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Serene + Sophisticated Master Bathroom Reveal

It’s been months in the making, but I am excited to share that my master bathroom renovation is complete.  I actually wrapped it up right before the new year hit, but I was awaiting a few accessory items (the finishing layers always make complete a space) + I really wanted to use the space on a daily basis before sharing my thoughts on the outcome.

Without further ado, here is our recently remodeled master bathroom…

Before getting to far ahead of myself and throwing loads of pictures at you (which I can’t wait to share), let’s remember where this bathroom started when I walked into a shell-of-a-house 7 years ago…

I don’t know who in their right mind would find this shade of purple to be pleasant each day, but it wasn’t for me.  If you can believe it, this space ended up being the last of all the rooms to be renovated (why did I wait so long?).

Finally in 2011, we gave the bathroom a DIY overhaul with a new floor (groutable luxury vinyl tile, tutorial here), new paint on the walls, new paint on the cabinet (faux glaze tutorial here), and new accessories (like the shower curtain made using window drapery panels, tutorial here).

DIY Master Bathroom renovation - JENNA BURGER DESIGN

What a huge difference. We loved it.

Fast forward 6 years, and we were in want + need of a total bathroom overhaul.  I envisioned a large shower, a longer + newer vanity + tile!

And voila, this is our new renovated bathroom

This is the vision board that I originally created…

Master Bathroom Renovation mood board - JENNA BURGER DESIGN

3 walls now are floor to ceiling tile and this space feels (and looks) like a high-end hotel bathroom with a serene spa feel.

If you know me, I adore color, but for this space, I stayed with lighter + brighter hues of neutrals and added contrast with a dark gray cabinet + layers of accessories in shades of blue.


The paint color for the space was tricky…  I actually had another color chosen but because the tile above the vanity is glossy & reflective, the tile took on an ugly color.  So I went to the light section of the color wheel and choose a soft blue.  It’s called  Sunday Sky by Valspar.

Sunday Sky by Valspar Because of the small amount of wall space, I decided to paint the ceiling a color as well and chose a slightly darker shade of blue (in the same color family as the walls).  It’s called Windblown Blue by Valspar.

The previous vanity was only 36″, but there was plenty of space to install a longer vanity.  We were able to increase the the size to this 48″ wide vanity that has two doors in the center and 3 drawers on each side (it looks like 4 drawers, but the bottom 2 are actually one taller compartment).

The additional 12″+ has been a game changer with the amount of usable counter space.  Yes, a double sink would have been glorious, but I’ll take what I can get!

Having drawers in the bathroom has also has been a welcomed change.  There is now so much room for the smaller bathroom items, as well as taller items like hairspray and nailpolish remover.

I lined the drawers with this cute contact paper that I snagged from Target for $3.  Just a small touch that makes a big difference.

The countertop for this vanity is a beautiful carrara marble.  Never great for the kitchen, but perfect for the bathroom!   This vanity came with the marble top + undermount sink in a square shape.

A 36″ round jute rug placed in the front of the vanity has been such a nice added touch for softness and texture.

The marble countertop arrived with 3 holes to accommodate this widespread sink faucet.  When possible, I always prefer separate holes for the faucet + handles versus being together on one late.  The look is higher end and appears like it was custom cut.

The frameless tile mirror above is a favorite of mine not only because it’s affordable at less than $100, but also because it’s a sophisticated, classic look + it can accommodate people of different heights since it tilts.

I have to talk about the tile…  The tile is what truly sets this bathroom apart and gives the space a custom, unique look!  The tile in the shower space is a 4 x 12 white subway tile and I added a 12″ high band about 3′ high above the floor, which continues to the ceiling on the wall of the vanity.

The accent mosaic tile (which comes on a 12″ x 12″ mesh sheet backing) is made of a variety of ceramic + natural stones in varying shades of neutrals.  It is such a beautiful backdrop to the vanity and is so dramatic, but not in an overwhelming way, when you enter the space.

As you make your way around the space, the window adorns a new roman shade made by my go-to-fabricator Tonic Living.  I work with them a lot on client projects and they create such gorgeous window treatments.  This fabric just truly captures everything that I wanted this bathroom to evoke.

One large component of this bathroom remodel was the removal of the existing tub and creating a shower space in it’s place.

This renovation was part DIY and part highered out to a contractor.  There were areas (mainly plumbing) that was beyond our skillset to take on, so calling in a contractor was a must.  Once he removed the existing shower unit, he installed a new shower pan.  We installed the tile on the walls, and then he returned and installed the new shower enclosure.

>>> Check out more here on how the walls were tiled 

Transitioning from a tub to a shower left us with one challenge.  The shower pan was 2″ narrower than the tub so there was a gap between the floor ended and the shower pan edge.  What to do?  What to do?  Using a few extra mosaic pieces, I filled in the gap, and no one will ever know – wink, wink…

One moment it was a problem, the next a simple resolution was discovered!

I am really loving this shower door because it eliminates the difficulties of a typical swinging shower door (they swing into the shower so the placement for the shower fittings needs to be configured properly) + the design of it is so modern + minimal.

The one panel is stationery (left side in the picture above) and the panel with the handle is operable. The wheels seamlessly roll on the bar above similar to a rolling barn door.

In lieu of a bench or built-in niche for shampoo (something I would have loved, but beyond my skillset + budget), I found a petite teak bench perfect for sitting and/or holding various shower necessities.

To finish off the tile where the tile meets the wall on the shower fittings side, I added a 3×6 bullnose tile in a vertical layout.  With the one side of the tile being curved, it transitions beautifully into the wall.


The layout of this space is somewhat tricky because there is an angled wall that is too large to leave bare, but too small to add a piece of furniture that is oversized. When I was scouring for accessories, I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t find anything that was just right + within my budget.  In the end, I found this gorgeous lucite + leather (white) stool.  I just couldn’t leave it.

I knew I had to pair it with a simple + minimal vanity.  Shopping came to a halt because I decided to build the simple vanity that I envisioned.

I used 2 x 3 for the 4 legs + 1 x 4 for the apron surround + 1/4″ thick plywood for the top, then painted it a color similar to the ceiling.  It’s the perfect size + scale for the space and is the ideal spot for perfumes, cotton balls, q tips, etc…

All the beautiful artwork in the bathroom is from  They are a fabulous source for fine art + limited edition prints at an affordable price.

One of the most frequent inquiries I get on the blog is about the towel bars mounted on the back of the door.  The bathroom space is decent, but there is no perfect place for towel bars, so the existing back-of-the-door-towel-bars remained.

>>> Check out this post on How-To Hang a Towel Bar on a Hollow Core Door

Like all renovations, this project came with it’s hurdles + challenges, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome with thinking outside the box and a bit of patience.  As with all projects, there is a first for everything and with each completed endeavour, I take away something new, which builds my skillset + confidence.  At the same time, I know when to turn to others and call in the pros.

If you want to see more on this bathroom remodel, check out this previous posts:

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Now through March 23, Lowe’s is having a kitchen + bath event with deals up to 40% off. Work with a Lowe’s project specialist to design you dream space…  It’s the perfect opportunity for a refresh!


Let There Be Light: How to Make a Pendant Fixture

You may have noticed a pretty little pendant in some of the pictures I’ve been sharing of projects throughout the progress of my master bedroom revamp.  Guess what, I made it. Well kind of.

Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

So I didn’t actually make the fabulous fixture, but I did electrify it so it could work as a light. Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM The fixture I am referring to is the capiz hanging pendant from World Market, one of my favorite resources for interior decor.  I had originally intended on using the pendant on our ceiling fan.  I’m not crazy that we have a fan in our room instead of an amazing chandelier.  But since it gets super hot during the summer months and the Mister vetoed the removal of the fan, it simply IS.  So making the best of it, I had planned on adding the pretty pendant during the winter when the fan isn’t in use.  WELL, the size and the mounting didn’t work once I had it in hand, so instead I thought it would make for an interesting light at my newly revamped desk. So to make this pendant glow and actually function as a light, I purchased a light kit from Home Depot (I’m a Lowe’s gal through and through, but they didn’t have the parts that I needed). Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM For this project, these are the supplies I used:

  • Decorative Pendant (try a mason jar or an unconventional fixture to use as a light)
  • Light Kit
  • 8′ length of extra wire
  • Decorative Chain
  • Wire Cutter
  • Screw Driver

Here are the steps I took to make this pretty pendant into an actual light… In all the light kits I found, the wire cord length was only 8′, but I needed it to be 16′ long.  Solution: I purchased the light kit + extra wire that Home Depot cut for me, which cost an additional $3 for the extra 8′ of length. 1. At home, I first connected the (2) 8′ lengths of wire.  First, using a wire cutter I cut about 1/2″ of casing off one end to expose the wires inside. 2. Then I cut the ends off the other 8′ length wire.  So I was left with 4 exposed wire ends. 3. I connected (2) ends together and (2) ends together, and then sealed them with electrical tape.  It doesn’t matter what end goes with what end. These steps are very easy and take minutes to do. Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM Depending on how long of a pendant you want, you might be able to skip right over the steps above and start with the following steps of connecting the wires to the socket. 1. Start off by removing the cardboard and the socket shell.  Then create an Underwriter’s Knot with the end of your wires.  This type of knot will prevent the wire from loosening inside the socket. To make this type of knot, first separate the wires, form a large loop with each wire, and thread the end of each wire through the other loop. Complete the knot by pulling the ends of the wires so the knot will tighten. 2. With your fingers, twist the wire strands together to form a partial loop.  Then wrap each wire clockwise around the socket terminals (the inside of the screw). Then tighten the terminal with a screwdriver. 3. Once the wires are secured and tightened into the terminals, slip on the cardboard sleeve (YES, LEAVE THE CARDBOARD ON), and put the socket shell back into position. 4. Let there be light! Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM For the bulb, I used an old fashion style that I found at Lowe’s (like this one).  They give such a great look since the bulb is slightly exposed.  FYI, these style light bulbs won’t be available much longer because the US in no longer producing or importing filament bulbs.  So grab em’ while you can! Once the wiring was complete, I added the decorative chain… Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, Here’s a close up.  Isn’t it pretty?! Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM And here’s how the new pendant looks in the room… (psst…  I still have to cover the black electrical tape where I connected the 2 wires) Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM Let there be light: How-To turn a pendant into a light fixture; Tutorial by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM I’m in love.  And surrounded by my newly painted desk + my newly custom-made (for little $$$) window panels, I’m a happy girl! The bulb is only 40 watts, so it gives a beautiful glow when lit.  Definitely nice for the evening while watching TV.  And I’ll tell you, I’ve been spending alot more R + R time in my room lately!  I’m just loving the space.  Next area of the space to show you…  The Galley Wall!  And then the final reveal. If you want to see another lamp project of mine, you can check it out here when I guest posted at my friend Lindsay’s blog, Makely Home.

Are you a fan of shell style light fixtures? Have you ever made something/anything into a light? If not, what do you wish you could electrify?