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The Beginning of a New DIY Project: Staircase

Ever wonder how I come up with the DIY projects around my home?

I’ll be honest, I don’t often sit n’ stew over things I want to do, but instead when a thought comes into my head, I ACT… quickly.  Time doesn’t pass long without me getting my feet wet (meant figuratively, not literally – most of the time).

Just moments ago (literally this time), a new idea popped in my head and before you know it, I was hard at work.

If you recall a few months ago, one of my goals for 2012 was to recarpet the stair and second floor bedrooms.  Well unfortunately with all the work and $$$ we’ve been spending outdoors, it’s just not possible at the moment.  The worst part of the carpet is on the stairs due to all the foot traffic day in, and day out.  So just a few moments ago, I decided to rip off the carpet from the bottom stair to see what was there.

I moved forward slowly just in case there was more work to be done than we could currently manage, but this was what I found…

Holy Cannoli… the stair underneath is in great condition!  Thank goodness.  I quickly called my husband at work and told him the good news.  I wasn’t quite sure of what his reaction would be (“Jenna, not another DIY project” OR “wow, that’s great”).  Thankfully it was the latter and he was super psyched as well.  He even said we could start it this weekend – YIPPY!  The carpet wasn’t hard to lift, but the nails and carpet tacks will be, so I’ll need his muscles for this DIY project!

So I’m off and have my weekend plans cut out for me…

And that’s how a new DIY project is born! Have a great weekend – What are your plans?

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