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Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 1

If you follow SAS Interiors on Facebook and Twitter (if you don’t, please do), you may have saw a few postings that I wrote mentioning that I finally decided to give my master bathroom a makeover.  And when I say finally, I mean FINALLY!  This is the only room in the entire house that hasn’t been touched since we moved in and it’s horrendous…  Until NOW.

Over the weekend, we (meaning the mister and I) finally took the plunge and gave this much-needed space a revamp.  I really wish that I could say in two days we finished the entire space, but that would be a big-white-lie. Bummer!  I went into this thinking it would be easy-peasy – we’ll paint, hang a few pictures, and we’ll be done.  HAHA – NOT! (I never allow for enough time – big no no)

The before space was a bright pink/purple color (why would anyone have chosen that color?).  When I first thought about this space, I envisioned 3 S’s – soft, serene, and spa-like.  Since the bathroom adjoins to the bedroom, I really wanted the two spaces to flow from one to another, so many elements in the new bathroom are an extension of the bedroom.  Here’s a peak at some of the selections for the new space.

The backdrop, similar to the bedroom, is a soft gray / taupe color with an accent color of dusty blue, which will be seen in the shower curtain (actually not a real shower curtain, but instead two window panels) and accessories. Again, because I envisioned the space being an extension of the bedroom, I felt it important that they “read” as one.  The accent color in the bedroom is orange, so the blue for this space is a perfect compliment.

I’m truly looking forward to this space being complete, especially since it was one of my Home Goals for 2012.  Actually, when I shared the before picture in my post about my home goals for this year, one reader wrote:

If you need help on your bathroom, I am sure all your readers would be willing…I know you did the best you could with what you had, but wow! I think I would have made that the first to redo when I moved in….not trying to be mean, or anything, but who would pick those colors????? All I can say is wow…  – Cindy

Well Cindy is so right!  Have you seen the before? I feel scared just showing it to you.

There are alot of reasons that this space got neglected, but the main issue was our indecisiveness to do a complete overhaul with a full tearout or a DIY bathroom with new paint and updates.  In the end, because of other priorities at the moment, we decided on a do-it-yourself revamp.  It simply makes the most sense for us!

On the list is:

  • New paint for the walls (gray / taupe)
  • New paint on the mouldings (white)
  • New floor (groutable vinyl – similar to my mom’s floor)
  • New paint for the cabinet
  • New hardware
  • New mirror
  • New light fixture
  • New accessories
  • New window treatment

So basically it’s all new, except for the plumbing fixtures.

And the reason why this space wasn’t complete by the end of Day 2?  Take a look at these snags…

1. The existing towel bar was attached to the wall with HUGE anchors… a full sized person could have hung from them. When the Mister took them out (which he had to yank them from the wall), a huge hole was left!  UGH.

2. Next frustrating snag? The light fixture had no junction box.  Really??  How is that possible?

3. And the most time consuming part was all the spackling – the walls were a mess!

Well no more complaining about this UGLY space.  It’s now in the process of being transformed.  Tonight’s task?  A new floor!  Wish me luck 😉

Have have remodeled a space in your home recently?  Have you made any updates to a bathroom in your home?

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