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Publication Features + Happenings on the Homestead

As the Summer approaches, my plan was to *try* to slow down since the kids will be out of school in less than a week, but once the warm weather hit this year, everyone & their moms seemed to come out of the woodwork wanting to revamp their homes.  To say the last weeks have been busy, is an understatement.  Certainly no complaints though  – busy is good in my book.

Before I share more news on what’s been happening on the homestead, I am excited to tell you that there a few publications currently on newsstands that I am featured in…


First up, the June issue of This Old House magazine has an article on E-design and since I offer virtual design services to anyone in the US of A, they reached out to me a few months back gathering some insight on how it works and it’s success.

Publication Feature in This Old House magazine on E-Design

My “feature” is small (3 lines on page 28), but a quote or 2 in a national publication is pretty rad! The whole article is about a homeowner in California who worked with an E-Designer to create a new kitchen space, which in my opinion came out gorgeous.

Publication Feature in This Old House magazine on E-Design

I loved this thought by the homeowner…

“I didn’t need a full-service designer to hold my hand, but I did need someone experienced to give me good, solid answers.”

YES!  That’s it.  I’ve worked with many folks around the country through email, skype, and phone that share the same thoughts on working with me.  I love pointing homeowners in the right direction to get them on track to revamp their space.

[Learn more about my E-Design services here]

Publication Feature in This Old House magazine on E-Design


Onto the next 2 features, which are in local (to me) publications… Saratoga Mama + Simply Saratoga

Simply Saratoga and Saratoga Mama publication feature

Both of these magazine features are articles I wrote.

In Saratoga Mama, I shared my DIY Kids Tent tutorial that I made for my kiddos a few Summers back.  The entire issue is based on Summer Unplugged, so these fun & simple-to-make tents seemed like the perfect addition.  And they really are easy to make!

If you’re local, definitely snag a copy of this Summer staple.

Saratoga Mama magazine featuring my DIY kids tents

[click to check out the full tutorial on making these DIY Kids Tents]

DIY Kids Play Tent

For Simply Saratoga magazine, I wrote a feature on Creating an Outdoor Oasis, which is similar to the post I shared a few weeks back here on the blog.

Simply Saratoga magazine featuring an article on Creating an Outdoor Oasis

About a month ago, I was full-steam ahead with getting the outdoors spruced up for the Summer and creating an outdoor living space on the patio, porch, and deck.   I’ve calmed a bit since…

[Check out more ideas on Creating an Outdoor Living Space]

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

It’s always amazing to me and such a blessing to be featured in a magazine!

onto other things…


What’s on the boards?  I am working on a slew of exciting projects – more for clients than myself.

I just finished up 3 teen rooms (all siblings), which was a first for me.  Their parents wanted to give them the opportunity to create a space that truly reflects them & their unique style.  Before our initial meeting, I took pictures + measurements of the 3 rooms, and each teen wrote a list of wants / needs.  I met with each of them to discuss their vision and then created these mood boards…

Teen Room 1

Teen Room - Creative Vision Board

Teen Room 2

Teen Room - Creative Vision Board

Teen Room 3

Teen Room - Creative Vision Board

They’re going to do most of the “shopping” so I am excited to see how it’ll come together!

Along with those 3 rooms, I am also working on 2 kitchens, one of which is almost done – countertop is being installed tomorrow!

Kitchen Remodel

So crisp + fresh with new white and gray.  It’s a whole lot different than the dated look of the wood in the “before” space.

Here was the vision board I created for the kitchen…

Kitchen Remodel creative vision board

Plus I have an exciting restaurant project I am working on – pinch me – with a rustic industrial aesthetic… It’s going to be awesome.  More on that in the near future

As you can see, a lot is happening!  All good things which is wonderful.


One more bit of “what’s happening”, Year 3 of the Creating a Meaningful Home Series starts next Monday the 22nd!  I’m screaming from the rooftops with excitement.  Can you believe this is the 3rd year of the series?!

Creating a Meaningful HomePhoto Credit: home of Hanni Liliedahl and Jesse Silacci, featured on Design Sponge

“We love that our belongings honor where we are from and where we have been.  Our home houses our story.”

If you haven’t been following along with the blog for that long (shame, shame, lol), the CAMH blog series is a 2-3 month long series that I host where other Home + Design Bloggers share a guest post on my blog featuring their homes and how they’ve created meaning in their space!  It’s a wonderful series on a subject near & dear to my heart.  This years lineup of guest bloggers is pretty awesome.

[Click here to see & read all the Blogger stories from Year 1]

[Click here to see & read all the Blogger stories from Year 2]

Last year, the incredibly talented Melissa of The Inspired Room (not only a fellow Blogger, but Author of the beautiful book, Love The Home You Have ) kicked off the series and this year I have a very different, but equally talented friend who will be starting the series.

SO DON’T MISS IT! The series kickoff will be next Monday, the 22nd!

Well that’s just a bit of what’s happening on the ole’s homestead, along with a million other things… 

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Publication Feature: SAS Interiors Featured in FIRST for Women Magazine

I was thrilled to announce last week that I had a 3-page article published in a local magazine, and I’m just as thrilled to announce that this month I have been published again in a national magazine, FIRST for Women.

My feature in FIRST is new news to you, but not to me.  It was been in the works for quite a while…

It proves to me and hopefully for you, that any article you read or any TV remodel home show you watch, hasn’t been put together over night or even in just one week.  I’m sure all of those amazing makeover shows that we watch where the house has been transformed in 30 minutes, has actually taken months – probably 6+ months – to put together.

Sorry, I digressed…

Anyway, I was contacted by the Decor Director of FIRST back in early November 2012.  I was shocked one afternoon to receive this email:

FIRST for Women Magazine feature

They think “my ideas are just genius” and they wanted to feature my styled bookcases.  Yes, the laminate bookcases that I styled with books, accessories, pictures, and more after I painted them last Summer.

After an ‘Absolutely, thank you so much’ email back, the story was approved for the March issue.  I was elated to say the least.  I just couldn’t believe, my work was that much of interest to actually be featured.  Honestly, I have all of YOU to thank for your continued following and support of my blog.  Without the love of pinning and sharing my work, this never would be possible.

FIRST for Women Magazine feature

After a few rounds of phone interviews and confirmation of my blog and name in mid-December, it was complete and the waiting game began.

All that waiting brings us to this weekend.  The coveted March issue that I’d been waiting to get my hands on was finally on the newsstands.

FIRST for Women Magazine feature

I can be such a dork at times and took a few snapshots (that I shared on instagram and facebook) of when I first saw the magazine at Barnes & Noble.

I was totally pinching myself…

FIRST for Women Magazine feature

And here’s the feature on my styled bookshelves

FIRST for Women Magazine feature

What’s funny is that this bookcase and it’s matching partner (which were separate in this picture), are now side by side in my newly created home office / family room.  I just featured the space last week.

Home Office / Family Room Space

Home Office / Family Room Space

But I will say, the bookcases are still styled the same as they appear in the article.

I know, feel, and believe that this is just the beginning of many more amazing opportunities to come.  Again, thank you so much for your continued support – I can not tell you how much it’s appreciated!