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Master Bedroom: Picture Gallery Wall

One topic on the blog that I’ve shared inspiration on the most times, have received the most pins, and gets the most questions + comments, is creating a gallery wall.

Gallery walls are one of my most favorite design elements in a home because it tells so much.  Whether putting together a collection of a few large black and white family photos or creating a wall from wall edge to wall edge filled with colorful instagram images + momentos from your travels, a gallery wall is an expression of who you and your family are; truly the most important part of creating a meaningful home.

As the plans for my master bedroom were originally coming together, I knew I wanted to relocate the TV and create a gallery wall opposite of the bed.  The room just called for it.  It asked to have more photos.  I love being surrounded by photos, artwork, and elements that are most special to me.  In the bedroom, it makes the most sense.

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV + tips on how to implement your own gallery wall. So many ideas & inspiration on this blog!

The opposite of the bed used to have a large mirror (which was part of a bedroom matching set that I broke up) and the TV mounted to the side with a table underneath.  Very plain jane.  The space certainly didn’t reflect ‘us’.

Master Bedroom that didn't reflect 'us'

We removed the wall-mounted TV and the mirror, and placed the TV on top of the dresser.  The dresser, which is about 5′ long has a lot of surface space, so in addition to the TV, I added in one of my all-time favorite lamps that I hadn’t found the right home for since we moved here.   It’s a purchase from Crate and Barrel years ago and used to be in our previous home’s guest room.  I’m so happy to have found such a prominent place for it! #happygal

Gallery wall in progress

These two elements – the TV and the lamp – were the perfect size, and balance each other well.  The TV isn’t the focal point anymore and with the pictures that are about to be mounted on the wall, the TV will “disappear” and/or appear as just another frame on the wall.

As for the art / pictures on the wall, nothing was purchased.  ALL came from other areas around my home or my storage closet with all my extra goodies.  I wasn’t worried about the color of the frames or the images themselves, I just wanted only things that were important to us.  This is the wall we wake up to and see every morning…  It’s a great way to start the day (most days).

I don’t have too many in-progress pictures because I was so in-the-moment, but I started the gallery wall with the square mirror.  Part of it is actually behind the TV, so the TV overlaps it, which creates a shadow = depth.  Then I continued with the surrounding pictures – the square pictures above (Norman Rockwell prints) and the black and white Fallingwater image.

Gallery Wall Progress

As the wall continued, it started to take form, but it wasn’t smooth as butter.  Creating a gallery wall takes time, planning, and most likely a few mishaps before it’s just right!  Believe me, I didn’t snap my fingers and say Presto, to have it all complete in 5 minutes.  It definitely took a few days and a few moves.  As I’m working on a big project, especially something like a gallery wall, I like to do it and then take a step back to reflect.

Creating a successful gallery wall

After hanging most of the images and reflecting on it, I realized something was off.  Many of the frames were too in line and not overlapping enough.  To create a successfully balanced gallery wall, I feel it’s important to have a mix of larger and smaller pieces, along with them being staggered / overlapping.

I took a picture of why I didn’t feel this 1st attempt wasn’t right…

Creating a Gallery Wall around a TV

And take a look at the change after a few adjustments / moves…

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Many of the pieces of art were given to me and a few are store-bought finds.

> The sepia image of the flower was in our previous powder room and purchased at Homegoods.  It’s actually part of a pair, but I broke them up.

> The black and white image above is a charcoal drawing of a house that the Mister drew.  He’s so talented!

> The pretty sunset image in the larger white frame to the right used to be in my daughter’s room, but I stole it 🙂

> Continuing to the right, the 2 square images are Norman Rockwell prints – Day in the Life of a Little Boy + Day in the Life of a Little Girl.  They remind us so much of our little kids.

Norman Rockwell Prints - Day in the Life of a Little Girl / Day in the Life of a Little Boy

More of the wall…

> To the right of the Norman Rockwell images is a black and white picture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater that was gifted to my husband for his graduation.  We were both Architecture majors in college, so it means a lot to us.

> The gold framed image at the top is an oil painting of Paris gifted to me after my Mom and I took a trip there 10 years ago.

> The other gold framed oil painting is a random picture that was given to me from my parents (or maybe I just took it from their house – can’t remember)

> In the black frame below are my little boys handprints – my first mother’s day gift.

The rest of the wall…

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

> The white framed ballerina piece of art was recently given to me by the talented Donna Talley, stylist and producer for BHG.  She’s been a very special person in my life as of late!  She has provided me with some amazing opportunities.

> The other white framed image above is another charcoal work by my husband of Falling Water.

The wall in it’s entirety…

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Now that I’ve shared the result of the entire wall, I thought it would be helpful to show you where I started (with the mirror #1) and how it took shape.

Laying out a Gallery Wall

Some tips for creating a gallery wall:

  • Start with one framed picture and continue laying out the wall off of it.  Laying out the gallery wall on the floor first can also be helpful.  I did that on this previous wall I created…

  • Stagger the framed pictures instead of laying them out in one line.
  • Overlap framed pictures to give depth.
  • Create balance with a variety of larger and small pictures

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Let me show you the rest of the wall.

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

The view as we enter our bedroom with lots of beautiful light filtering in…

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Creating a gallery wall behind a TV by @Jenna_Burger,

The before, in-progress, and after is pretty different.  I’m so happy with the transformation because it’s a space I created that truly reflects us!

Before, In-Progress, & After Gallery Wall

The gallery wall… the final project before the big reveal.

Even though you’ve pretty much seen the entire room throughout all the DIY projects that I’ve shared over the past few weeks, the final reveal is coming later this week!