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Kitchen Makeover Phase Four: Creating an Open Cabinet

You’re probably saying to yourself…”Isn’t she done YET?”  Who takes this long to redo a kitchen.  Well, between work and summer activities with the kids, my kitchen makeover has definitely been dragging.  And being away this week, hasn’t help matters.  But I can promise you, the FINAL REVEAL will be very soon!  I pinky swear!!

Before I left, I made another change to the kitchen that I am very excited about.  In the ‘before’ kitchen, I had a baker’s rack with baskets that housed alot of misc things.  I didn’t think it meshed with the look of the ‘new’ kitchen, but I still needed a place to put the items that were in the baskets.

So I came up with this solution ~

Here is how the cabinet looked before~

Then I painted it~

After much thought, I decided to make the side cabinet open and removed the door (the previous home of all the cleaning supplies ~ hmmm…where am I going to house them now?).

I painted the interior~

And it was done!

I found the perfect baskets at Tar-Jay (I splurged ~ they were $12.99 each) for the two top shelves and designated the bottom shelf for some of my cookbooks (which add a pop of color to the space).

And here it is ~

Because this upper cabinet sits by itself, it seemed perfect for this type of transformation.  Of course, I wouldn’t throw out the door….I’ve got another project up my sleeve for that 🙂

So I promise, I will definitely be making the FINAL REVEAL very soon!  I hope you’re having a wonderful week!!