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Garage Entry: Kids Art Display

Many of us have a door in our home that leads to the garage.  It’s a metal door and so it’s magnetized, leaving the perfect opportunity to jazz it up, bring color into the room, and display kids artwork, coupons, or much more.

I’m always looking for new nooks and crannies to organize and make life easier!  The entrance door to the garage is a perfect spot because it’s the way many of us enter and exit our homes.

As I mentioned (and gave you a sneak peak on) the other day when sharing my new foyer floor, our foyer space is not only the entrance area, but also the spot where the powder room, laundry, coat closet, and pantry are located.  Lots of functions in just one area and a place I spend alot of time in (mostly doing laundry!)

The door before was a blah white and with the old darker floor, it was a cavernous hallway.  Once deciding to paint the door, I chose the same color as my front door – Valspar Olive Tree WV34010.  I really love the cheerful apple green color and with all the other vibrant colors going on, adding another hue would be overload.

So here’s the before & after…

It’s amazing what a little paint can do! I started off by grabbing a small trial size container of Valspar paint at Lowe’s.  Since the door has no texture, I used a foam roller to apply the paint. It took quite a few coats – about 5 in all.

Once it was finally done, the space already looked so different, but it still needed more.

I had seen this cute idea a while back and thought it would be fun to try it out on this door.


I wanted to make “sections” for the kids artwork, plus a spot for pictures, coupons, and/or school announcements and invitations. Using a ruler and pencil, I outlined the “sections”.

And then painted over the lines with chalkpaint in old white.

Okay, so after it was done, I wasn’t loving the result.  I liked the look in the inspiration picture, but it wasn’t working with my white-against-green door. Onto idea #2.

Washi Tape!  You know how much I fell in love after my Washi Tape Initial creation.

Going over the lines of the paint, I added the washi tape and all was fixed and pretty!

Super cute, right?! And actually, you can still see some of the handpainted parts.

O, how we love thee Ben & Jerry’s – one of our Vermont favorites!

I also made these really cute decorative clothes pins with pretty scrap paper and mod podge – tutorial to come soon!

And one more time, the before & after…

O, do I love this new foyer space. If you haven’t checked out my new foyer floor using groutable luxury vinyl tile, here’s a picture + you can enter to win a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card!

Isn’t it truly incredible what a little paint can do?! Plus this is such a nice area to display some of the kids artwork, especially since the new refrigerator is stainless and non-magnetized.

Do you have a splash of color on your garage entry door?  Do you hang anything on it?

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