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Creating a Kids Art Gallery Wall

Over the past month, I’ve been sharing the various steps of my basement transformation. It has taken on a life of it’s own, BUT I can gladly say it is slowly, but surely, nearing the point of completion.  It’s not a perfectly designed masterpiece, but a space that is fun and enjoyable for the kids to hang out and play.  Along with my craft area / mom cave and built-in chalkboard wall for the kids, I recently transformed the scary ugly end feature wall in the room, to create an art gallery to display the kids beautiful creations.

The horrific basement space ‘before’ was like a dungeon, but with a little TLC and 2 gallons of paint (Kilz Cottage Stone – H57), it’s taken a step in the right direction!  I’m a bit embarrassed to even show this ‘before’ picture, but you have to see where we started just a few weeks ago……………

I went back and forth on what to do with this feature wall in the room.  We considering removing the pine paneling, but because we didn’t know what was behind the wall, we decided to leave it and paint it.  One day it just hit me (like a ton of bricks)….let’s display the kids artwork.  I have bins and bins of every craft ever made, so on to the storage room I went (and AC Moore for some frames)!  I wasn’t kidding… I have kept every craft my son has made from the last 4 years ~ crazy, right?  And this isn’t even all the bins…

I went through all the art work and chose pieces that would work best in picture frames (No 3-D pics here).  In some frames, I used one piece of art and in others, I made a collage using pictures and crafts.  It was fun and my son helped.  This is a great way to get the kids involved and they can choose their favorite pieces to display.

Then it was time to start arranging.  After measuring the wall, I layed the tape measure on the floor to that same dimension, so I knew the width that I had to work within. Ok…here it is ~

Once the pictures were complete, they were ready to hang.  Creating a montage wall of pictures can be challenging.  For some tips on how to begin your picture wall, take a look at this previous post {here}.

And here is the Kids Art Gallery Wall ~

Underneath the art work, I put up an old mirror with hooks that I had sitting in the garage for ages.  It looked like this before ~With some black paint, it looks brand new.  It’s set at the perfect height for my daughter to see herself and smile!  I actually plan on adding more hooks to the wall to create a “dress up” area.   My son has lots of action hero costumes, and with a little girl, I know she’ll have plenty of princess dresses in a few years.

What a fun spot to showcase my most valued pieces of art!

I hope you enjoyed my latest DIY project.  This wall of art created by my kids brings me so much enjoyment.  I love that it can be ever changing as new creations are made!  How do you display your child’s artwork?

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