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Patio Paradise: The Plan + Mood Board

Patio Paradise Mood Board: Creating an inviting, relaxing patio oasis

I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!   Not only did we spend time thanking those who served our country, but we enjoyed much of the long weekend soaking up the sun + enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  BUT like always, with playtime comes worktime.  Before setting our sights on BBQing & the beach, we worked all day Saturday on the outdoors.

Over the past month, we have been spilling hours into transforming our sideyard into a Patio Paradise!  I’m thrilled to be partnering with Lowe’s on this project to create a space that is inviting, relaxing, and truly a magical oasis.  With the new baby coming in just a few short weeks, I am banking on this new area being our stay-cation spot for the Summer.

Here’s a peek at the shopping and prepping that has gone into to making this Patio Paradise come to fruition…

Progress on creating a Patio Paradise

When you have a blah blank slate, there is alot that can be done. Only a few years ago, the area where our new oasis now sits was filled with a dilapidated above-ground pool + 15 overgrown trees.  It surely has taken a turn (for the better) since then!



I’m super excited for this outdoor space to be done & to share it with you.  As I’ve mentioned once and again (and maybe 48 other times), I don’t have a green thumb + many perennials are difficult to grow in my neck of the woods because of the long winters.  But, I can say that new buds are popping each day.  In no time, this space will be done and I’ll be able to share with you my new Patio Paradise!  In the meantime, if you’ve got your eye on any of the elements in my mood board, here are direct links to the sources…

Patio Paradise Mood Board: Creating an inviting, relaxing patio oasis

1. Outdoor Lights
2. Pergola
3. Garden Pot (navy)
4. Lanterns – Large & Small
5. Pillows – Blue Multi / White Medallion / Bird
6. (2) Side Chairs + Pillows
7. Loveseat + Coffee Table
8. White Garden Stool
9. Planter
10. Outdoor Rug
11. Pouf
12. Outdoor Fireplace

Once our Patio Paradise is complete, we’ll be ready for a big ole’ bash!  I wish you could all come.  The reveal + party pics coming soon.  In the meantime, later this week (or possible next week) I’ll be sharing the other outdoor spaces around our home.  Along with the patio, we’ve been busy updating the back deck + the front porch.  I better get back to work…

What updates have you made to your outdoor spaces this Spring?

Disclosure: I am super excited to be partnering with Lowe’s on this outdoor project.  I love working with Lowe’s because they offer a range of items with great design qualities.  As always, they did not tell me what to write, what to choose, and all thoughts are 100% my own.  They gave me free-reign on everything so my design ideas + thoughts are 100% genuine.