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10 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

It’s been a little crazy around here lately and one of the reasons is because I just wrapped up three design jobs this week.  It’s always so gratifying when a project is complete and the vision that I originally had for a space comes to fruition.  As I finished up the final details of these latest projects, each client said (in a different way, of course) how I made them think outside the box and how the space wouldn’t be what it is without my assistance.  That surely brought a smile to my face 🙂

Many think, that an Interior Designer is only for the stars or the uber-wealthy.  So not true!  For many years I worked in the high-end design field, but honestly, I’d much rather assist the everyday person with making their vision a reality.  That being said, I am so thankful for what I learned when practicing high-end design because  I now know how to get that pricey look at a fraction of the cost!

As these projects are wrapping up and it’s fresh on my mind, I thought I would share a few reasons why hiring an Interior Designer is a must for anyone, with any budget!


1. Designers can save you money.  When making interior selections and decisions for one room or your entire home, it can be overwhelming and it’s possible that you’ll make purchases or choices on items that are either not worth the cost or won’t “live” for long.  With a Designers (like me) assistance, direction, and know-how, they can steer you in the right direction so the entire space can come together as a whole.  Let me ask you this – How many times have you purchased 2,3, or 4 different gallons of paint to repaint a room and you still weren’t satisfied?  Maybe once or twice??  Be honest…  With a Designers perspective, big bucks can be saved, along with the countless wasted hours.  That leads me to my next reason on why to hire a Designer…

2. Designers can save you time.  Think about all the time (and gas) wasted by buying items, not being happy with them once at home, and then returning them.  Has that happened to you once or twice?  When I work with clients, many never step foot into a store or showroom (unless they want to), because I bring samples, images, and pieces to their home.  Not bad, right?!  I’m sure the last place you want to be on a beautiful Saturday afternoon is a furniture store with 3 crying kids. I won’t even get to the point on how much time a Designer can save you with all those gallons of wrong paint.

3. Designers think outside the box and give a fresh perspective.  The mind of a Designer is simply made up differently.  We can see things that others may not and we think outside the box to provide fresh ideas and a unique perspective for a space.

4. Designers create and work within a budget. (most of the time) A good and experienced Designer will work within your budgetary means (and/or tell you up front if your scope is/isn’t possible within your budget) and make a plan before anything is purchased.

5. Designers listen.  When working with a Designer, the designs are exclusively for you and your project. I listen to my clients needs and wants to direct / assist them so the result is a space that reflects their personality and style.

6. Designers push you.  Not literally (well, some may, hehe) of course.  Designers are trained to know scale, proportion, color, size, texture, etc. so that a space is unique and personal, and not directly taken out of a catalog.  I like to introduce elements into a space that my clients wouldn’t have chosen without me.  Sometimes pushing the limits truly makes for an amazing result.

7. Space Planning.  Determining the best furniture layout for a space is critical in how the room functions and how it reads aesthetically.  When I meet with a client, we discuss the pieces that they want to repurpose or eliminate, and what needs to be added. Planning the space is HUGE (and my favorite part)!

8. Project Management.  Whether a homeowner desires a few new accessories or an entire kitchen renovation, alot of time and effort is needed for project management and coordination.

9. Designers have passion.  I live and breathe design.  From my blog to my business, design is what I know and what I do, day in and day out.  It’s not just my job, but a hobby and career that I’m truly passionate about, which is reflected in every one of my creations.

10. We have contacts. Designers have access to trade only resources that are not often available in retail stores and are often deeply discounted from retail costs.  Additionally, being in the design / building field, Designers often have formed relationships with kitchen consultants, millworkers, plumbers, electricians, etc.  We can get the right people for the job!

I hope you learned a little something, especially that working with a Designer is attainable for anyone with any space and any budget!  If you are in the market for a Designer or if reading this post peeked your need to finish up the space you’ve been working on for the last year, you can gladly take a look at the Design Services that I offer by clicking here.  I also offer E-Decorating services and can gladly assist you with a project if you live in the US.

Have you ever worked with an Interior Designer?  Have you ever thought of working with a Designer but didn’t think it was possible? I’d love to hear your thoughts!