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Whimsical Spring Forsythia Wreath

I was so completely inspired when putting yesterday’s post together on Spring Wreath Inspiration.  There are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there and I was so happy to showcase their work!

Now it’s my turn….

I created a lot of wreaths over the past months for the various seasons and holidays.  Now it’s time to celebrate the arrival of SPRING!  YAY!!

Here’s a sneak peak at my NEW Whimsical Spring Wreath ~

This is how the wreath looked before… BIG change, right?

My mom gave me this wreath quite awhile ago and it had been sitting in my garage for months.  My repurposing mind was in action and the transformation began.

To start off, I un-decorated the wreath.(If you want to create a wreath like mine, you obviously can skip the above step and start with a fresh, new wreath)

I wanted to create a whimsical wreath for the Spring ~ fun and flowery was my goal.  I decided to use (faux) Forsythia branches.  Similar to my faux centerpieces, I cut and separated the branches, then started to weave them through the wreath and used floral wire to secure.

Here it is…done~

WOOO…not quite yet…it’s missing something.  Seems kind of BLAH.
Let’s add alittle Wild Daisy, like this ~

Now it’s COMPLETE!

Simple, but just what I wanted!


Have you seen my other wreaths?  If you missed them, here they are ~

My green door has been through many transformations!  I painted it this apple green color only a year ago, but I’m thinking that ‘It’ needs it’s own transformation for Spring….hmmm.  What do you think?

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