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Creating a Meaningful Home: A Girl and A Glue Gun

CREATING A MEANINGFUL HOME blog series featuring Bloggers sharing the story of their home: FEATURED is Kimbo of A Girl and a Glue Gun - a MUST READ story!

Today’s guest post for Creating a Meaningful Home blog series: Year 3 is Kimbo of a girl and a glue gun. Welcome Kimbo…

Hi! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun

My house has been an uphill battle. I have really struggled because I know it’s a permanent home and I really want to make it MINE. I’m not going to spout off on interior design rules and guidelines…cause I don’t think there are any. You can do matchy matchy. you can do random colors everywhere. You can have white clean walls with no color. You can do hot pink walls! But I do want to share some things that I do that make my home a meaningful home that screams KIMBO.

1. Put your own spin on things

Pinterest is awesome. I love the wealth of inspiration that comes from it. I have way to many pinterest boards full of the coolest things. But I always try to put my own twist on the ideas that I see and love. I like things to be my own. Here are some pictures of the inspiration pictures I have found that spurred me making my own! home sweet home

source source

inspiration picks

source source

photo ledges

source source

The basics are there…but I truly feel like they are unique to me.

 2. LOVE your crap—-

Let me tell you about steve. I love him.



I think he’s totally awesome I want about 45 of steve’s cousins (the unicorn and the shark are my fav) And when people come in my house I either get, “oh. love him.” or “oh. that’s….interesting.”

Steve is not everyone’s cup of tea. My husband thinks I should paint him to look real (even though if I found one that was painted real I would spray paint him white) But I love him even though not everyone does. So don’t try to decorate for everyone’s style….Just buy or make things that YOU love…cause you have to see it every day!!!

on air sign

I try to fill my house with everything that makes me happy..down to the smallest tchotchke . I know where and when and how much each little thing costs or how long it took to make.


Function is HUGE for me. mostly cause I’m a hoarder and have tons of stuff! So it needs to be organized well so Husband doesn’t throw it away! But just because it’s functional…doesn’t mean it can’t be like the cutest thing ever! Like this wall that holds my accessories…


or a fun place to hang all my kids artwork



this entry way was a big blank wall! I knew it needed hooks–I was sick of coats all over the floor! before-and-after-entryway-1024x708function and cute. and it has a story with it (like me trying to find hooks I want and 3 trips to home depot and all the frames used to be brown.)


4. Take your time.

It’s a slow process. I don’t want to settle. and I don’t want to spend a fortune. So I know it will take time to get exactly what I want for the price I want…

giant-wall-decorating-with-pictures-and-cut-it-out-frames-682x1024 (1)

I have been on a hunt for a perfect buffet/dresser/ credenza thing for underneath this big frame for about 2 years. I’ve yet to stumble on exactly what I want that is the right size. and that’s okay. When I do find it, it will be make this wall complete! and me sooo giddy!


5. Paint

Paint is a cheap and an awesome way to freshen up and redo any room. Even if it’s painting it a nice bright white. I love color…so I find it the easiest way to add fun pops!inside-painted-dresser-drawers-agirlandagluegun-682x1024


I can redo a whole room for pretty cheap by repainting frames, figurines, headboards, dressers.before-and-after-of-chalk-paint-cedar-chest-900x727source

and paint is pretty cheap so if you don’t love something, you can easily try again!

painted flower wall

So that’s it! my top 5 ways to make your house yours.

I love that I can look around my house and see the things that I have carefully found and scoured thrift stores for —

home decorations diy

or old hand me downs from family, or hand made stuff from my kiddos. Even though I have a long ways to go before I will have it “finished” (if there is such a thing in home decor.)

plaid wall

I can sit down and look and around and it feels like home.

my living room, a girl and a glue gun

What wonderful words Kimbo shared and I love her mindset about the home she’s created, “Don’t try to decorate for everyone’s style….Just buy or make things that YOU love…cause you have to see it every day!!!” That’s what makes a home meaningful.

Kimbo has a slew of do it yourself projects, crafts, printables, and recipes on her blog (check out all her tutorials here).  One of my favorites is the “What’s For Dinner” Menu Board she created to take the guesswork out of what she’s making for dinner. This will be a project you’ll definitely want to tackle!

"What's for Dinner" Menu Board! Take the guesswork out of what you are making tonight.

Head on over to a girl and a glue gun and give Kimbo a BIG HELLO!

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