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A Not-So-Lavish Laundry Room

This past weekend was a busy one at the ole’ homestead!  From exterior work on the garden to shuffling kids to various sports activities, it was non-stop.  And when we did have a few minutes of “down time”, we started a new project inside…

It’s a horrid-looking space that has been a catch-all for stuff for way too long.  Well I should say, was a catch-all because in just a few hours this space I am referring to got a complete new revamp and I am over-the-hill happy!  What space am I referring to?


Honestly, I use the word ‘space’ because it’s not at all a room… I wish!  Our laundry area is essentially a closet. A small closet.  A small closet that holds a lot and until now was completely disorganized + a complete MESS.

I dread sharing this, but here WAS (that’s an important word, WAS) the before…

A not-so-lavish laundry room: The Before

Gutsy, huh?!  Yup, no holding back here. My goodness, I can’t believe I just shared that picture.  And you thought all the spaces in my home were beautiful at all times… NOT!

This laundry closet (it’s literally a closet that is 4′-6″ wide) is just off the foyer.  Across from it is the coat closet / pantry and the hallway leads to the garage.  It’s a tight space that is used a lot, and needed a revamp to be as efficient as possible.  It’s something that has been on my radar for a while and I knew with some TLC, it would shine up like a pretty penny (and it sure did – more on that in a moment).


> More Storage (big & small) for dishtowels, cleaning supplies, rags, napkins + paper towels, tablecloths, paper goods (paper plates, cups, plastic ware)

> Wall Storage for holding the iron, ironing board, broom, mop

> New Shelving

> New Paint on the walls + trim

> Layers: Pops of color + pictures (to make it pretty)


Before tackling this space, I made some quick notes on what was working (not much) + what wasn’t (a lot) + what I needed to store on the new shelves that I planned on installing.

After that, I created a quick creative vision board to help me stay on track for how to best tackle the aesthetics for this laundry revamp…

REVAMPED LAUNDRY ROOM: plan of action for this not-so-lavish laundry room

More specifically, this is what each element in the new space will be used for…

REVAMPED LAUNDRY ROOM: plan of action for this not-so-lavish laundry room

And here’s how it played out in a brief timeline…

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Removed the existing shelving that was falling apart / Cleaned walls of dust build-up / Patched the 92 holes in the wall

EARLY SATURDAY MORNING: Sanded the walls (the orbital sander took a lot less time than hand sanding – there were a lot of holes!) / Applied the first coat of new paint (love the color!)

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Applied coat #2 of the paint (and done – YAY)

EARLY SUNDAY MORNING: Installed the top rail for the shelving unit / Installed the shelves (one shelf was wrong so the Mister headed back to Lowe’s for trip #2) / Started organizing

SUNDAY NIGHT: Finished organizing the shelves with some old + some new baskets & bins

* this makeover certainly could have been tackled in one day, but with our hectic lives, nothing ever gets accomplished that quickly.

A few sneak peek progress pictures…

REVAMPED LAUNDRY ROOM: progress images for this not-so-lavish laundry room

For a gal that dreads laundry day (which seems like every day of the week with my clan of 5), I have to admit that for the last 2 days, it hasn’t been so bad.  I am LOVING my newly revamped laundry ‘closet’ and even though it still isn’t so lavish it certainly is 1,000,000 times better than it was.

The AFTER coming tomorrow.  Brace Yourself!