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Tour My Home: Boys Room ~ Skateboard Haven

The goal of my blog is to share inspirational ideas about design, and with that I like to showcase areas of my own home to actually show how a high-end look can be done for less (and no one has to know).  With being an Interior Designer, I have worked with clients that have limitless funds to spend, and others than have a barebone budget.  Either way, a well thought-out and designed space can be achieved.

Through my blog series, Tour My Home, I enjoy sharing different areas of the space I’ve created for my family. We last visited my daughter’s Honeysuckle Retreat, and the Next Stop: My son’s room ~ Skateboard Haven.

He has an array of interests, so it’s a bit eclectic including Star Wars, skateboarding, planes, etc…..It’s a space that is truly his own and even though I want it to be well-designed, I also want to have his individual style and taste shine through!

Admittedly, his room doesn’t usually look like this… On a typical day, the floor is strewn with knights, figures, and books, but what else can you expect from a 4 year old (Actually I can’t say 4 anymore because he just turned 5 yesterday, I’m biting my lip…where has the time gone?).

Looking back on my paint choices, it’s interesting that I decided on pink for my girls room and blue for my boys room….two of the most known traditional colors for each gender, YET, the finished aesethetic of each room is nothing of “traditional”.  When choosing the blue color, I wanted something that he could grow with over the years.  Bedding, pillows, window treatments can change and be updated, but the paint color can live throughout his growing ages and stages.

He is a bit obsessed with Star Wars (to put it lightly) and saw these decals in Target and had to have them!  They are placed above the top bunk along side a framed sheet of Star Wars themed Mailing Stamps that we got years ago.

My son REALLY wanted a bunk bed!  Even though he had just turned 4 when we moved into this house, he was so excited at the thought of having sleepovers with his friends.  And also not having a guest room in our house, this gives us the opportunity to have another bed just in case we have a visitor every once in a while.

His train table, which actually isn’t used for trains anymore, is perfect for his knights castle.  Battles take place here on a daily basis!

My son also loves skateboards, so these Skateboard Shelves, seemed like a perfect combo of function and aesthetics.  Take a look at how we created them {here}.

When it was time to say goodbye to the baby crib /changing table and hello to big boy furniture, we decided on this red dresser (and bench, seen in the above picture) from Ikea.  It’s a bit non-traditional for a boys room, and thought again that these would be pieces he could grow with.  Plus, it nicely complements the wood tones of his ‘awesome’ bunk bed.

O, and of course, the cowboy boots….another favorite that you’ll often see him wearing on any random afternoon!

Pictures and accessories complete the look and give the room character!

Lastly, the reading nook ~ such a fun little spot and similar to the one in my daughter’s room.  I love that they have a place to go to read a book and unwind.  The circular red carpet pods are also from Ikea and give some accent to the ordinary neutral carpet.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour of boy’s room.  Check back again soon to see where we’re off to next!