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Gardening Made Easy

Flower Collage

Spring is shining and that means gardening season is upon us.  With that comes excitement and a bit of angst.  As one who doesn’t have the greenest thumb on the block, I love & dread  the thought of growing flowers.  I always try to put my best foot forward, but somehow my foot often ends up behind me kicking my butt – okay, that just sounds a bit funny… Anyway, depending on where you live, some of you may already have pretty flowers growing on the grounds of your homestead, but for others (like me waving my hand high in the North Country), the bitter temps of Winter are just passing and teeny buds are finally starting to sprout – yay!

Seasonal flowers in the garden

Each year as May and June roll around, I love walking the endless aisles of the flower section to pick up a few new perennials for the gardens + pretty, perky annuals for the pots.  Once I get home, I transplant them either into the ground or into planters, but then I’m typically at a lost for what to do next… water now?  water later? add feed daily? add feed once a week? add fertilizer?  The questions that brew in my brain are endless with trying to make these beauties thrive the best they can.

Gardening Made Easy with Miracle-Gro Universal Feeder where you can water + feed in one step!  So easy + fast.

Well, I now have the answer and it’s foolproof…  Miracle-Gro® has a brand new product to help make gardening success even easier called the Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder, which allows you to feed your plants just the right amount of nutrients while you water.  How great + easy is that?!  Water + Feed at the same time.

Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder HOW IT WORKS.

Simply attach the feeder to your spigot (which will then remain on the spigot).  Insert the LiquaFeed® bottle by removing the cap and twisting it into the LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder.  Turn on the water at your spigot and flip the switch to “Feed”, then switch it back to water when you want. You can feed using any watering device – a soaker hose, sprinkler, watering wand, hand sprayer, etc. That’s it! How It works: Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder

A few facts about this fabulous feeder:

> Feeding is as easy as watering

> You can turn any hose connection into a feeder with the flip of a switch

> Apply the feeder every other week to grow bigger, more beautiful plants + flowers

> It’s so easy, the kids can help!

Important gardening tips I’ve learned along the way: 

> Create a garden to fit your lifestyle.  Not every garden has to be award-winning filled with roses and orchids.  If you are a busy family (like my clan of 5) that likes to travel or has daily commitments, create a garden that fits your lifestyle & what you can manage.  Creating a long term plan for your garden is a great way to start, then each year expand to what you can handle + care for.  Using this water + feed in one will make maintaining the garden that much easier!

> Purchase new flowers at different times of the season.  If you want to have a blooming garden throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, shop for flowers at different times during the season so you can see what is in bloom when.  If you buy all your flowers at one time, you may be left colorless by September.

> Transplant potted plants.  Leaving potted plants or flowers in their original plastic pot that you buy at the gardening center does not give them the space needed to grow.  After purchasing a plant or flower that you plan on keeping potted, transfer it into something larger (about twice the size of the plant) so it has room for its roots to expand.

> Read the plant tag.  Finding a plant or flower that fits your climate & growing conditions is important to achieve a successful bloom.  It’s very important to find the right flower / plant that matches your setting, so read the label!

Reading the plant tag is key to planting successvia BHG

To take it a step further, create a gardening scrapbook to add your plant tags to each season + to document the success of your flowers + plants.

Create a planting scrapbook to document the success of your plants + flowersvia Reader’s Digest

I’ve learned a few things along the way and am crossing my fingers for a successful gardening season to come.  With some planning + a plan-of-action for maintaining, I am hoping for lots of beautiful blooms & pretty petals!  At least now watering + feeding them will be a breeze.

disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Miracle-Gro, a company I have used many times in the past and highly value!  All opinions + words are 100% my own.

If it waters, now it feeds with Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder. It’s a great tool to help you reach your gardening goals by providing the essential nutrients your plants need to thrive all season long. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro®. The opinions and text are all mine.