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Planning + Creating an Art Wall

It’s been over a month and there’s been nothing but crickets on the progression of the living room makeover (2 months to be exact).

I guess you could say that I lost my momentum with many other things going on…  By this time last year, I had tackled a slew of diy projects + 2 room makeovers.  All while pregnant. This year, I shared details on the proposed living room space and then nothing – FOR 2 MONTHS. Whether it was nesting or not, this year my game is totally off.  It may be non-motivation with this wicked weather, but honestly I think it’s more distraction and lack of time.

February was an overly busy 28 days. Not only was I in full-swing with 2 client projects, but I was also working on styling + producing my first 2 stories for Do It Yourself magazine. The experience was awesome and I hope to do it again, but it wasn’t just physically exhausting, but emotionally challenging too.  I felt so much pressure, self-induced like always.  And I won’t even go into my lack of time with 3 kids, one of which is now a full-on crawler…  Hello time sucker.  Her pure cuteness is just utterly distracting.

Anyway, as we say by-bye to month 3 and head into April, I am getting my butt back on track and finally getting this living room back-in-business and finished.

So the new charcoal sofa I ordered was delivered last week {squeal} and against the lighter gray/blue toned wall, it’s a striking contrast.  With the slanted ceiling which is 8′ at one side, and rises to 12′ on the other side, the wall behind the sofa is vast.  And vast begs for drama!  A few pretty pictures won’t do…

I was truly challenged with this blank wall!  There were so many ideas racing through my head – go symmetrical?  how about a family photo collage (but we have SO MANY photos already around the house)?  one large print?  multiple random prints?  DIY something – a map. maybe?

So many ideas, but what would look best + be meaningful + give the drama this space needed?

After much thought & planning, this is my plan of action

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

For my new art wall, I chose to turn to Minted, an online art shop filled with creations by independent artists.  To put it best… “Minted uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent, making Minted a place where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses.”

Custom art is unattainable for many because of budget + resources, so Minted connects artists with those looking to fill their walls with beautiful, meaningful custom creations.  A nice bonus is that many of the prints are limited edition art so they only run a certain amount of prints – so you & your neighbor won’t have the same decor on the walls.

This is what the sea of wall currently looks like…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

After going through the Minted site over and over and over (no joke, it took me days) finding what prints I loved most (goodness it was difficult), I then figured out what sizes would work best & in what configuration.  After some time, I created this mockup…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

I also used my AutoCAD program to get the sizing + proportions just right.  This is the drawing I created…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your homeIt was time to make these ideas a reality… 

Using brown kraft paper, which I had left over from Christmas wrapping, I cut out the sizes of the proposed prints. Wrapping paper or newspaper could also work – no need to buy anything, use what you have on hand.

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Then I arranged the kraft paper on the wall (yes, a few looked a bit wonky) as I worked it out on the mock up…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Once I put the standing floor lamp in place, I realized the shade would really block the large print, so I decided to reverse the design…

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Yes, better!

I didn’t actually remove the paper from the wall, but when the prints arrive and I am ready to hang them, I know I will make some tweaks including reversing the design, adding a bit more breathing room between the prints, and hanging them slightly higher on the wall above the sofa.

To be honest, I have never did a mockup like this before, but if I hadn’t gone through the exercise of doing it, I don’t think I would have nailed it (hehe, no pun intended) the first time.  Mistakes would have been made, which results in more time spent!  By creating the mock-up placement of the prints, I can see how the art collage will layout best & hopefully save on time and wall repair.

Once the artwork arrives and I hang it, here is how I envision the wall to look… we shall see.

ideas & tips for Planning + Creating an Art Wall in your home

Interested in these prints?  Here’s the info…
Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge
Snow Dancer
Let’s Get Lost
NYC Map (gold foil)

My tips for creating an art wall you will love.

> Start with one large piece to be the ‘anchor’ for the art gallery wall

> Bring in other art in varying sizes & orientation – not all one size, not all horizontal or vertical!

> Keep at least 3″ between art for breathing room

> Create a continuity/common thread with the art, but mix it up by using 2 or 3 different frames

> Balance the art on the wall – don’t visually hang all ‘heavy’ art on one side & smaller on the other.

> Have fun. Display the unexpected.  Showcase what is most meaningful to you.  Let your art tell a story!

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IDEAS + TIPS for Planning & Creating an Art Wall in your home.more on the living room makeover coming soon… I promise!

Disclosure: Upon reaching out to Minted, I am thankful that they chose to work with me since I love their limited edition print selection so much.  I have been provided with product, but as always I was not told what to write and I only feature companies on my blog that I truly love and believe in 100%.