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DIY: Drop Cloth Table Runner

Lately I’ve been a wee-bit obsessed with drop cloths…not the ugly blue kind, but the pretty and fabulous heavy beige version.  I’ve basically gone drop cloth MAD – – everything in my house is being transformed with drop cloths.  (I may need drop cloth therapy in a few weeks, but for now, I’m okay…ha!)

After making a few pillows (which I’ll share soon), I ventured into making a runner for my dining room table using, non-other than, a drop cloth and a fun chevron accent fabric (you know I love chevron).  I’ve never quite found a table runner that is the ‘perfect’ size, until now because – – I made it myself!

Here’s a sneak peak of how it looks ~

This is where it all began…

My $16 drop cloth purchase! For that, I got a 6′ x 9′ piece AND a 4′ x 10′ piece…WOW!

Project Supplies:

Drop Cloth
Accent Fabric
Thread – white of clear
Thread – contrasting color

And here are the steps to create the table runner:

Measure the length of your table to determine your desired width and length that you’d like to make the runner.

My overall table length is 76” long.  I wanted to see 2” of the table on each side, so I determined the finished dimension to be 72” long.   For the width, I wanted the finished dimension to be 14”.

Ok, now onto cutting the fabric…

1. From my above dimensions, I cut (2) 73” x 15” pieces of drop cloth.  This allows for a ½â€ seam all around.

*Again, the above dimensions will be modified to fit your table *

2. Using a rotary cutter or scissor, cut (2) 7” x 15” pieces from your accent fabric.

3. Taking your accent fabric, turn under and iron ½â€ on the two long sides.

4. Position the accent fabric on the “right” side of your drop cloth panel and pin 2-1/2” from the edge.

5. Using your contrasting thread, top stitch the panel onto the drop cloth.

6. Repeat steps  3-5 on the opposite end of the same drop cloth panel.

7. Taking both drop cloth panels, pin the two “right” sides together.  Sew all the way around, except leave an opening of 10-12” on ONE of the shorter ends.

8. Trim the corners.

9. Using the hole you left, pull the right side through. Then iron it flat.

10. Iron the opening as well, so it lays flat.

11. Using your contrasting thread and ½â€ seam, top stitch around the entire edge (this will close the opening). Iron again.

And it’s COMPLETE!

You now have a beautiful table runner that is the PERFECT shape and size!

Like the vases and flowers on the table?  Here are the details!

Drop Cloth is very durable and REALLY affordable, but any fabric can be used for this stylish table runner project.  If you choose a fabric that is lighter weight, you will want to add an inner lining for more support.

Have you ever made anything using drop cloth?  It really is my new favorite material!

You’ll find this  tutorial at Stories of A to Z-Tutorials & Tips Tuesday

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