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Gone with the Beige. Hello Greige!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Did the early signs of Fall start creeping through in your neck of the woods?  It did here in Upstate NY and we enjoyed the slight chill + sun by doing a Fall favorite, apple picking.  All day yesterday I was baking away.

Aside from the outdoor fun, I also got my groove on with the foyer.  I shared on Friday that my next room remodel is the foyer / entry / mudroom…  In my home, all the same space.  It’s not huge, but an inviting space that I wanted to give a new look.  One of the most playful new elements in the room is the addition of wide horizontal stripes.  But before the ‘wow’ factor could be added, a new fresh coat of pant was needed.

The ‘before’ space was a beige-y color (in eggshell) with a tone-on-tone (in gloss) stencil design on the main wall.  As of late, I’ve been veering towards cooler colors and the beige hue was too orangey, especially next to the new blue walls of the office and the powder room.  Instead of touching up the beige walls, I chose a new color that was a mix of gray + beige, known as greige!

Designer Advice: If you want a neutral wall color, go with Greige!  It's the perfect combo of warm + cool tones. @Jenna_Burger

For my walls, the depth of color didn’t change, but the tone certainly did.  It was amazing painting over the beige because the new grayer hue (that has a tinge of blue/purple undertone in it) made the old color look very orange (something that I never realized before).  It instantly works a lot better with the adjacent spaces.

Old Beige, New Greige - Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Gallery Buff on the walls of the foyer

I’m adoring greige hues because you really can’t go wrong.  Whether a space has cooler or warmer tones, the ‘greige’ will go in that direction.

My advice: If you are wanting neutral, go with greige!  While I’m in the midst of finishing up the walls + stripes, I thought I would share with you my Top 10 Favorite Greige Colors…

Top 10 Greige Paint Colors for Walls by @Jenna_Burger

Colors Include:
1. Sherwin Williams Mega Greige
2. Valspar Woodrow Wilson Putty
3. Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies
4. Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan
5. Behr Granite Boulder
6. Glidden Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray
7. Benjamin Moore Gallery Buff (that’s my color!)
8. Valspar Bay Sands
9. Behr Mineral
10. Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

All of these colors are a perfect mix of beige + gray = greige, but keep in mind when choosing the ideal hue for your space that every color has different undertones (red, blue, green, etc).  The best step for choosing the right color for your space is to select a few samples and test them out.  Don’t forget to try the same color on different walls and also look at them at different times during the day.  As the light changes, the color will too.

Here are a few spaces with my favorite Greige Colors

Valspar Woodrow Wilson PuttyValspar Woodrow Wilson Putty (interesting name…) on the walls of the living room by Bryn Alexandra

Sherwin Williams Perfect GreigeSherwin Williams Perfect Greige on the walls of the dining room by 2 Vintage Sisters

Benjamin Moore Hazy SkiesBenjamin Moore Hazy Skies on the walls of the home of Kirsten Krason

Behr Granite BoulderBehr Granite Boulder on the walls of the dining room by Sappy Apple

Now that I’ve got my new greige paint color on the wall, I am ready to add the bold + dynamic stripes.  More on that later this week + I’ll be sharing a new handy dandy tool that I just discovered to make painting a bit less daunting – Holla!  In the meantime, enjoy and be inspired by the new greige colors I shared.

What is your favorite color greige?  Do you have a greige wall in your home?