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Tour My Home: Girls Room ~ Honeysuckle Retreat

A few weeks ago I shared a glimpse of my daughters room with the bow holder that I created for all of her pretty hair accessories.  I received some questions from readers about the specifics of the space and thought it would be fun to do a “tour” of her girlified room.

The moment I found out I was having a girl, I couldn’t wait to design her “pad” (what else would an Interior Designer think about??).  I wanted to create a space using color and decor that would be perfect for NOW, as well as her future ages and stages.  After much thought, I chose a color palette of fuschia (similar to the 2011 Pantone Color of the Year: Honeysuckle) and khaki, with the accent color of pear.  If you want to put a theme to the space, it would be birds.  I’m not really a theme person, but the bird is significant to my name and my daughter’s name, so it seemed like a perfect fit for the room!

I love adding an accent wall to a space…it creates drama and a focal point to the room.  Once I knew where the white crib (and eventually the grown up bed and headboard) would be positioned, I decided for that wall to be the fuschia color (accent wall/focal point).  To continue the white “look”, simple large frames with black and white photos were placed on the bright and cheery accent wall, while on the khaki wall, a vinyl applique with colorful birds and branches were introduced to bring in the bright color on the neutral wall.

The window wall is a khaki hue and to further the fuschia color throughout, I added heavy cotton draperies with a small herringbone pattern to “dress up” the windows. Complete with a simple drapery rod and crystal finials, the window treatments frame a beautiful view to the exterior.  Below the window sits a dresser that was refinished and handed down to me by my late Aunt.  The wood tone of the mahogany finished dresser, adds such warmth to the space.

This is a view of the other side of my little girls room (opposite the crib wall).  NOW, I have to start with this….I’ve never done TWO accent walls in a room (it’s usually just one ~ the focal wall), but this space just called for it.  I was just “feeling it” when I saw the room and went with my gut…..AND IT WORKS!  Something else that I have to add is that this room was kind of a mish-mosh of furniture from our previous house. (The girly room that I dreamed of, didn’t quite go the way I anticipated).

  • The crib was bought when my oldest was born
  • The chair (shown above) and the dresser under the window were from my previous guest room
  • The corner unit was from my bedroom.
  • The side table next to the chair was a yard sale find, and has been painted & repainted many times ~ the latest color: pear

When we moved to this house, furniture got moved around, and all the leftover pieces ended up in this room.  YES, the woods don’t match, BUT somehow it works.  It truly meshs together and looks great.

MY POINT: Furniture of different styles and different woods CAN work together in one room ~ it doesn’t always have to be matchy-matchy!

Like I mentioned above, the accent color of the room is pear.  There are various pieces with this common hue, which truly ties the space together.   Despite there being various wood finishes and styles, creating a common thread is important to pulling a room together to achieve a cohesive look.

“Love is in the Details”

The details complete the look of the room.  One of my favorites are the 3 fabric panels above the crib.   Using 12″ x 12″ canvas panels, I found three fun fabrics to cover them…it was inexpensive to create and completely eye-catching when entering the space.  Another detail that I love is a twist on a typical crib mobile.  The summer before my daughter was born, I was shopping at a craft fair and saw these adorable fabric birds, and thought they would be a perfect addition to the “bird themed” room.  With a branch from the yard, these beautiful birds fly above.

There’s my little one sitting in her reading nook.  Another piece, found at a yard sale, was refinished and painted, and now holds all of her books.  And of course, the bow holder above ~

Last but not least, my daughter loves her Tea Table, which design-wise, ties all the colors together!  At only a year old, she’s already a bookwarm…her favorite on this day ~ Brown Bear, Brown Bear

There she is….

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little girls bedroom….a space that is perfect for her today and will continue to be in 5 years!


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