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Horrid to Heavenly Master Bathroom Reveal

In one week, my master bathroom went from a place that I dreaded and turned into a heavenly, serene, and spa-like oasis.  The last 7 days have been a whirlwind of working around the clock, but it’s all worth it!  Looking back, I can’t believe I waited so long.  I walk into this space now and I feel a fresh of breathe air.  Take a look…

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Beautiful right?  But wait until you see the before, and you’ll be sure to appreciate the after even more!

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I’ve been slightly secretive about the plan that I had for this space.  I didn’t want to reveal too many details and ruin the big reveal.  If you want to see more though, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Bathroom Makeover.

Can you believe how horrid the bathroom looked before?  Frightening! Enough about that…  Let’s take a tour!

The process for this bathroom makeover started last Friday when I spackled and prepared the walls for painting. Quick backstory: Before we moved into our home, the walls were wallpapered.  The previous owners removed the wallpaper, and painted the walls that horrid pink/purple color.  When they removed the wallpaper, the walls got really damaged, so there was ALOT of prep work before painting could begin.

Along with the walls, we also painted the previously stained mouldings, with a fresh coat of semi-gloss white. This update alone, made the space look completely different!

Once the walls were painted and complete, it was time to lay the new floor.  I decided to use groutable vinyl floor tiles, which I layed directly over my existing floor.  I chose a tile that has a similar look to Botticino natural stone and installed the tile the same way I did for my parents foyer. Groutable vinyl truly looks JUST LIKE ceramic – it’s amazing!

After the joints were grouted and set, I moved onto the sink base cabinet.  This was quite the experiment for sure and turned out nothing as I envisioned, but I’m still happy with the result.  I desired a dark cabinet, but with a light glaze overlay (opposite of my glazed cabinet), but it didn’t work.  After wracking my brain for a bit, I decided to use stain as the glaze.

The shower curtain isn’t a shower curtain at all.  It’s actually two drapery panels made and hung to look like a shower curtain.  I had found these panels at Target and was desperate to use them someplace, and this bathroom was the perfect spot. (Tutorial on how to make any window panel/curtain into a shower curtain).

The window valance I also made using drop cloth fabric and something pretty neat (another tutorial coming soon).

Even though I spent alot of time on this makeover, the process went quite quickly because all the existing plumbing fixtures remained.  The sink, faucet, cabinet, countertop, toilet, and tub are all the same pieces we had before – nothing is new.  Even though the fixtures looked a lil’ sad in the before space, once they were spruced up and surrounded by other beautiful elements, they looked new again.

Surprised that I didn’t do something funky or with more color?  I am, but I truly desired a soft, subtle, and spa-like retreat. And do you blame me after the color I’ve lived with for so long?!

For the existing frameless medicine cabinet that is built into the wall, I added a wood frame surround and secured it with liquid nails.  I took the same steps as I did with the kids bathroom, but without the chalkboard. Simply adding a frame around this somewhat boring style medicine cabinet, gives it new life and a new look for about $15.

I love a good quote and these are simple, to the point, and important to remember every day.

Of course you need a place to put a towel.. or two.  I installed these darling towel hooks right outside of the shower.  I added small frames above the hooks that I spray painted white and the glass with chalkboard paint to create a W (for wife) and H (for husband)…  now each of us knows which towel is whose!

Here’s a recap and rundown of everything in the space –

  1. New lighting fixture from Lowe’s
  2. DIY window valance made of drop cloth material (tutorial coming soon)
  3. 8×10 black frames with quotes I printed on my home printer
  4. Mirror was created using a 24 x 36 picture frame.  I took the existing frameless mirror to a local glass shop, which they reused and cut it down to size to create this new mirror – all for less than $20
  5. New hand and bath towels from TJ Maxx
  6. New tile backsplash (Read Tutorial: how-to install tile backsplash)
  7. Espresso bamboo roman shade from  Lowe’s
  8. Accessories from Target, Home Goods, and various local shops
  9. DIY cabinet makeover (Read Tutorial: how To glaze a cabinet using stain); Crystal knobs from Lowe’s
  10. Wool rug from Target 
  11. Window panels from Target made into a shower curtain (Read Tutorial: how to make any curtain into a shower curtain)
  12. Groutable Vinyl Tile (Read Tutorial: how-to install groutable vinyl tile)

13. Place card frames made into initial frames with white spray paint and chalkboard paint
14. Towel hooks from Hobby Lobby
15. Bath towels from TJ Maxx
16. Bath stand from Home Goods

For about $500 (for supplies and accessories), I think this bathroom makeover was a huge success and a must! Here are a few more pictures for ya…

So would you agree this bathroom is a drastic difference from what it was only one week ago?  I’ve enjoyed many of the comments and thoughts on what y’all thought about the before bathroom… at least I gave you a few chuckles!  I’m just SO glad it’s complete and I’m thrilled with the results!

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