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Let There Be Light – Cellular Shade Experience

A few weeks back I shared my revamped blue bohemian bedroom – thank you for all the kind thoughts on how colorful, but classic it looks!

One major aesthetic and functional update was the upgrade to the two windows in the room. As you may have noticed, the previous owner had curtains mounted on the window trim (which hid all the natural light from filtering in) and had heavy faux wood blinds which made the room feel dark and closed in.

As soon as we closed on the house, every window treatment was ripped off so the light could shine in.  Even though I love light, I also like privacy.

After making and mounting straight valances at the two windows of the bedroom, I installed beautiful + functional top-down, bottom-up black out cellular shades for privacy.

These  shades are a dream!

They offer so many options for how much light or privacy that’s needed. And to mount them was a breeze too.

Upon placing my cellular shade order at Payless Decor, the shades were cut to the exact width and length that I requested, and in about two week they were delivered.  There are several ways to mount the cellular shades so many hardware items are included, but all will not be used.

I first layed everything out and then read through the instructions.

I chose for my cellular shades to be inside mounted, which means mounted inside the window frame. Using a screw driver (or drill), I installed the mounting brackets to the window header.

Following the installation of the brackets, the shades simply click in.  It was a little tough to push them into place, but once they were snug in the brackets, they were extremely secure.

When I placed my order for the cellular shades, I chose a continuous cord (which is exactly that, one loop of continuous cord, so no need to deal with dangling cords), which makes the operability of the shade super easy. Using a drill, I secured the cord to the inside of the window and called this project complete!

Now I have every option under the sun (ha, no pun intended) for how much light comes in…

or not…

The shade can be positioned at the top and half way down.

Or it can be positioned in the middle of the window to allow light in from the top and bottom.

Or it can be positioned from the window sill to half way up the window (this is my favorite to provide privacy but still allow light in)

And, of course, the cellular shades can be completely closed, but then the room would be entirely dark and I wouldn’t be able to take a picture.  Actually, I’ll tell you, the black out part of the shade is a delight, especially on the weekends when we get to catch a few extra zzz’s.

To have the windows in all rooms of our home feel cohesive, we installed these cellular shades at every window.

They are the perfect solution for privacy and to block the sun!