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From Wire to Wood: Master Closet Makeover {Reveal}

Gone with the white wire and hello to gorgeousness wood (well faux-wood to be exact)!

Despite the slight hiccup of yesterday’s light failure, I quickly resolved the issue, installed a new light (well the mister did that actually) and I can officially say the space is DONE!  I spent a few hours photographing the space this morning and here it is…

WOW, it feels good to have all my clothes back in one place, instead of laying all over my bedroom floor like it’s been for over a month.  The new shelving is a dream.  I walk into the space and pinch myself each time because I can’t believe it’s in my home.  So if you remember back to Mid-August, in the middle of the night, all the shelving fell.  It was a disaster and since then the closet and our bedroom have been a mess.  Here’s a quick before and after (long) picture.

The space is really a nice size (about 8′ x 7′), but a wee bit awkward with the angled wall, so it was difficult to photograph the room in it’s entirety. Like last time, I put a video together so you can check out all the nooks-and-crannies!

Here are some more pictures of the new Master Closet…

Having the shelving so high (about 80″ above the floor) allows so much space for storage of baskets (for belts, scarves, flip flops), pocketbooks, bags, extra sweaters, etc.  Literally every inch of wall is used!

Drawers in a closet are dreamy!  I’ve never had drawers in any closet before and it’s a great place to stash all your under wares!

And here’s a quick video ( I promise) of the entire space!  Sit back with your popcorn and enjoy…

So there you have it.  A space fully made over.  O, and I forgot to share this tid bit with you…  I took off the closet door when we were working on the space and I’m not putting it back.  I really enjoy looking at the clothes and the cabinetry – plus it reminds me of the 15+ hours it took to install the cabinets and how hard the mister and I worked!

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Disclaimer: I was provided product from ClosetMaid to share the result with my readers.  Once received, I put the entire system together on my own. All opinions about the product are 100% mine!