but that will come in time.

> Sheetrock most ceilings to cover the existing tiles that are ugly and not properly installed.
> Sheetrock walls and ceiling, plus add insulation, in the large paneled room (it used to be an outdoor courtyard so this space isn’t original to the house)
> Move the washer and dryer to the first floor and create a laundry closet. It’s currently in the basement.
> Move some ceiling light locations; Install all new light fixtures (24 to be exact)
> Remove wallpaper in the bedrooms

Due to some unforeseen issues and / or changing-one-thing-which-leads-to-the-next,
> Renovating one of thean entire bathroom
> Sheetrocking the 4th bedroom which has vertical wood paneling
> Exterior work including a new concrete slab at the front porch, new vented ceiling, new column configuration, adding vinyl board and batten to cover part of the existing brick
> And a slew of other little, costly, unforeseen issues.

It’s been an extremely exciting, nervewracking, and fun process. Walls are torn apart, ceilings have been removed, and it’s definitely at the point of being worse before it gets better. Each day though, I see the light in which this house is becoming a home.

Next post coming soon will be more insight and progress pictures of the transformation.

DIY Office Organization

Hey All! It’s been a while.

Got Spring cleaning fever?  Want to finally tackle your office space to be neat + clean + ORGANIZED?!

I have a new post over at, on my Design Page, about creating a well organized office using DIY creations.

Store-bought organizers to keep the office tidy can often be expensive, and with the challenging to find exactly the right size and style, you’re bound to come up short. Instead of buying something that doesn’t fit the bill, why not DIY it? Do-it-yourself creations for the office will keep costs down while providing the perfect solution to keep the space neat and organized.

Click to read the full article on >>> DIY Organization ideas for the OFFICE

DO-IT-YOURSELF creations for get the office ORGANIZED. Not-to-be-missed creative ideas by

Check out my bio page + all my articles on Better Homes and Gardens

More content coming soon to be featured on!

Planning + Creating an Art Wall

It’s been over a month and there’s been nothing but crickets on the progression of the living room makeover (2 months to be exact).

I guess you could say that I lost my momentum with many other things going on…  By this time last year, I had tackled a slew of diy projects + 2 room makeovers.  All while pregnant. This year, I shared details on the proposed living room space and then nothing – FOR 2 MONTHS. Whether it was nesting or not, this year my game is totally off.  It may be non-motivation with this wicked weather, but honestly I think it’s more distraction and lack of time.

February was an overly busy 28 days. Not only was I in full-swing with 2 client projects, but I was also working on styling + producing my first 2 stories for Do It Yourself magazine. The experience was awesome and I hope to do it again, but it wasn’t just physically exhausting, but emotionally challenging too.  I felt so much pressure, self-induced like always.  And I won’t even go into my lack of time with 3 kids, one of which is now a full-on crawler…  Hello time sucker.  Her pure cuteness is just utterly distracting.

Anyway, as we say by-bye to month 3 and head into April, I am getting my butt back on track and finally getting this living room back-in-business and finished.

So the new charcoal sofa I ordered was delivered last week {squeal} and against the lighter gray/blue toned wall, it’s a striking contrast.  With the slanted ceiling which is 8′ at one side, and rises to 12′ on the other side, the wall behind the sofa is vast.  And vast begs for drama!  A few pretty pictures won’t do…

I was truly challenged with this blank wall!  There were so many ideas racing through my head – go symmetrical?  how about a family photo collage (but we have SO MANY photos already around the house)?  one large print?  multiple random prints?  DIY something – a map. maybe?

So many ideas, but what would look best + be meaningful + give the drama this space needed?

After much thought & planning, this is my plan of action

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

For my new art wall, I chose to turn to Minted, an online art shop filled with creations by independent artists.  To put it best… “Minted uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent, making Minted a place where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses.”

Custom art is unattainable for many because of budget + resources, so Minted connects artists with those looking to fill their walls with beautiful, meaningful custom creations.  A nice bonus is that many of the prints are limited edition art so they only run a certain amount of prints – so you & your neighbor won’t have the same decor on the walls.

This is what the sea of wall currently looks like…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

After going through the Minted site over and over and over (no joke, it took me days) finding what prints I loved most (goodness it was difficult), I then figured out what sizes would work best & in what configuration.  After some time, I created this mockup…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

I also used my AutoCAD program to get the sizing + proportions just right.  This is the drawing I created…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your homeIt was time to make these ideas a reality… 

Using brown kraft paper, which I had left over from Christmas wrapping, I cut out the sizes of the proposed prints. Wrapping paper or newspaper could also work – no need to buy anything, use what you have on hand.

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Then I arranged the kraft paper on the wall (yes, a few looked a bit wonky) as I worked it out on the mock up…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Once I put the standing floor lamp in place, I realized the shade would really block the large print, so I decided to reverse the design…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Yes, better!

I didn’t actually remove the paper from the wall, but when the prints arrive and I am ready to hang them, I know I will make some tweaks including reversing the design, adding a bit more breathing room between the prints, and hanging them slightly higher on the wall above the sofa.

To be honest, I have never did a mockup like this before, but if I hadn’t gone through the exercise of doing it, I don’t think I would have nailed it (hehe, no pun intended) the first time.  Mistakes would have been made, which results in more time spent!  By creating the mock-up placement of the prints, I can see how the art collage will layout best & hopefully save on time and wall repair.

Once the artwork arrives and I hang it, here is how I envision the wall to look… we shall see.

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Interested in these prints?  Here’s the info…
Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge
Snow Dancer
Let’s Get Lost
NYC Map (gold foil)

My tips for creating an art wall you will love.

> Start with one large piece to be the ‘anchor’ for the art gallery wall

> Bring in other art in varying sizes & orientation – not all one size, not all horizontal or vertical!

> Keep at least 3″ between art for breathing room

> Create a continuity/common thread with the art, but mix it up by using 2 or 3 different frames

> Balance the art on the wall – don’t visually hang all ‘heavy’ art on one side & smaller on the other.

> Have fun. Display the unexpected.  Showcase what is most meaningful to you.  Let your art tell a story!

Other posts on creating a gallery wall that may be helpful:

> Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room
> Useful Ideas and Layouts to Create a Photo Gallery Wall
> Creating a Photo Wall Display


IDEAS + TIPS for Planning & Creating an Art Wall in your home.more on the living room makeover coming soon… I promise!

Disclosure: Upon reaching out to Minted, I am thankful that they chose to work with me since I love their limited edition print selection so much.  I have been provided with product, but as always I was not told what to write and I only feature companies on my blog that I truly love and believe in 100%.

Everything CHRISTMAS {all posts in one place}

Another Holiday season is upon us!

I didn’t want to bombard you with Christmas posts before celebrating Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t hold off anymore.  Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought some of you would be starting the holiday decorating over the long weekend and could use some inspiration.

To make it easier and be inspired by all the Christmas creations that I’ve made over the 6+ years that I’ve been blogging, I am putting this post together with EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS.  All the posts I’ve ever shared pertaining to Christmas will be in one spot.  How great + easy?!

We’ll start with the home tours…

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Have a wonderful + blessed Holiday Season!

Bathroom Makeover: Tile Accent Border {Day 18}

Since the wallpaper, the last phase of the bathroom makeover, was fairly quick taking only a day from start to finish, I was able to move on the next step pretty quick.  With the completion of the dynamic + bold wallpaper, I am feeling so happy with how the bathroom is coming along.  There were a few points that I questioned my decisions + selections, but I feel the wallpaper really pulled it together and added the interest needed to make this new space + funky against the stark white tile.  It’s all about the balance and the contrast…

Onto the next phase to get this space done.  I’m on Day 18 of this Bathroom Makeover in 30 Days Challenge and it was spent adding a tile accent (trim) border to finish the edge of the subway tile.

Take a look…

Adding a Tile Trim Border in a bathroom to give a finished edge!

From the start, I had intention of using a tile board to finish off the subway tile, but once the installation of the horizontally layed subway tile was complete, it confirmed that something was definitely needed to finish the ends.  I chose a pretty decorative tile at Lowe’s that was the perfect complement to the subway tile.

American Olean Linea Gloss Ice White Ceramic Chair Rail Tile (Common: 2-in x 6-in; Actual: 2-in x 6-in)I chose to use the border tile vertically to border the shower tile and then turn it horizontally to border the subway tile on the walls outside of the shower space.  Originally I was going to use this accent barliner to border the herringbone tile in the shower as well, but I chose a simpler tile instead > see it here.   Like I said before, this has been my biggest tile job EVER.  I HAVE NEVER ventured into a project as big, so I was learning as I worked.  I questioned my skillset a few times along the way, but in the end I am very happy with the result.

For the tile border, I started with the corner pieces because they had to be cut on a 45 degree angle.  I measured and cut the two pieces using a wet saw and then worked my way up vertically and over horizontally.

Adding a Tile Trim Border

I installed the accent tile using the same method as I did for the subway tile.  To learn more about installing the tile, check out my post on How-To Tile + Grout Bathroom Walls

Once the tile border was in place, I used painters tape to tape off the wallpaper so the grout would not get on it.  After installing that gorgeous paper, the last thing I wanted was to get it ruined!

Then it was time to grout.  After mixed + made the grout mixture, I put it in a ziploc bag and cut one corner creating a small hole for the grout to come out of.  Kind of like icing a cake…  Then I worked the grout into the cracks & crevices.

Adding a Tile Trim Border

It was a little messy, but using the Ziploc bag was very helpful to direct the grout where I wanted it, instead of going on the entire tile surface.

Adding a Tile Trim Border

Once I filled all the holes and crevices, I used a damp sponge to smooth out the grout.  This not only cleans the tile face but smooths out the grout joints.

Adding a Tile Trim Border

If your walls are painted or have wallpaper on them, like mine, go slow + be careful so the wall surface doesn’t get grout on it otherwise it’ll become hazy.  Thankfully the wallpaper was easy to wipe off, but I am sure paint wouldn’t be as simple.  I guess you could always touch up those spots…

BEFORE THE GROUT DRIES, REMOVE THE TAPE!  This is in caps because if not the tape will dry into the grout.  Yes, it’s happened to me (not on this project thankfully).  As soon as you finish grouting while the grout is still moist, pull the tape off.

Adding a Tile Trim Border

From start to finish…

Adding a Tile Trim Border in a bathroom to give a finished edge!

And the result…

Adding a Tile Trim Border

BathroomAdding a Tile Trim Border in a bathroom to give a finished edge!

Adding a Tile Trim Border in a bathroom to give a finished edge!

Adding a Tile Trim Border in a bathroom to give a finished edge!

And a peek at a few other things happening {art + accessories}…

Adding a Tile Trim Border in a bathroom to give a finished edge!

The tile accent border is truly a beautiful addition.  Not only did it hide a lot of little mistakes and imperfect spots, but it has given this bathroom such an elegant + sophisticated finished look.  I am so happy that I installed the wallpaper before adding the border because it has really given a nice clean edge.  If / when I ever want to remove the wallpaper, my plan would be to score the edge of the accent tile with a sharp blade and then peel the paper off.

Adding a tile accent border on Day 18 is complete!  Up next… creating a tiled niche.  I removed the old medicine cabinet and replaced the space with a tiled niche.  More to come next week!

The installation of the tile accent border took about 4 hours on one day

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{Day 18} Tile Accent Border – Complete!  12 more days to go…

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  I am thrilled (and a bit nervous) about tackling this project, but very excited to be partnering with Lowe’s on creating an entirely new bathroom space.  I’d love for you to follow along on this new project!