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Creative Vision Board: Serene and Sophisticated Bedroom

I’ve been super psyched for Wednesday to arrive so I could share my newest, latest, and greatest Creative Vision Board.  After last week’s Red Hot Eclectic Living Room board started off the series, I was hard at work conceptualizing and creating my latest “room”.

If you’re new to this Wednesday ritual, every hump day (a.k.a. Wednesday) I will create and share a new Creative Vision Board for a room in the home, then I’ll break-it-down explaining how I created the board and how you can create something similar for your space.

Drumroll please for this week’s, Serene & Sophisticated Bedroom Creative Vision Board

For this week’s CVB, I started with the chevron side table lamps (which in reality would be placed in front of the lamps on the nightstand).  Lighting often ‘makes’ a room, and just like last week, it was where I started when pulling this space together.  Because of the mere WOW-factor that these chevron beauties make, the other larger selections in the room took a backseat to compliment this dominant fixture.

Let’s jump in and break down the room even further using my three key factors to make a room: color, texture, and style.


For me, a bedroom should be calming and serene, creating a heavenly oasis to retreat to after a long, exhausting day.  Believe me, I love color, but keep the vibrant hues for the other spaces in the home. With the deep navy and white on the lamp, I decided to introduce other blue tones into the space which can be seen in the rug and pillows.

Additionally to add a pop of color, I introduced the accent color of lime green – just a little goes a long way – that can be seen in the pillows and the garden stool, which would be perfect as a side table next to the chair.

Soft tones for the bedding, window treatments, wallpaper, and wall color are a perfect backdrop for this bedroom.


Tactile surfaces are a must for me when designing a space.  Whether a soft rug, grasscloth wall, or a high-polished lamp, texture in a room gives great depth and dimension!  A room could be all one color (bo-ring), but when different textures are introduced, it becomes completely engaging.  In this ‘room’, texture can be seen in the bamboo shades, the linen draperies, and the soft leather stool.  Even the chandelier has a textural quality.  Ooo, so much to touch!


From classic to modern, this room is filled with elements of various styles, yet still reads as one cohesive space. One of my favorite elements in the room is the minimal, slightly-retro style chair with the orange and white floral fabric. What a divine chair for reading!

My Advice to Design a Room Like This

Start with the larger pieces in the room – the bed, chair, chandelier – and then introduce soft finishes and accessories that enhance the overall look and compliment the larger elements.  Think about the feelings that you want your bedroom to evoke and introduce colors that will project that aesthetic.

Thanks for checking out my latest Creative Vision Board – what do you think?  Would you love a bedroom like this?  If you have questions regarding any of the specific pieces shown in my Creative Vision Board, you can gladly contact me and we can work together through my E-Design service. Until next week… Happy Decorating!

* Creative Vision Board Disclaimer: Some CVBs are created for specific clients and others are created by me to inspire you.  Either way, specific resources are not provided because these are the types of creations that clients pay me for and if I gave the information away for free, no one would hire me.  BUT if you’re interested in specific pieces seen on my Creative Vision Boards or want to create the exact look in your space, you can gladly pay a nominal fee for the resources.  Nothing on my Creative Vision Boards are to-the-trade only and everything can be found on the internet. Also, if you have a question about a specific resource then my One-Question Consult would be perfect for you and/or if you’re looking for a new, custom created CVB, then you might want to take a look at my Jump Start Design option.  If you have a question about anything, email me!