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Stick Star Door Decor

Last week I was vying to create something for my front door to transition the time between now and Christmas.

I’ve had my Fall wreath up for a while and I was ready for a lil’ change.  Then while driving over the weekend, I spotted a large wood star on an old, distressed barn.  It got me thinking and inspired my latest creation… a Stick Star which I’m now donning on my apple green front door.

In the front of my home is a 20’+ weeping willow tree and it’s beautiful in the summer, but this time of year with all the wind, the soft, thin branches often easily break off leaving lots of piles.  When cleaning up the yard on Sunday, we collected a bunch of branches and I knew they’d be perfect for the foundation of the stick star.

With my son helping out, we collected a good pile of branches and I started out making my new door decor. With my ruler in hand, I trimmed the soft branch to 30″ long.  And cut 49 more to have a total of 50.

The branches didn’t have to be exactly 30″, but close to it. After 50 were cut, then I broke them into 5 groups of 10. The 5 groups were used for each “leg” of the star.

This was a dry run and I was pretty happy with the direction it was looking.  Surprisingly it actually looked like a star, ha!

It was time to put it together!

I disassembled the star mock-up and separated each star “leg”.  Using floral wire (or any thin wire would do), I tied each end of the stick grouping so it was secure and “one”.

Once each “leg” was secure on each end, I put them together to create the star.  Once the star was layed out, I secured them together with more floral wire.

Since the floral wire is close to the color of the sticks, it really isn’t visible unless you are close to the arrangement.

And honestly within about 10 minutes, it was done.  It was really simple to create and something different than I’ve ever created before.  And I have to say, once the sticks are together in a bunch, they are really secure as “one”.

It still needed something though, so I trimmed a few branches and berries from my yard and tucked them within the branches.

This pretty and easy to create stick star can be used all year round and dressed up for any occasion.  It can be used on a door (like I used it for), indoors, or outdoors.

For my stick star door decor, I cut a 3″ strip of burlap, attached it with floral wire to the back of the branches and secured the top onto the head of the door with push pins.  There’s no damage to the door and it can easily be switched out.

And here is the result…

My stick star was super simple to create and didn’t cost a penny!  The perfect door decor for the coming Holidays or any time of year. I just love simple, just stylish creations!