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DIY: Pallet Picture Holder

Just last week I finished up a really cute project for a client (which I was super close to keeping, but she was glad I didn’t) and I’m excited to share it with you today!

I’ve been making my way through the huge stash of pallets that I’ve had stored in the garage for quite some time.  Pallets are great for projects like this when you’re looking for a distressed, worn result and want to spend little (or no) money. Most pallets, a.k.a. shipping crates, have already been used-and-abused, so they are easy to dismantle and start upcycling.

When finishing up the final details on this clients family room, I showed her this picture of a similar pallet project and her response was YES! And off I was creating this Pallet Picture Holder

I started off by looking through my pallets (some were new and some had been picked through) to choose the 8 that looked best with each other.

Every pallet that I’ve taken apart (except one), has been constructed using twisted nails, and they are a BIG PAIN!  A typical crowbar or hammer won’t be helpful here and so I always use a reciprocating saw.  It’s a lifesaver!  Actually during this project, my original reciprocating saw broke – what a bummer.  Understandable though since I use it ALOT + it wasn’t top of the line (lesson learned: buy quality, buy once).

Anyway, once I took apart the pallet, I gathered the planks I needed (8 total which were about 40″ long) and then cut two pieces for the back that would hold the planks in position.

The overall size of this pallet picture holder is (about) 40″ x 28″.

Using finishing nails, I nailed two in each plank on each side into the back plank.

This was the result when done (from the back)…

I tell ya, this bad boy is heavy! I forgot to take a picture of the picture hanging wire I added to the back, but if you try something similar, make sure the hardware is for at least 100 lbs+.  The last thing you’d want is this falling down.  It doesn’t weigh 100 lbs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

This wall decor picture holder is going on a soon-to-be dark chocolate colored wall, so we (the client and I) decided that it’d look best to have the planks be lighter in color.  To do this, I added a quick sweep of paint to the surface.  The wood of the planks still show through underneath, giving it a rustic worn aesthetic.

This was the point where the pallet went from a blank canvas to a picture holder.  And the simple way that happened was by adding clothes pins.  Before that though, I gave them a little color.  I used a slightly darker color taupe – Annie Sloan French Linen to be exact.

Once the clothes pins were dry, they were ready to be placed onto the pallet.

I wanted to give the option to use 4×6 or 5×7 sized pictures, and with the size of the pallet, I’d determined that 3 rows or 5 across would be the magical number.

Using a tape measure and starting off in the center, I marked where each clothes pin would be placed.

Once the positioning was just right, I added hot glue to the backs of the clothes pins and stuck them in place.  They were good as gold!

The last step was personalizing it a bit and adding {our family}.  My client is a photographer and huge picture-person, so this totally fit the bill!

And then to finish it all, I gave it a quick sanding with my orbital sander to distress the words and edges.

And the Pallet Picture Holder was complete!

It’s nice “naked”, but pictures make it pretty!

I also had a thought that this would make a great Holiday Card Holder too!

What projects have you created using pallets?

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