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Autumn Flowers + My Go-To Flower for Fall

This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

As we come out of winter hibernation and start to enjoy the first warm days of Spring, my mind immediately goes to outdoor projects.  I get all excited about the beautiful flowers that will start to grow and the endless days spent outside gardening and DIYing.  In those beginning days, I always head to my local gardening center with my endless questions on “How do I grow this?” or “What should I do to make my flowers last throughout the Summer?”.   Then when August hits and the Summer is rearing to an end, my flowers are often blah (or dead) and I think, well Fall is here and flowers don’t live through this season with the cooler evenings anyway.  Boy, is that thinking WRONG!

Fall can actually be the prettiest time for your gardens because if fed and maintained the right way, flowers are at their peak.  And if you introduce the right Fall-friendly flowers and feed, your flowers garden (veggie gardens too) can last well into the colder days and nights.

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Miracle-Gro, one of the most well-known companies for gardening products, has a great website to help find beauty in the Fall and shares simple, fun, and achievable projects for Fall gardening.  Who doesn’t love color?  And the longer it lasts, the better since the heavy white stuff is right behind!

Based on the region of where you live (for example, I’m in the Northeast), gardening tips and suggestions will be made on how to maintain the color throughout the Fall season.  And if you want to add some more color with new plants (for example, in my area Fall is great for mums and pansies), they’ll show you the best soil to use and the steps needed to plant them to achieve a healthy, lasting flower/plant.

I’ll be honest, I have good ideas for interiors, but I have NO GREEN THUMB – I’m definitely still learning!  Though browsing the Miracle-Gro site, I really gathered alot of simple and useful tips which I can’t wait to use.

When I was at the store yesterday, I picked up a few mums (deep orange and yellow), which I might plant in the garden or replant in larger pots.  They’ll stay outside for a while, and once Thanksgiving nears, I plan on bringing them indoors to create something similar to this beautiful centerpiece by Yvonne of StoneGable.  What a gorgeous creation, right?!

And check out her breathtaking exterior with two vibrant yellow mums in large urns that flank the front door.  Ah-Mazing!

Mums are definitely my go-to Fall flower because they look great, they’re perfect for the cool temps in the Northeast (+ many other parts of the country too), and they’re fairly inexpensive. They can easily be grouped together in a garden or planter, and add fantastic color to a garden, centerpiece, or arrangement.

Thinking about planting some mums or other Fall Flowers?  Here’s the perfect combination to achieve Amazing Fall Flowers! These products will give the right amount of nutrients and moisture so you’ll have beautiful, vibrant flowers well into the coming season.

Aside from just flowers for this season, Fall is also a great time of year to plant new bulbs for the Spring, as well as trees and shrubs.  Boy, do I have my work cut out for me over the next coming weeks! To get even more tips for gardening, check out the Miracle-Gro Facebook page, where you can chat with other gardeners and get tips / ideas for your flowers.

What are your favorite Fall flowers?  Have you planted new bulbs in the Fall with better results than if planted in the Spring?


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