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Placemat Pillow

Happy Monday!  For the past week I’ve been a little MIA around the blogosphere because I was enjoying a much-needed vacation with my family and was without any form of technological communication – yes, crazy, I know and it was fabulous!

I am officially “back”, but have lots to catch up on, so I’ve got another blogging bud sharing a fun and easy DIY project with you today.

Please welcome Angie of The Country Chic Cottage
So happy to be guest blogging on SAS Interiors today!  I am Angie with The Country Chic Cottage and I blog about home decor, crafts, vintage finds, and farmhouse style.  The placemat pillow is one of my favorite go to crafts.  It is quick, easy, and inexpensive.  Plus it makes a big statement when you are done.  Sounds great right?  I can’t walk past a stack of place mats at the store without stopping to see if any of them will work.  You just need a place mat that is #1 your style and #2 has two “sides” sewn together.

This placemat came from Big Lots of all places and was $2.  It fits my style and is two sided.  We need to talk pillows a minute.  I make lots for my family room and some may look like they are not to be used by snot nosed kids.  My theory is, I put $2 into this pillow, let the snot fly!  When it is too nasty to take it anymore, I will make another one and toss this one.

These are seriously the easiest craft you may ever do.  You just use your seam ripper to make yourself a hole in one edge.  Enough to get your stuffing in there is all you need.  Then just stuff and sew that little hole back up.

Okay that side above is definitely my favorite!  But the other side doesn’t look shabby at all…

I heart my new $2 pillow!!  I will continue to love it until someone rips it or spills something on it…then it will be on to the next pillow!

Thanks so much Jenna for having me today!  Y’all stop by the cottage anytime for a visit!

Thank you Angie for sharing such an inexpensive and fun project!