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Mod Podge DIY Christmas Ornament

This post is brought to you by Plaid and Blueprint Social. The creation + words shared are 100% my own!

Another Christmas season is upon us…

As the seasonal boxes start to make their way up from the basement, I always like to integrate our festive favorites with new finds + homemade creations.

Last week while the kids had a half day of school, we got our craft-on and made these adorable Christmas Tree Ornaments with Mod Podge

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by

Mod Podge by Plaid has a slew of products for decoupaging, but they just launched a new pearl formula that has an pearlescent sheen and it’s so pretty for creating a ‘mother of pearl’ effect.  When creating my handmade paper trees, the pearl Mod Podge gave the prettiest top coat overlay along with adding some some gold + glitter using FolkArt Multi-Surface paint.

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by


> Mod Podge (pearl)
> FolkArt paints
> Cereal box (or thin cardboard)
> Scrap paper – holiday theme
> Scissors
> Needle + Thread


This project was real easy + enjoyable to make.  It took about a half hour and I was able to get the kids involved too.


Using the inside of a cereal bar box, I started off this project by free-hand sketching a christmas tree about 3″ tall.

I cut it out and used it as a template for the other trees.

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by


Once all the trees were cut,I I used the template and traced the tree outline of the holiday themes scrapbook paper.

Then it was time to have fun with the Mod Podge…

I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the cardboard layer and layed the cut scrapbook paper in place.

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by


Then I applied another thin layer of Mod Podge over the pretty paper.

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by


Once all the trees were dry, it was time to assemble them.  To do that, they would need to fit in to each other.

Using scissors, I cut a slit half way down the center of 2 trees – one top down, the other trunk up…

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by


Assembly time… fit them together to make a three-dimensional tree.

This is when I jazzed them up using the FolkArt paints.  I added a little gold + glitter…

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by

To hang, I used a needle to thread a thin string through the top of the tree.

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by

The simplest + prettiest handmade ornament for the tree…

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by www.JennaBurger.comRECAP

or to pin for later…

DIY: Handmade Tree Ornament using Mod Podge by www.JennaBurger.comCheck out more products + DIY creations by Plaid on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram!

I wish you a wonderful season of decorating + Happy Holidays!

Monogrammed Chevron Pallet Tray

As a Blogger, finding support throughout the blogging community is important for blog growth, friendship, and creative inspiration. For the past several weeks, I’ve joined forces with a few fabulous DIY bloggers and we’ve been helping each other with various aspects of blogging.  Along with our helpful “chats”, we were given a Blogging Challenge by Beckie of Infarrantly Creative to create a DIY project using specific materials – additional items could be added, but it was a must to use the required five.

What did I create you ask?

Well take a look… (and then keep on reading for the details)

Included in our Blogging 2 Better group was Monica & Jess of East Coast Creative, Allison of House of Hepworths, Brook of Being Brook, and Kim of Sand & Sisalall incredibly talented and inspiring women and friends!

To begin, this is the list of items that we were required to use, and actually I pretty much just stuck to the list and didn’t use many additional items.

Fun, but definitely challenging!  I was quite nervous at first trying to think about what to create with these 5 items and then it came to me…  A tray that would be perfect to bring items in and out while BBQing (or even just to display on the coffee table – you know I love trays).

Once I had the idea, my project was quickly underway, especially since I already had a stash of pallets in my garage for a few other projects.

Item #1 – Pallet

To start off, I determined the size of the tray that I wanted to make (17″ x 17″), so the Mister and I measured (4) 17″ long pallet pieces.

Using the reciprocating saw, we buzzed right through that wood :-/

I’m always leary about using the BIG TOOLS (even though my friend Brittany has empowered me with the right skills), but I helped out and made a boo-boo when cutting. No problemo – the Mister came to the rescue with his Band Saw and cleaned the edges right up.  In no time the (4) pieces of pallet were ready to make into a box.

Lining up the corners of the pallet planks, we hammered 2 nails into each corner.

Onto the bottom of the tray…

The only material used that wasn’t on the list was a piece of 1/8″ thick plywood that I used for the bottom of the tray.  Once the pallet “frame” was made, we measured the distance to the outer edges and cut it using the Band Saw.

Once the plywood was cut to the right dimensions, we nailed it onto the bottom of the pallet “frame”.

I gave the overall tray a quick sanding, and within 20 minutes it was done!

Now onto the fun part…  Using my second and third required items, fabric and Mod Podge, I lined the bottom of the tray with a brown and white chevron fabric.

To start off, I spread a nice coat of Mod Podge along the entire bottom of the tray.

Item #2 Mod Podge

Then I added the fabric onto the glue-y surface and made sure to get it nicely in the corners as well.  Make sure the fabric size is larger than the surface because in the next step, I’ll show you how I trimmed it.

Item #3 – Fabric

Once the fabric was well stuck to the Mod Podge, it was time to trim the fabric (this can be done before the glue underneath is dry).  Using a very sharp blade, I dragged it along the edge of the tray to trim the excess fabric.

Once the fabric was cut, I add a layer of Mod Podge OVER the fabric – no worries, it will dry clear!

Once the Mod Podge was dry (fully about 1 day later), it was time to add my last 2 items – the stencil and the color coral.

Using a new Word Doc, I found a font I liked (credit valley) and printed a large letter ‘B’ in lowercase for Burger (my last name).  Then I cut it out with a scissor and traced the outline on the fabric.

Item #4 – Stencil

Then filled in the stencil with a beautiful color coral (it needed about 4 coats, but it didn’t take long).

Item #5 – Coral

And here it is all complete!  My Blogging 2 Better Challenge was done and I was quite happy with the result.  What do you think?  Perfect for the indoors or out!

And you of course have to check out the other B2B Challenge Projects using the same materials.  It’s truly amazing how they’re all SO DIFFERENT!

Rustic Industrial Storage Bins by Monica & Jess of East Coast Creative Blog

Dangle Earring Frame by Allison of House of Hepworths

Fabric Wall Art by Brook of Being Brook

Pallet Art Surfboard by Kim of Sand & Sisal

I’m sure you know all these ladies, but if not, you are REALLY missing out!  Be sure to visit each of their great Challenge projects, as well as their daily DIY creations.

I link my projects to some of these parties: Skip to My Lou, Dittle Dattle, Between Naps on the Porch, Today’s Creative Blog, Stories of A to Z, All Things Heart & Home, Savvy Southern Style, House of Hepworths, Finding Fabulous, Creation Corner, The Shabby Nest, Tatertots and Jello, Thrifty Decor Chick, Tip Junkie

Comic Art using Mod Podge

Who doesn’t love reading the ‘funnies’, a.k.a. the Sunday comics?  I remember being a kid and asking my parents to take out the comic section from the Sunday newspaper.   I enjoyed reading them, but did I actually ‘get’ the jokes?  Well, I’m not so sure…

Once it was time to add the final touches to my Kids Bathroom makeover, I want to do a project with Mod Podge.  My first thought was to use fun fabrics or patterned papers, but then my husband had the suggestion of using comics….I had a complete {Ah Hah} moment.  Kids and Comics…how perfect?!

Here’s how it came out ~And here’s the process…

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