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Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 2

I’ve been living and breathing this master bathroom makeover.

Result? There’s been little time for anything else.

I’ve been making progress, and as of last night, the floor is complete {huge sigh of relief}…  And I’m in major pain today – It stinks getting old!

Sorry for the lack of posts or inspiration this week.  I love sharing new DIY projects (I have a few ready to reveal next week) or decorating tips, but this week’s focus is on the progress of the bathroom and the steps that I’ve been taking along the way.  It’s almost like a reality show, but instead on my blog and NOT start to finish in 30 minutes like on TV.  This week’s posts are a little different than usual, but hopefully you’re still inspired in some way.

  • Maybe these makeover progress posts will show you how a space can come together in a short period of time.
  • Maybe you’ll realize how a bathroom makeover can be done on a tight budget.
  • Maybe you’ve learned some tips or ideas that can be implemented in your own home.
  • Or maybe you’re just simply sitting back, reading the progress posts, and chuckling about the horrid color of the original bathroom.

Whichever it is that keeps you coming back each day, I strive to inspire with everything that I write.  Anyway, let’s move on with the progress that I’ve made thus far…

If you missed the before pictures, here they are again…


Last weekend, my husband and I tackled the painting by covering up that horrid pink/purple color.  After one coat of primer and two coats of paint, that horrendous color is now officially covered {happy}. Then throughout the day on Monday and yesterday, I was able to work on and finish the new tile floor.  I chose to use luxury vinyl groutable tile, so the process was the same as when I laid my parents foyer floor. What a huge difference!  The tile has a beautiful cream tone with touches or taupe and gray.  It’s very similar to a botticino natural stone and when laid and grouted, looks exactly like ceramic tile.

Here’s a closer look.

The existing floor was in good condition, other than the way it looked, so I felt comfortable putting the new tile directly on top.  If you decide to use groutable vinyl tile, you may need to remove the existing floor before laying the new tile.  (I’m sharing the steps that I took, but am not making a recommendation for your space one way or the other).  The funky yellow “stuff”, a.k.a. glue, on the cabinet is from the vinyl strip that I removed, which you will see in the next image is now covered with tile as well, to create a tile toe kick.

After the kiddos were in bed last evening, I grouted the floor. What a difference, right?

Now that the “bones” are complete, the layers can be added.  Still to come…

Until next time when I plan to make the final reveal…  {commercial break} I hope you’ll come back to see.  Now let me get back to work!

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