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Ombre Halloween Pillow with RIT Dye

Halloween is just a few short weeks away and even though I’ve already decorated for Fall, I wanted to spice it up with some Halloween accents.  My favorite, inexpensive way to do that is with pillows.

I recently was lucky enough to get my hands on RIT Dye and thought an ombre design with a few spooky elements would fit the bill just perfectly.

Let me start by saying I have NEVER used liquid dye before and was a little apprehensive, but honestly it was really easy and fun to add a bit of color to a plain ole’ piece of fabric.

Here are all the colors I received for the project and since it was a Halloween pillow that I set out to create, I chose orange and black to work with.

I started off by making a simple white envelope pillow using a heavy cotton, which were scraps from another project.  If you want to save time when making something similar, you can also buy a plain white pillow, but make sure the insert can be removed so the cover can be dyed. (Need a tutorial for an envelope pillow?  Click here)

Once the pillow was complete, it was DYE TIME!

How you use the dye really depends on your fabric, plus how intense you want the color. For my project, I used a half bottle of dye + 2 gallons of warm tap water.  I first put the dye into an old bucket, then added the water + …

… 1 cup of salt.

The magical formula was now ready!

Because there are so many uses for this liquid dye, there are many different techniques and ways to dye materials, so my advice is to do a test for whatever you plan on creating before venturing into the actual project.  Never using dye before and wanting to create an ombre look (multiple, graduating depths of color) I had no idea if I was supposed to leave it in the dye for 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 hours. So here’s my tester, and hopefully it’ll give you a guide when using the RIT products.

This swatch test really helped me to know how much I needed to dip the fabric for my real project.  Again, this was my fabric, and I’m sure if you try this out, your fabric type and weight will be different, so do a test before starting your actual project.

Here’s how the dipping process went.

It was fairly easy and while the darkest area of the pillow was soaking up the dye, I worked on a few other projects (like my Travel Subway Sign).  Once I was happy with the color, it was time to add the black. I didn’t really want an ombre look for the black and instead wanted it as intense and dark as possible, so I left this section of the pillow in the black dye for about 30 minutes.

When it was done, I hung it on my beautiful drying rack.  NOT!  The lawnmower handle was just the right size and only feet away from the dying area.  Be sure to put a rag underneath because it will stain (the mister was wondering what all the drips were on the garage floor when he came home that evening, hehe).

Once the pillow was good and dry (I waited till the next day about 24 hours later), I ironed it before starting the next step… Stenciling!

Using some fun, festive stencils that I got last year, I started adding them randomly on the orange ombre section of the pillow.  Using the bat and spider design, I dabbed black fabric paint onto the stencil.  Then on some of them I even added a little sparkly glitter.

These stencils have a sticky back so they stay nicely in place while painting. Then you can easily peel them off…

…and voila, it’s complete!

Have you ever used RIT liquid dye?  If so, what projects have you created?  I’ll admit, I was alittle weary to try it out, but I am thrilled that I did because it was really easy to use and I’m gushing over the result.  I’ve got alot more dying projects on my to-do list now!

Disclaimer: I was sent complimentary product from RIT dye and was compensated for my time to use the product, but no one told me what to create, how to use it, or what to write.  All opinions are 100% mine!

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{Tutorial} Personalized Envelope Pillow

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!  Mine was filled with BBQs, relaxation, spending time with family, and remembering those who have fought and are fighting for our country!  How did you spend this holiday weekend?

Now let me share with you, what I’ve been up to…..

Using my favorite new material – – drop cloth – – I created this stylish, yet simple envelope-style pillow, then stenciled the initial of our last name on the front.   To be honest with you, I’m usually not a monogram-type person, but I have to say, I truly enjoy seeing this cute pillow showcasing our family initial.

Let’s jump right in, so you can make one for yourself!


* Drop Cloth or a similar heavy weight fabric
* Scissors or rotary cutter
* Measuring Tape
* Cutting Board
* Sewing Machine
* Pillow Insert
* Iron
* Other misc. sewing supplies

1. Gather all of your supplies together and decide the size pillow you want to create.

The pillow that I created was a kidney size ~ 12” x 20”

2. For the front face, add 1” to the length and 1″ to the width – – so the pillow will be 13″ x 21″ (this extra inch will provide enough room to stuff your pillow).  Then with a rotary cutter or scissors, cut out the front face of the pillow.

You will need 2 back pieces, and for EACH add 1” overall for the height, which will give you 13”, and then add 3” to the width.  This additional 3” will give the overlap for the pillow envelope.

Here’s a little math for ya…

Divide the overall length in half and add 3

21 divided by 2= 10.5 + 3 = 13.5

Front Face = 13” x 21”

Back Pieces = (2) 13.5” (envelope edge) x 13″

3. Take one of the back pieces and fold over  1/4”  on the envelope side (this will create the opening for the pillow insert) and IRON the edge.

4. Sew the folded edge. 

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the other back piece (envelope side).

5. Lay your front face down (right sides together), then lay the back pieces on top (the sewn envelope sides together and should overlap).  Pin and sew all around the outer edge with a 1/2” seam.

6. Clip the corners.

7. Turn it to the right side and iron the edges flat to make a clean and crisp look.

8. Your envelope pillow has been created ~ add your pillow insert.

Complete…now you have a pretty little pillow

But wait…let’s personalize it!

Some of you lucky ladies out there have silhouette machines that can personalize just about everything.  Well, I don’t have one and I know many of you are in the same boat, so this part of the tutorial is for those that want to personalize the old fashion way.


Computer (or stencil)
Fabric paint
Paint brush

1. To create your initial letter, open a Word document and find a font and size you like – – I used the century font at a size of about 150.

2. Print and Cut out the letter with an X-acto blade.

3 /4. Lay it on your pillow and trace the letter using a black Sharpie or pencil.  I used a sharpie because my paint color was black, but if you’re using another color, use a pencil.

5. Paint within the stencil.

Fill in the rest with the fabric paint – – like this one!

Now I have to admit, this project didn’t start off perfect.  Before stenciling on my finished pillow, I did a test run on a scrap.  I originally had skipped the tracing-with-a-marker step and attempted painting right on the stencil.  Nope…that did not work at all.  The paint bled underneath the stencil resulting in ugly, ugly!  Take a look at these pics ~But it’s done and…

Here’s the finished pillow

Along with this “B” personalized pillow, I also made the pretty pillows behind using the same steps.  I wanted to freshen things up for the Spring, so I’ve been making lots of changes – – stayed tuned for more pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful!  Have you ever made an envelope-style pillow? What about stenciling ~ have you ever stenciled before?