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9 Ideas for Organizing the Bathroom Vanity

Well we totally missed last weeks snowstorm that I know a lot of you were affected by and are still digging out from.  Kinda crazy that upstate New York has less snow that DC…

What haven’t missed – or rather, avoided – is the nasty sick bug going around. Once again, another January has hit us hard with sickness and it’s the kind that lingers and seems to never leave. Unfortunately it’s got us all down.  The last few weeks have been rocky, but I’m trying to keeping chugging forward with thoughts of warmer weather + sunnier days ahead.  It’s the only think you can do, right?!

Anyway, I am happy to share that I have a new post up at Better Homes and Gardens.

If you’ve been busy decluttering and organizing since the new year hit, then I have a post for you…
Getting a hold on THE MESSY VANITY.  I’ve got one, do you?  Then here are 9 Easy Ways to Make Over a Messy Vanity.

I took away so much while putting this post together and I hope you will too.

Click to read the full article on >>> 9 Easy Ways to Make Over a Messy Vanity

BATHROOM ORGANIZATION: Organizational ideas + tips for the bathroom vanity

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