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2015 Year In Review… A Look Back

Where did the year go?!

Another year here and gone.

It feels like yesterday that I was putting together last years end-of-year recap…

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2015 was another fantastic + rewarding year.  Highlighted with many firsts, it was an exciting + busy year of new projects for our home and for clients.

2015 Year in Review of Jenna Burger Design. Filled with Top Posts + great DIY projects,

As always, it’s fun and a bit bittersweet to take a stroll down memory lane, but let’s do it. Here’s a recap of the last 365 days

JANUARY started off by coming up with something (a goal, I guess you could say) for what to focus on as the year kicked off.  Living with Intention (a great post that I try to read often) was set forth to truly find the meaning + purpose for tasks set in front of me.  There were many moments where I lost focus over the 12 months, but I’ve tried and will continue to in the year ahead.  With intention in the forefront of my mind, I set forth to clean up + clear out and put together a few round up posts for organizing.

Also for the first month of the year, I shared the reveal of a bathroom project I had tackled, dished on plans for a coming project – the living room, and shared details of 2 national magazines that I was featured in.

All-in-all, January was a wonderful month and set the stage for the 11 after it.

Organization Posts - Get organized in the new year!

[organization posts all in one place]

Bathroom Reveal

[bathroom makeover reveal]

FEBRUARY continued to be a great month in which I started to share some of the nitty-gritty details of the bathroom renovation (creating a simple shelf and one-of-a-kind kids modern fingerpaint art)  + the process of the living room transformation (choosing a black paint color + how to make black walls work).

DIY: Simple Wood Shelf

[simple wood shelf with decorative brackets]

How To Make BLACK WALLS Work in Every Room of the Home

[how to make black walls work in every space of the home]

[favorite black paint colors]

By MARCH was ready to start thinking of Spring, so I shared ideas+ inspiration for freshening up the home for the season, making the house FEEL + LOOK instantly clean, storage solutions using baskets, and 5 favorite surfaces to spray paint.

It also was an exciting month because I was finally able to share details on a kitchen I designed in collaboration with Better Homes and Gardens for the specialty publication Kitchen + Bath Makeovers.  This was year #2 for the cover project.  It was a pretty awesome partnership!

6 Ways to make a Home Feel + Look Instantly Clean

[6 ways to make a home feel + look instantly clean]

5 Surfaces to Spray Paint

[5 surfaces to spray paint]

APRIL strolled in and it was time to finally share the reveal of the living room makeover + resources.  Also for this 4th month of 2015, I shared a client kitchen and living room makeover that I was apart of, how I organized our garage, and our simple spring mantel. Oh and I forgot… I painted our front door (check out the color if you haven’t seen it).  It was a busy month!

Living Room Makeover Reveal

[living room makeover reveal]


Getting Organized in the Garage

[getting organized in the garage]

MAY came with another revamp in our home, but this was a fairly quick one… the laundry “closet”.  It was a horrid space before and now it’s a dream (to me).  It’s amazing how a not-so-lavish laundry can be given new life to look + function so much better!  After the makeover, I shared my 5 favorite ways to revamp a laundry room on a budget – don’t miss them!


[laundry room makeover]

[5 ways to revamp a laundry space on a budget]

May also brought the nice weather so we were finally able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Spring. With it brought projects, of course.  We tackled, not only, jazzing up the front porch but also adding a stone border to our flower beds (what a difference!) and creating some beautiful outdoor living spaces!

JUNE came and we were still focusing on the outdoors.  We tackled a big project by adding a stone base to the foundation wall in the front of our house to add curb appeal.  It looks so good.

Spring Front Porch with Stone Veneer added to Foundation

[spring porch with stone veneer on foundation]

June also brought about the start of Year 3 of the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series.  The incredibly talented + outgoing Mandi of Vintage Revivals kicked off the series and once again, it was a fantastic series filled with fellow Bloggers friends who opened up their homes to show us how they’ve created meaning in the home.

Create a Meaningful Home blog series: Year 3

Vintage Revivals kicks off Year 3 of the Creating a Meaningful Home blog series

[creating a meaningful home: Year 3]

JULY was busy on the blog, but quiet on the homestead. The blog was filled with more of my favorite friends sharing their stories.  In my little spare time while the kids were off on summer break, I had a moment to sit + inspire with a post on decorating with mirrors… it’s a good one!

Ideas for to decorate with MIRRORS!

[decorate with mirrors]

AUGUST vamped up again with some new projects, specifically my office that I spiced up + organized using pegboard (my new favorite thing for every room).  I also went garage salin’ and found the most interesting things

Office Revamp using pegboard for organization

[office revamp using pegboard for organization]

SEPTEMBER arrived.  It was bittersweet to see the summer end – it was a great one – but we welcomed the Fall with open arms by creating a festive front porch with new-to-me wicker chairs and a colorful turquoise table.

Festive Fall Front Porch with COLOR![festive fall front porch with COLOR]

OCTOBER was greeted with a new furniture makeover, a cute Halloween craft, and another project using my favorite pegboard.  Also in October I started as a content creator for Better Homes and Gardens (see all my posts here) and the process of renovating our kitchen began with me sharing a round up of Wonderful White Kitchens!

Jenna Burger, BHG Content Creator

[my better homes & gardens bio landing page]

Dreamy Wonderful White Kitchens roundup,

[dreamy wonderful white kitchens inspiration]

NOVEMBER began with me finally sharing details about the upcoming kitchen renovation + 2 client projects reveals – beautiful budget bathroom makeover + a stunning stained kitchen.  As the month continued, I shared details on our kitchen makeover, starting with the staining of the hardwood floors. As the month winded down and the Holiday decorations started to go up, I gave you a preview of our home decorated for the Holidays by sharing pictures of the Christmas Mantel.

Tips + Steps for staining hardwood floors!

[steps for staining hardwood floors]

budget bathroom makeover, a MUST-SEE before & after makeover by

[beautiful budget bathroom makeover]

DECEMBER, which we are still enjoying for the last hours, has been an interesting month.  Decorating for Christmas (don’t miss my home tour) + the kitchen remodel (cabinet installation + countertops) kept us busy at the beginning of the month, but as the month winds down it’s been fairly quiet, which is bizarre. I know it’s going to vamp up again and be crazy very soon, so instead of fretting over the peace, I am going to enjoy it!

Christmas Home Tour by

[christmas 2015 home tour]

And there you have it… a recap of the last 365 days!  As another year comes to a close, I’m going to raise my glasses (or my computer mouse) and be thankful for all that’s been blessed to me.  My wonderful journey continues and with each day new + exciting opportunities arise.  As always, in turn, I will do what I know I was put here for and that is to inspire & create greatness.

Cheers to 2016 my friends!