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China Cabinet Makeover: Backstory + Choosing a Color

Craigslist China Cabinet - Before the makeover: The backstory + the choosing of a color

In the past 2 days, a project that I’ve been dreaming about for months has magically come to fruition! Somehow the stars aligned and I’m freaking excited about this one…

So a long while back, about 5-6 months ago to be specific, I had the itch to spice up the dining room.  At the time, I was in the last weeks of my pregnancy so no real action could take place, but I had lots & lots of thoughts brewing in my brain.  My mind immediately went to changing everything, but I decided to start off slow (truly the best way to makeover a space).  First up, the bench.  I snagged a gorgeous navy Ikat patterned fabric earlier in the year and the bench at our dining table was reupholstered.  Next up, the end chairs.  I ditched the leather matchy-matchy chairs and scored a new wicker style from Target.  They’re actually outdoor seats and perfect for a family with a load of kids – yes, that’s us now.  Here’s a recent shot…Dining Room makeover

What’s next?

The buffet.

We’ve had our current buffet for years (here’s a peak from last years Christmas spread) and remember how I mentioned recently that sometimes it’s difficult for the Mister to let go of things (to sell or to update), well this is one of those pieces.  After some thought, we both agreed the buffet had to go and something else – something new – was needed.  So the search began…

Craigslist.  Local thrift stores.  Garage sales.

And then I found IT.  ‘She’ was perfect and just what I was thinking to spice this space up!

I found her on Craiglist and the “purchase” story is something I won’t forget.  Miraculously, we got it home.  Somehow.  Someway.  She now sits in our garage.

Craigslist China Cabinet - Before the makeover

Check out the details…

Craigslist China Cabinet - Before the makeover

I love that there is a pull-out drawer in the lower cabinet.  What a great spot for storing silverware or cloth napkins!

Craigslist China Cabinet - Before the makeover

Craigslist China Cabinet - Before the makeover

The hardware is so true to the time of this piece.  Not all the hardware came with the piece, so I may have to keep some & find some new…

Craigslist China Cabinet - Before the makeover

So let’s take a few steps back for a moment…

Before I had even acquired her, I had a vision.  A bright + bold + eye popping vision.  A raspberry vision to be exact.   Even before she came home, I knew what color she’d be…

In the midst of my emails & calls to get my china cabinet home, Glidden paint reached out to me about collaborating on a project.  I love Glidden paint colors (my favorite orange wall is a fabulous Glidden hue) & was excited about their new simplified color palette.

Glidden's simplified palette - Choosing color made easy

I jumped on board and found THE PERFECT  COLOR in their red & magenta section.  I knew I wanted a mix of something not too red, but not too pink.  And then I found IT – the perfect shade of raspberry called Red Red Rose.

Glidden's simplified palette - Choosing color made easy

Perfect Cabinet + Perfect Color = Makeover Heaven

I’ve got big plans for this lady of mine.  She’s going to be fabulous and I can’t wait to spice this space up with a pop of color.

Looking for the perfect color for your space or the ideal color for a furniture makeover?  Check out Color My Room where you can preview a space with a color you love.

Color My Room on Glidden paint will help choose the best color for your space

Or are you inspired by a picture and love the colors in it?  Click on over to My Image Inspiration where a color palette will be created using hues from your image.

My Image Inspiration is a Glidden paint tool where a color palette will be created using hues from a picture

There are so many great tools that Glidden paint has to offer to help choose the perfect color!  I’m off to paint.  If you need me, I’ll be in the garage with a paint brush in hand.  I can’t wait to see how this all comes together…

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This post is sponsored by Glidden paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  I am so excited about this project & thrilled to be partnering with Glidden paint on this furniture makeover.  I’d love for you to follow along on this new project!