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Kitchen Renovation: Choosing a Quartz Countertop

Demo is complete.

Hardwood floors are stained.

Cabinets have been installed.

Countertops are FINISHED.

You heard me right… we have counters, which means we have a sink, which means we have use of a kitchen. YES!

It has been a busy few weeks around our homestead, but the kitchen is taking shape and I am thrilled to share with you all the details on the countertops I chose (natural quartz) + why…

Natural Quartz countertops in the kitchen was a great choice! It's durable, maintenance free, and so stylish. Check out more at

When the process of the kitchen remodel began, I was dead set on using granite for the counter material.  I’ve always steered my clients towards granite.  believed it was the best choice because of the vast selection, durability, and its uniqueness. No one anywhere will have the exact same piece.

When the time came to choose a material for my kitchen remodel, I wanted something light and minimal, like the gorgeous + drool-worthy look of marble.  And I say the look of marble, because it’s a material I wanted to steer clear of because it is too porous and will easily stain from acidic spills like orange juice, tomato sauce, and red wine.  As a family of 5 with young kids, I can’t be watching + micro-managing our kitchen like a hawk every minute.

With marble crossed off my list, I started my search out with lighter toned granites.  I found 2 I loved – Bianco Gabrielle and Bianco Romano – at Lowe’s, but I felt they had too much movement for the overall minimal, clean look I was trying to achieve.

Then my eye honed in on just what I wanted aesthetically + functionally!

Natural Quartz.

Silestone Quartz Lagoon

After giving myself a day to think it over, I knew that choosing quartz was the right + best choice for our kitchen.

The design options for natural quartz has grown tremendously over the past years and with it being a natural material (a must on my checklist), incredibly durable, and maintenance-free, it truly was the perfect material.


Natural Quartz

> Natural stone

> Extremely hard mineral giving it great strength

> Nonporous

> Stain-resistant

> Maintenance-free / never has to be sealed

> Cleanup can be done with water + mild soap.

> Cost: $60 to $100 per square foot

Once my cabinets were in place and I finalized my order for Silestone Lagoon quartz, a templater came to my home to take all the needed measurements for the new counters.

After a few weeks of living with plywood counters…

Gettign ready for new countertops to be installed

… and no sink…

Getting ready for new countertops to be installed

…the day had finally arrived for install.

I was floating on cloud 9 with excitement.

It was estimated for the counters to take 2-4 weeks for fabrication, but it took just about 2 weeks from templating to installation (with Thanksgiving in between).

The independent contractor that does the fabrication + installation through Lowe’s was incredible.  They were timely, courteous, and did a great job.  I was 100% satisfied!

eek – watch my wreath. they did.

Installation of Quartz Countertops

Because of the countertop overhang on the island, a steel plate was installed to give extra support.

Getting ready for new countertops to be installed

And then they laid the tops in place on the island and on the perimeter cabinets.

Installation of Quartz Countertops

There was one area on the perimeter cabinets that needed a seam.  The process for connecting the seam was very interesting.  They used this neat gadget to level + tighten the joint to make a perfectly, unrecognizable seam.

Installation of Quartz Countertops

And then they were done + gone, and I was left with gorgeous new countertops that I could finally stop dreaming about and instead enjoy for many days + months + years ahead…

Silestone Quartz Lagoon

And here’s a peek at the kitchen and how it’s progressing…  It’s almost done.

How To Choose the Right Countertop for Your Kitchen! Pros + Cons + Advice for countertop materials by

There are many other materials to consider for the kitchen, but our top choice was Natural Quartz!

Want to learn about other countertop materials for the kitchen? Check out this post with a breakdown of 10 countertop materials to consider for the kitchen + the pros & con for each. 

10 Countertop Materials to Consider for your KITCHEN! Round up of material choices at

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