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Digital Home Organizational Platform: HomeZada

HomezadaA few years back, I shared details on an online program called HomeZada, a digital home information platform that helps homeowners organize + protect +maintain their biggest financial investment + asset, the home.

Recently HomeZada revamped their site & platform to support and manage all the details for the entire homeowner cycle of owning, selling, and buying a home, which in turn will improve the value of the home + save money!


Big and small, we tackle a lot of projects in our home each year, but I have to admit I am the worst record keeper of receipts and home maintenance information.  Who knows the last time we cleaned our air ducts or had the furnace serviced.  This is how I believe HomeZada is truly a lifesaver!  As a homeowner, having all of this information about my home in one place makes life a lot easier.  Plus the updated platform on HomeZada is very user-friendly + easy-to-navigate + very helpful!

When you first sign up for an account, this is the dashboard you will see to add all of your information…HomeZada now empowers users to digitally manage all data throughout the cycle of buying, owning and selling a home.From this page, you will be able to manage your home inventory (furniture and decor), create a home improvement schedule (on a handy to-do calendar), plan future projects, track household expenses + budgets, and also sell your home!

Yes, you can even sell your home with the latest & greatest feature on HomeZada, called Zada Listing.

As you track your digital data about your home including photos, documents, etc. about your fixed assets + home improvements + home maintenance, you can now “publish” that info in the future when/if you decide to sell your home as a Zada Listing.  This can help market your home online with unlimited photos + documents, improve the value of your home, and build confidence with buyers. Check out this sample listing

HomeZada now empowers users to digitally manage all data throughout the cycle of buying, owning and selling a home.
This new feature can also be used by Real Estate Agents as part of their online marketing strategy to differentiate your home.

No longer is Homezada only for managing your home today, but it really can be used throughout the entire homeowner lifecycle. Here is a breakdown of how this platform will work for the homeowner, the seller, and the buyer…

HomeZada now empowers users to digitally manage all data throughout the cycle of buying, owning and selling a home.


> Protect your home’s inventory in case of natural disasters or other unpredictable events with a portfolio of photos and documents
> Keep your home safe to live in with expert and timely seasonal reminders of home maintenance tasks
> Preserve your home and its efficiency by tracking and managing all of your home improvement projects


> Make your home stand out from the rest and dazzle buyers with a Zada Listing
> Share photos and documents of all the details of your home
> Show completed projects and maintenance schedules


> Have access to a comprehensive overview of the home through pictures, videos and documents easily accessible online
> Save time and energy by finding a home that matches your goals and needs by really understanding the details of the home
> Feel confident in your purchase when obtaining the complete digital copy of the Zada Listing

Pricing and Availability

> For homeowners, HomeZada offers both a free & premium account ($59) option.

> For sellers, HomeZada provides a six-month period to publish a Zada Listing for $75 as a one-time fee.

> For buyers, you’ll need to become a premium member + there is a $90 one-time fee for the Zada Listing Data.

If you are on a mission to get organized (aren’t we all?) & would love to have all the details of your home in one place, then this platform is for you!  This is a sponsored post for HomeZada, but all thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.  I only feature & give a thumbs up to companies I truly value!