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Valentine Burlap Wreath

Even though I said goodbye to the Christmas decor days after the 25th of December, I only took down my Christmas wreath from the front door last week . The wreath didn’t scream Christmas, but it was time to say ‘See you next year’!  So the entrance to our home was naked.  My bare apple-green colored door just wasn’t cutting it till Springtime, so I adorned it with a crafty, handmade Valentine Wreath.

DIY: Valentine burlap wreath with handmade felt flowers by @Jenna_Burger,

Ta-Da…  The new and improved front door, dressed for V-day!  It’s beautified with the newly created handmade wreath using burlap and a few pretty flowers!


  • Wire hanger (from any ole’ laundry mat or cleaners)
  • Scissors
  • Burlap
  • Florist wire (optional)
  • Plyers
  • And some crafty lovin’

Here’s the Process

Start with a wire hanger…everyone has them, right?  NO…not I.  I actually had to get one from my friend, Paula (thanks Paula!).  I am SOOO against hanging clothes on wire hangers and the only way to prevent my husband from hanging his clothes on them is to TOSS EM’.

Total diversion…  Here’s the next step…

Round the wire hanger (you may need two hangers depending on the size wreath you want to create), to look like this.
The wire hanger is probably too difficult to bend with your fingers (unless you’re the Hulk), so a pair of plyers or two, will definitely be helpful!
DIY: Valentine burlap wreath with handmade felt flowers by @Jenna_Burger,
1. Cut your burlap (I used 3/4 yard for the whole project / 1 yard was $3+/-) into 4″ wide strips.
2. Fold the burlap strips into an accordian style (as shown).  The fold should be about 3-4″ wide.
3 / 4. Poke and feed the wire through the center of the new accordian bunch.  Just keep on doing this until you create you wreath and you’ve used enough burlap to cover the wire.  I would actually recommend using at least one yard so the wreath is dense.  (I only had 3/4 yard at the time).
5. This step is optional.  If you have to attach two pieces of wire hanger, then follow this step.  I had to piece-meal two pieces together and attached the wire hanger with thin wire (florist wire) is good.



How about pretty little flowers? Yes, that will do the trick.

Welcome to My home

The flowers are made of felt and I attached them with a safety pin to the burlap, so I can use the wreath for other occasions throughout the year.

DIY: Valentine burlap wreath with handmade felt flowers by @Jenna_Burger,

Do you love these little felt flower beauties?

DIY: Valentine burlap wreath with handmade felt flowers by @Jenna_Burger,
Check out the Felt Flower Tutorial {HERE}

How do you adorn your front door for Valentine’s Day?