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Changes for Year 5

What a week it’s been!  From an update to the bathroom TO the interesting new color choice by Pantone (what’s your take on Marsala?) TO sharing my TOP TEN TOOLS for DIYers, it’s been jam-packed with goodness.  But I have news to share that’s even bigger and better… My blog + business of almost 5 years is getting a revamp.

Here’s a peek >

New Blog Design

If you haven’t noticed yet, some changes have already taken form.  For the past week, what used to be is now (take a look up at the URL bar – My site will always be accessible using, but going forward it’ll automatically redirect to  This weekend, the blog will be down for a bit while the design is changed over but bright and early Monday morning, the new blog will be up and running with an entire new look.

New Button

Why the Change?

As I head into Year 5 of my design business & blog,  I was feeling a need for change.  It’s like that moment you walk into your closet, hate everything, and rush out to buy an entire new wardrobe.  Oh, thats never happened to you?  Me neither, but I dream about it sometimes… 

The decision to change my blog name + redesign my little spot in the blogosphere was difficult to make.  From day one choosing a name that defines my mission for inspiring & creating seemed impossible.  I was never thrilled with my blog & business name, and after living it + breathing it for 4 years, I was ready to go in a different direction.   Since my site is not only my inspirational blog, but also a business platform for my design company, the title / the name needed to make sense for both facets.  To simply use my name, Jenna Burger, made the most sense.  That’s what people know me as and over the years it has become my brand.  I, Jenna Burger, am the one to create and I am the one who inspires.    The new tagline Layers of Inspired Style was a fluid addition to accompany my name and I feel it sums up my mission & thought-process on design with the layering of materials to create a cohesive, unexpected, and eye-catching composition.

With all the new changes coming, PLEASE don’t fret that my mission and design ideas will be changing.  That will all remain the same and more awesomeness is to come in the New Year!  I feel this new design and layout is a better reflection of me and my design aesthetic.  The new layout/design is a lot cleaner & simpler so in turn my hope is for you, my readers, to find things & navigate the site faster & easier!

There might be a few hiccups over the next couple weeks so if you see a broken link or something missing/wrong, please let me know.  An extra set of eyes is always helpful.  Thanks so much and as always, I appreciate all of you so much!  Here’s an early CHEERS to 2015!

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