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Foyer Progress + Painting Made Easy

As of 9:00 last night, the painting of the walls + the stripes are done.  Now that’s a big checkmark off my list!

I have one more element in the space that needs a last coat of paint, and then the painting part of the Foyer Remodel will be complete.  A few styling magic tricks to follow and the space will be completely fresh and new.

Taking a step back though, I have to tell ya that the painting process wasn’t too grueling.  Before venturing into a painting project, I’m always a little leery about how long it will really take. From removing everything in the space to spackling the holes to painting the edges to finally painting the main walls, it ends up being double the time than originally estimated. Plus I’m usually tuckered out over the days to follow from all the bending and lifting.

Thankfully the painting part for this project didn’t take long at all and it took exactly the amount of time that I estimated.  Why? Because of a handy dandy tool that I used called the Paint Stick by HomeRight.

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Product Review

When I was at Haven during the middle of the Summer, HomeRight was one of the vendors.  Since they have a wide-range of painting tools, I gravitated right in their direction. I was awestruck by the huge selection of paint sprayers, but then I saw the Paint Stick.  A minute-long demo later sold me.  I had to try it.

Once I had it in my home a few weeks later, I was psyched to get started.

The process of putting the Paint Stick together was fairly easy.  Within about 2 minutes, the stick was in place and I was ready.  One point I will mention is that the first time pulling up the inner tube, which draws up the paint, was difficult.  I had to use some womanpower, and then got it!  I initial thought I was doing it wrong and didn’t want to break anything, but it just needed some muscle.

Once I put the paint cover onto the paint can, I was ready.

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Product Review

BUT, before I could begin, I had some prep to do.  The good ole’ prep work…

Since the main wall with the stencil was slightly raised, I gave the wall a quick overall sanding.  The ‘before’ wall color was eggshell and the stencil design was the same color but in a high gloss finish.  I was a little reluctant how the new paint would take on the high gloss and thought sanding over the design would cut down on the sheen, allowing the new paint to adhere better.

Sanding the soon to be covered stencil

I spackled all the holes.  Those dang holes.  There were more than I thought.

Spackling the holes in the wall

Then painted all the edges and corners of the room.  Instead of taping the ceiling and all the mouldings, I decided to just “cut-in” with an angled brush and I have to tell you, it was so much easier and the result is so much better.  The usual steps I take are: tape, paint, remove tape, and do touchups.  None of that was needed this time.  My angled Purdy brush was awesome.  I bought a new one for this project and it was $10 well spent and saved a ton of time.

Painting edges with brush

At last, it was finally time to paint with the Paint Stick!

I stuck the Paint Stick onto the port of the cover and drew the paint up.  I was ready…

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Product Review

And away I painted…

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Product Review

Bye Bye Stencil.  It was nice knowing ya.

My new Greige color, Benjamin Moore Gallery Buff, is gorgeous and my new handy-dandy paint tool, the Paint Stick, made it easy!

Designer Advice: If you want a neutral wall color, go with Greige! It's the perfect combo of warm + cool tones. @Jenna_Burger

Once the base color was done, I was able to start the stripes.  Check out my tips + tricks for painting the perfect stripes.

Painting Stripes

My thoughts

Overall I thought the Paint Stick was a great product.  It made the process of painting the main section of the walls a breeze.  I only had to fill the PaintStick up twice for my entire foyer.  It’s not a huge space, but a decent size.  The up-and-down on a ladder when using a regular roller was eliminated and the bending over to reach the areas near the lower part of the wall wasn’t necessary.   The other nice part of the Paint Stick is that the paint can be used directly from the can.  There is no need for messy trays + there is no waste.  How many times has someone stepped in paint and/or paint drips all over?  Plus there is never a way to get all the leftovers from a tray back into the paint can.

I will say the cleaning up process wasn’t as easy as simply throwing away a liner and roller, but it wasn’t too bad.  Overall it took about 15 minutes.  I actually started cleaning the supplies without reading the directions – shame, shame on me – and it took much longer than it should have.  If you follow these directions, it’s fairly simple!

Would I use it again? 

You bet and I would suggest you try it too!  You can pick one up at your local Lowe’s.  When picking up the paint + supplies for this project, there was a huge display in the paint aisle.

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Product Review

So guess what…  HomeRight is super great and is giving away (1) Paint Stick EZ-Twist to one of my fabulous followers.  Want to make painting less daunting and have it take way less time than ever before?  Then enter now >

This Giveaway is Over.  Stephanie Whitacker is the official Winner.  Please keep on the lookout for more giveaways coming up soon.

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Disclosure: HomeRight has chosen to partner with me to share their products with you, my wonderful readers and followers.  I was provided with product to review and was compensated for my time to use the products.  No one told me what to create, what to buy, how to use the product, or what to write.  All opinions are 100% mine!