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Creating a Meaningful Home: Dwellings By Devore

CREATING A MEANINGFUL HOME blog series featuring Bloggers sharing the story of their home: FEATURED is Bethany of Dwellings by Devore - a MUST READ story!

Today’s guest post for Creating a Meaningful Home blog series: Year 3 is Bethany of Dwellings by Devore. Welcome Bethany…

First, a huge thank you to Jenna for having me!  I’ve long admired her blog and style and feel so honored to be a part of this series.  Creating a meaningful home is so important.  I think too often we get stuck on the “trends” or what everyone else will like and we forget to do what we love!  I definitely love incorporating new trends in my home, but I also try to stick with things that are meaningful to me.

My style has evolved so much over the last few years and I’m sure it will continue to grow and change over the years to come.  We moved into our current home last fall and have slowly started to transform it into a space that feels more like us.  It was a new construction home, so the walls were white and it was lacking character.

I’m not one to shy away from dark walls and seized the opportunity to do something bold in our master bedroom.  Paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to customize a space and make it feel more like you!  And if you don’t love it or your style changes down the road it’s an easy fix.

Black Bedroom Makeover

Black bedroom makeover by Dwellings of Devore

I love neutrals and textures, but I also love a good bold furniture makeover.  I was stumped on what to paint this bamboo hutch for a while and then I just went with my gut and chose a bold green.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Green Bamboo Hutch Makeover

Green bamboo hutch by Dwellings by Devore

My family means so much to me and I love displaying photos throughout our home.  I tend to lean towards black and white pictures for a more streamlined look.  Picture ledges are great for displaying photos because they allow you to easily switch them out or change the look over time.

Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

I’m also a huge fan of gallery walls.  There are so many ways to display meaningful things from family photos to shadowboxes full of sentimental objects.

Girly Gallery Wall

Girl's room gallery wall

This wall is a mix of thrift store finds, artwork from a babymoon we took to Beaufort, SC when I was expecting my daughter, and quotes that are special to us.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it can just be a collection of things that make you smile.

Playroom Mini Makeover

playroom gallery wall

 We don’t have many family heirlooms, but I’ve tried to incorporate the ones that we do have.  My family inherited an antique highboy from my Granny and it was passed down to me.  I love that it has history and meaning behind it.  I gave it fresh and modern look with some new pulls and paint and hope to keep it in the family for years to come.

Antique Highboy Makeover

vintage highboy makeover

These are just a few simple ways that I’ve tried to create meaning in our home.  I think the biggest thing is just to start somewhere.  If you love something then don’t let fear hold you back, just go for it!

“Start somewhere” and “Incorporate new trends, but what is meaningful to you”.  Nailed it Bethany!  That’s exactly what creating a HOME is all about.  Bethany’s home is so beautiful.  Working with a new construction / builder-home, can be a challenge with all white + lack of character.  Bethany has truly made it unique + personal for her family!

One favorite project that I want to share that Bethany created is her DIY Sputnik Chandelier.  Such a beauty inspired by a classic.

DIY Sputnik Chandelier created by Bethany of Dwellings by Devore

Head on over to Dwellings by Devore, and give Bethany a BIG HELLO!

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