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Come Tour My Home

The entrance way to a home, is what I believe, sets the tone for what’s to come, so it’s such a delight to surround our home in nature’s beauty.

House Tour of @Jenna_Burger, DIYer, Designer, and Home Blogger of www.JENNABURGER.COM

Step inside.

What a transformation this foyer has received. From an entire new staircase to new flooring to the gorgeous stripes on the wall (the wall used to be stenciled), the foyer sets the aesthetic of my classic eclectic design style where I believe, all things should have meaning.

Foyer Remodel with newly striped walls, fern art, and layers of colors + texture.  Spaced designed by @Jenna_Burger, www.JENNABURGER.COM

Foyer Remodel with newly striped walls, fern art, and layers of colors + texture.  Spaced designed by @Jenna_Burger, www.JENNABURGER.COM

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When entering into my foyer and as soon as you look to the right, BAM there is my newly created home office / family room.  I’m loving the blue walls and this is one of the spaces that was recently featured in a major mag AND will also be featured in BHG soon (squeal)!  This room has had quite the evolution process (and probably the most difficult in my home to design), but the result was so worth the wait.  It’s such an inspirational space, which I’m so thankful for since it’s where I spend the most time (other than the kitchen… hehe).

House Tour of @Jenna_Burger,

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House Tour of @Jenna_Burger, www.JENNABURGER.COM

Speaking of kitchen…  My office / family room is adjacent to the kitchen.  This space got a huge DIY renovation 2 Summers ago and everyday I still love the color I chose for the cabinets.  I had originally thought black cabinets, but changed my mind to this gray/taupe/almost-green hue.  It’s a color that I have continued to use around my home and can be seen in other accents like the stair banister and the fireplace surround.

The countertops also got transformed from hunter green to black. What a change and a great spot to cook!


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From the kitchen is the dining room / breakfast room / we-eat-all-our-meals-here room…

If you were to walk straight through the foyer, you’d enter into this space as well.  My home is a total open concept, so every space flows into each other; I love the bright and airy feel of flowing rooms.  Navy was a color that I started to introduce last year and from the looks of the dining room, and obviously my office (pictures above), you can see that I just adore the deep hue.  The dining room has a large bay area with two side windows and a sliding glass door that leads to our deck.  Super easy access to the outdoors.  We love being outside once the weather warms up (I can’t wait)!

House Tour of @Jenna_Burger, www.JENNABURGER.COM

The dining room then leads to the orange-accent-wall living room…

Another example of how I love color.   This is our comfy room.  The space where the kids play and our family relaxes (well tries to relax amongst all my DIY projects).  It’s a large space and really makes the house feel bigger because it steps down from our dining room and has a high angled ceiling.  With the addition of the skylights, there’s so much sunshine that enters in, which we adore.

Would you like to come relax with us?

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So that’s basically it for the first floor.  Come on upstairs…

…into the master bedroom.  A space that has forever been in transition (and is still a work in progress).  Somehow this room gets neglected often and even though it looks pulled together here, it rarely looks like this (I’m so bad at taking the time to make our bed).  Just like my office, this space has a huge amount of light filtering through.  The windows are amazing.

The aesthetic in this room is more serene than the rest of the house.  Comparably to the other spaces, it seemed less dramatic, until it got a revamp earlier this year!  The space is still very serene and has a quiet palette, but pops of color bring in the added dimension and depth it needed to pop.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

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And then there is the bathroom.  If you want to see a horrid looking bathroom, you have got to check out the ‘before’!!  You’ll be frightened.  And to think back and remember that it took us over a year before we even started to redo it, just simply scares me.  Anyway, similar to the bedroom, the master bathroom is another quiet space accented with shades of blue.  From the ‘before’ color, you’ll know why this hue was chosen.

Similar to most of the spaces in my home, the master bathroom was a full-on DIY endeavour.  From the cabinet to the floor to the mirror to the shower curtain, this space was entirely transformed using my two hands (and a bit of the Misters – gotta give him credit.  He’s my “Can you help me?” savior)!

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Onto my kids spaces…

The room that my 2 daughters share has had quite the transformation over the years starting as a nursery, then getting revamped to a big girl room with a 3-in-1 play tent.  Once baby #3 (our littlest lady) came along, a new wall color was added and changes were made to accommodate a nursery nook.

This is kind of how it looks today minus that the beige wall which was recently revamped with a new mint-colored hue…

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Here is the nursery nook (which took place of the 3-in-1 tent) & the newest DIY creation, honeycomb wall hooks.

Nursery Nook created by Jenna Burger Design

DIY Tutorial: Honeycomb shaped wall hooks [inspiration for many other fun + functional wall storage ideas] Tutorial by Jenna Burger Design

And now to my little guys room…

His room actually got a makeover last year, which has received lots of kind comments, but many of you still love his old space with the stripes, so here are details on both…

At one time he had bunkbeds, but we took them apart to make two twin beds.  Since we don’t have a guest room, having an extra bed was nice, but it was rarely used so in his current revamped room, he only has one twin bed.  His ‘before’ room, which is an untraditional blue-for-boy was a fun and creative space.

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His current space which was finally completed in mid-2014…

Rolling Cart 10a

Boy Bedroom

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Last, but not least (since it’s my latest + greatest room revamp), the hall bathroom…

This was my biggest DIY to date because this involved hardwork + manpower (actually more like willpower) + plumbing, which made for a big job!

Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

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And that’s my home.  WOW!  I hope I didn’t loose you in one of the rooms.

House Tour of @Jenna_Burger, DIYer, Designer, and Home Blogger of

Thanks for taking the tour with me. What’s your favorite space?  Hmmm… I’ll have to give some thought to which mine is.

While your thinking, if you want to check out the paint colors in my home, here is the post on all the details…

Whole House Wall Paint Color Palette

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